Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanchan’s truth comes out

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajmata getting ring for Vishesh. Dadi says this ring is from Kanchan’s side for you. He says sorry, I will wear the ring which is bought by Kanchan’s earning and heart. He goes. Dadi gets upset. Manika smiles and thinks to ruin Vishesh’s happiness. Shubham gets angry and throws his ring. He calls Renu and says please come to meet me. Its Vishesh’s engagement today, please come. Kanchan gets ready and takes Nandan and her mum’s blessings. She gifts clothes to him. He goes to change. Kanchan hugs Kirti.

Kanchan and family come for engagement. Shubham asks Dhara how does he look. She smiles and signs good. She thinks he looks happy today, I hope I m the reason for it. Rajmata does aarti and asks Kanchan to take blessings of elders. Kanchan takes blessings.

Vishesh says I want to show palace to Kanchan. Rajmata says sure. Kanchan goes with him. He shows his room and says this will be our room soon. She sees his family pic. He says this is my small world. He shows his medals and books. He says books have complain with you, as I left them and started reading you.

She laughs and says yes I know. He gifts her. She likes the saree and thinks of her mum. She says its my mum’s saree, thanks Vishesh. He says I did a lot to get this from your dad. She says you know I m missing mum today. He takes selfie with her. They smile. Rajmata welcomes Saurabh and his family. He asks them to bless Kanchan and Vishesh. Vishesh hugs Saurabh and says I m glad that you have come. He introduces Kanchan to Saurabh and Trishna. He says Saurabh is like my elder brother.

Saurabh says congrats, its a small shagun from our side. Kanchan thanks Saurabh. Rajmata asks them to sit. Ananya hugs Kanchan and Vishesh. Jaggi says what’s happening, we should play music, I m missing Himani today, everyone went on tirat yatra. Kirti says we will have fun. Manika thinks there is less time, their happiness will be ruined. They dance on Zinghat. Everyone dances. Dhara sees them and imagines romancing Shubham. She looks for Shubham. Saurabh’s wife says you might be thinking that Shivangi should have been here, I told you we will refuse to Rajmata. Saurabh says no Trishna, I had to come for Ananya, see she looks so happy. Ananya takes Manika aside and asks what are you doing. Manika says we should be part of Vishesh’s happiness, go and enjoy. She sends Ananya and says I can’t tell you my plan, you are their blood, just see the drama.

Rajmata asks Dhara is everything ready, get rings, what about the video you prepared for them, play it. Dhara says yes, and goes to play the video. Manika recalls changing CD. Dhara says we made an action replay of good moments of Vishesh and Kanchan’s life. The video of Kanchan’s rape incident plays. Vishesh, Kanchan and everyone get shocked. Everyone looks at Kanchan. She cries.

Manika says your accident didn’t happen, you were raped. Rajmata asks did you know this. Vishesh says yes. Dadi says its a stain. Rajmata cries and says we won’t take that girl’s name in this family, this marriage can’t happen now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why is it that it’s the girls fault it’s the guy who committed that crime he is a low life bet it’s Ananya’s brother in law hope Vishesh can put is lawyer cap on & find out That Manika is a B___ch Her son is going to marry his lover good for him put the witch in her place

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