Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh plans Sheetal’s grahpravesh

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kirti asking Kanchan to call Vishesh and ask for laddoos recipe. Kanchan throws water on Kirti. He falls on Vishesh as well. They look at him. Nandan asks what’s this noise. He sees Vishesh and apologizes. He welcomes him home. He asks how did you come. Vishesh reminds him and asks him to call him son. He wipes his hair and says you won’t get rid of me so soon, I came as I needed some help. Nandan asks him to say. He says I needed help from Kanchan. Kirti smiles.

Kanchan asks what help. Vishesh says Jaggi’s parents are abroad, they will take time to time, I don’t want Sheetal to feel lonely on her grah pravesh, she will get sad, we should do something. Nandan says sure. Kanchan says I have classes and parlor work, I have no time. Nandan says no, Asha will

manage parlor work, keep class tomorrow. Vishesh asks Kirti to come along with them. Kirti asks how can I come, I have much work at home. Vishesh smiles and says I know your time is precious, but try to understand and help me. She agrees. She asks for bribe. He gives her chocolates. She goes with Kanchan. Kanchan says why did he come back, what shall I do, I won’t get free this way. She sees his pic and tears it. She says I don’t need anyone. She goes. Her pic falls near his pic again.

Manika thinks where did Vishesh go. She calls driver and asks where did you take Vishesh. Driver says we came to Jaggi’s house, we went to Kanchan’s house first and got her, we have to drop her too. Manika smiles. She says let the romance cook up, then it will be fun. Vishesh, Kanchan and Kirti decorate the house. He talks to Kanchan. He gets a call. He steps on rangoli and spoils it. He says sorry and goes. The man says don’t switch on the gas, repair work is going on. Kanchan says yes. Vishesh gets the cake and asks her does she like fruit cake. She says no, none likes it. He says we shall see the cake. He says its the chocolate cake, see, did you like it, I mean will Sheetal like it. She says yes, fine. He smiles. She sees the laddoos and says he has no style, why did he get this bad laddoos. She goes to him and sees him getting better laddoos. The man apologizes for bad laddoos. Vishesh asks Kanchan did she eat laddoos from the box, its bad.

The balloon bursts. The cake gets spoiled. Kanchan asks how will we manage now, it all got spoiled. Vishesh sits to make the cake look better and shreds the laddoos on it. He asks does this look good. Kirti says wow, it looks different. Kanchan gets upset. He welcomes Jaggi and Sheetal. Kirti asks them to come. Kanchan does their grah pravesh. Vishesh clicks their pic. He takes Kanchan’s pic as well. Kanchan looks at him. He turns away. Sheetal enters the house with Jaggi. Kanchan takes the phone. Kirti gives it back to Vishesh and takes Kanchan along. He smiles.

Jaggi asks Sheetal will she have tea. He says your chef Pappi has gone to make tea. Kanchan gets shocked says no, stop him. She runs. Sheetal asks what happened to her. Manika comes there and sees Kanchan calling out Vishesh. She asks Vishesh is he fine. Jaggi asks what happened. Kanchan says gas should not be switched on, anything can happen to him. He sees the lock. Kanchan goes to break the door. Vishesh comes and stops her. He asks why are you worried. She asks are you fine, you went to make tea. He says I was making tea on induction, guard told me about not using the gas today, I locked the kitchen so that no one goes there. She sees the lock. He asks were you worried for me. Manika smiles and goes. Kanchan leaves. Vishesh smiles.

Rajmata asks how did you like her, I like her a lot. He sees Kanchan’s pic and hugs her. Rajmata says Vishesh likes Shivangi, we will fix his roka. Vishesh gets Kanchan’s sign that she loves him. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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