Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanchan gets into a dilemma

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ananya saying I came to take my phone. Kanchan thinks did she hear everything. Ananya goes. Kanchan says you made me feel that I did some mistake, so you want me to lie and hide truth. Vishesh says you are misunderstanding. Shubham asks for tea. Dhara gets it. Manika throws the tea cup and asks where is the staff, why did you get tea. Dhara says I thought to make the tea as cook isn’t here.

Manika says you are impure and can’t go in kitchen for four days, how did you forget this and give tea to my son, go from here. Vishesh looks on. He asks who believes in such things in today’s times. Manika says I believe this, the kitchen got impure, you won’t understand. He says I understand, old times lacked in hygiene, so there were rules, but today’s times have

every comfort. Rajmata asks him not to change old traditions, its related to devotion and beliefs. He says you be happy that Kanchan is going to sit in Jhanki. He thinks of Kanchan’s words. Rajmata sees some sarees. She chooses a saree for Kanchan. She shows the saree for Kanchan to Vishesh. He asks what’s the need. She asks why, will she sit without chunri. He says I m not comfortable with this, can’t any other girl sit instead Kanchan. Rajmata asks what’s the matter, did Kanchan say anything.

says no, I was thinking this. She says I have right on her, I will make her do rituals. He says all this isn’t needed. She says I have sent royal invites. Manika thinks Ananya has seen Vishesh and Kanchan fighting today, is this the reason for their fight. Kanchan thinks of Vishesh. He thinks of her. Na sikha maine….plays…. She imagines him. They both call each other and get number busy. Its morning, Manika says we have to know the reason for Vishesh’s objection, then we can convince Rajmata, I have to use my trump card now, if it works, this marriage will break for sure, you try to know it from Kanchan. Ananya agrees. Saurabh sees the invite. He gets upset and tells his wife that Kanchan is sitting in jhanki. They think how did Rajmata decide this. He says I don’t understand what decisions they are taking. He goes. His wife asks Ananya if she knew this before. Ananya gets silent.

Ananya comes to meet Kanchan. Kanchan says I will get tea for you. Ananya acts sweet. She asks Kanchan why is she upset, what happened. Kanchan says nothing. Ananya says trust me and tell. Kanchan says I tryst you. Kirti comes and asks are you going in jhanki or not, I have to give dress for ironing. Ananya asks are you not sure to sit in jhanki. Kanchan takes Kirti aside. Ananya thinks so it was Kanchan’s decision, she won’t come in jhanki. She smiles.

Kanchan waits for Vishesh’s call. Nandan pulls her leg. They hear Kirti on call. Kirti tells the caste problem. Nandan says some people have cheap thing, they don’t know pure and impure, good and bad, they have own thinking. Kirti says yes, I told them I won’t get in this. Nandan asks did I teach you this, you should raise a voice against injustice, don’t hurt anyone’s devotion. You should know what to choose between devotion and belief. Royal servant gets clothes for Kanchan from the palace. Kirti says you will sit in jhanki, really. Kanchan says I didn’t decide yet, I m thinking what to support between devotion and belief.

Nandan thanks Rajmata for giving Kanchan the chance to sit in jhanki. Vishesh asks Kanchan to promise that she will come. Dadi comes and asks where is your would be bahu. Rajmata looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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