Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Manika learns the shocking truth

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying you have to answer me first, what’s most pure. Kanchan says mother’s milk. Dadi asks what’s most sensitive. Kanchan says heart. Dadi asks what should you control the most. Kanchan says thoughts. Dadi asks what signifies a girl’s purity. Kanchan sees Vishesh. He nods. Kanchan says in her wish and self confidence, none can make her impure without her wish, one can stain her but not make her impure. Rajmata and Vishesh smile. Dadi blesses Kanchan. Pandit asks Kanchan to greet kuldevi mata. Rajmata does her tilak. Kanchan sits in the jhanki. They all leave.

Nandan and Kirti come home. Kirti says it was a big event, Kanchan sat in jhanki. Nandan says yes, I didn’t imagine this. Kirti says I felt I m a star’s sister, Kanchan is so lucky. He says

Kanchan got good in laws, your mum would have been glad if she was here, go and get water for me. Manika says Ananya’s inlaws are upset, they didn’t come, Rajmata doesn’t care. Vishesh says we do care but don’t express, I will drop Ananya and talk to them. Dadi says some annoyances stay forever. Rajmata says we should try if there is hope. Manika says yes. Rajmata and Vishesh drop Ananya home and meet Saurabh. They apologize. Vishesh says I know you didn’t forgive me for refusing to Shivangi’s alliance. He asks them to come in engagement, else they will think that they didn’t forgive them by heart. Saurabh nods. They leave. Saurabh sees the card. His wife says we will make some excuse and not go if you want.

Manika asks for info about the accident. She asks the man to find out soon. She gets a CD delivered. The man says its confidential. She thinks who has sent it. She plays the CD. She gets shocked and thinks now none can stop me from stopping this marriage. Its morning, Kanchan sees the date and thinks its 5th july today. She gets shocked seeing Vishesh in Kanha avatar. She thinks its a dream. He plays flute and comes to her. She says you here. He says yes, good morning. He shows the phone and says I played flute music, I can do anything for you. He says give me some chance to romance. She asks how did you come here. He says by window, its good. She says you are a prince and came by window as a thief. He says I didn’t say I m a prince, world says so, who said I can’t romance, you are very boring, I got ready and took this get up, I hid myself and came here, you are taking my class. She asks did anyone see you. He says yes, everyone. Nandan calls her out. She asks Vishesh to go. Vishesh says I love you my fiancee. She smiles and asks him to go. He says now this date will bring a smile on your face.

Rahul introduces Saurabh to Kanchan. Vishesh and Kanchan dance. The video plays. Manika says you were raped Kanchan. Kanchan and Vishesh get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow it’s going to be that Ananya’s brother in law who harassed Kanchan that day Shame on him & his high horse attitude ??

    1. Yaa I feel same… U r absolutely ryt I feel

      1. No no vj wait…i feel it’s ananyas husband who’s d culprit..n not her brother in law

  2. Bhawna you might be right that will bring Ananaya down to earth acts too snobby I just felt it’s the brother in law as he looked at Kanchan’s picture weird The clue is the pendant the guy had on when he committed the crime

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