Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh stops the roka

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanchan crying and hugging Maasi. Maasi says just listen to your heart, you will find the way, don’t cry. Kanchan goes. Maasi says come back soon. At Vishesh’s palace, the roka arrangements are done. Manika wishes Vishesh comes soon. Vishesh arrives. Everyone smiles. Rajmata says where were you, the guests have come. Ananya says roka will happen now. Vishesh thinks Kanchan refused then…. Saurabh says we will do roka rasam. Rajmata asks Vishesh to come. He sees the roka rituals going on. He gets shocked seeing Shivangi. Manika smiles.

Ananya teases Vishesh. Saurabh congratulates Vishesh and says this relation is a matter of pride for us. Vishesh gets thinking and says Maa, I have to talk something imp. He takes Rajmata with him. Everyone looks on. She

asks the matter. He asks what’s Shivangi doing here. She says Shivangi had to come for roka, what do you mean. He recalls her words and says I felt… She asks what did you feel. He says its a big misunderstanding, you spoke about Shivangi. She says yes, then who else, tell me what’s the matter, I m feeling scared, I left a picture for you, you have seen it and said yes for Shivangi. He says I didn’t say yes for her. He recalls Kanchan’s words and says its no use to tell now, sorry I can’t have this relation, we have to stop this roka.

Rajmata asks what are you saying, is this a joke, shall I ask them to stop it, try to understand, its matter of Ananya’s in-laws, I gave my word, I can’t do this. He says relations doesn’t form in pressure, else such people bonded stay unhappy, no one can understand this better than you, you can save my and Shivangi’s life, if this relation happens, we will pay for this forever. She says don’t worry, I will do something, I will try to talk, I will apologize to them, there is no other way now. He says no, you won’t apologize, I will apologize. She says no, this matter is sensitive, you have no clue about the storm, let me manage. He says no, I will handle it, its happening because of me, I have to rectify it, forgive me. Manika records this and smiles. Kirti asks how can you do this, what’s your problem, why did you refuse to Vishesh. Kanchan says I don’t dream like other girls. Kirti says look at this house and out situation, fate has come to your house.

Kanchan doesn’t listen and goes. Shivangi comes to Vishesh and asks all okay, why did you call me. He says mum taught me never to hurt a girl’s heart, but I m going to do it today, you will not like this. She asks what do you mean. He says its a big misunderstanding, I can’t do this roka. She gets shocked. He says sorry, I m not able to explain myself or others, I just want to say if we go ahead, it will be like cheating your emotions, which I can never do, I know it will hurt you a lot, but it will be less than lifelong pain, forgive me. Saurabh looks on shocked.

Ananya’s husband Sumer gets angry on Vishesh. He asks why will anyone change Shivangi’s pic, how can this happen, Shivangi was coming home, how did this misunderstanding happen. He scolds Ananya as well. Manika wishes Saurabh insults Devyaani. Saurabh stops Sumer and calms him down. Rajmata and Vishesh get tensed.

Vishesh says I want to know the reason for her rejection. Kanchan says you can never know it. Rajmata asks why did she reject you. Nandan asks Kanchan why did you reject Vishesh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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