Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajmata defends Kanchan

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Rajmata where is Kanchan. She asks don’t anyone see the time. She prays. She asks Rajmata where is her would be bahu. Rajmata says actually…. Vishesh says you came from a long journey, take some rest, we will manage here. A servant falls down and drops the red color. Dadi says its a bad omen from Kuldevi. Manika thinks Kanchan didn’t come, Dadi will never forgive her. Kanchan comes there and steps on the red color. Vishesh smiles. Dadi asks where is your would be wife. Kanchan walks in, leaving her foot prints. Everyone gets shocked.

Kanchan thinks of Vishesh’s words. A maid cleans something and drops a chunri. It falls over Kanchan. Rajmata and Vishesh smile. The lady says its a good omen, Kanchan came here for the first time, Kuldevi

blessed her. Kanchan takes Rajmata’s blessings and says sorry, you all had to wait for long because of me. Rajmat says its fine, I can understand, there would be some reason, you came here on right time, see Dadi has returned home because of you. Kanchan greets Dadi. Dadi blesses her. Rajmata asks Kanchan to go and get ready. She asks pandit to start rituals. Manika asks Dadi to see, Rajmata is dominating everything. Dadi says I know how to handle everything, don’t worry. Manika smiles. Kanchan gets ready. Rajmata gets the ancestral jewelry for Kanchan and asks her to wear it, it has Mata’s blessings, it will suit her. Kanchan gets emotional.

Dadi asks is Kanchan a parlor girl, how did you decide this, you have old habit to make mistakes, this time its about family’s pride. Rajmata says you know who has made mistakes. Dadi says so much pride isn’t good. Rajmata says its my belief, not pride. Dadi asks them to make Kanchan look like a royal family bahu. She taunts Kanchan. Rajmata says stop, I will make Kanchan ready, she is very precious. She taunts Dadi. Dadi angrily goes. Rajmata makes Kanchan ready. Kanchan thinks Rajmata trusts me so much, I m afraid to lose this trust. Manika scolds a lady for making the idol impure by touching it. The lady apologizes. Kanchan looks on. Manika insults the lady.

Rajmata answers Manika and taunts her for having a bad heart and small thinking. She stops the lady and gives her prasad. Dadi stops Rajmata. Dadi asks Rajmata not to interfere in Dharm matters. Rajmata says you know Dharm paath, Lord is everywhere, you can stop the lady from coming to Lord, you can’t stop Lord from coming to her. She blesses the lady. The lady wishes the best for them and goes. Vishesh asks Kanchan is there any dilemma now. Kanchan says no, you were right, mum thinks like us. Pandit does rituals. Kanchan sits in the jhanki. Vishesh signs to Kanchan and smiles.

Vishesh takes Kanha’s avatar and cheers up Kanchan. Manika sees the video and gets shocked. Kanchan’s video plays on the big screen. Manika smiles. Kanchan and Vishesh get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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