Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ananya befriends Kanchan

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajmata meeting Ananya’s in-laws. She says I have fixed Vishesh’s alliance. Ananya asks why did you get engagement invitation, don’t send me more. Rajmata says its tough for me, you gave me courage to get invite here, you said there is nothing imp than family, you are part of our family, I request you all to come in engagement. Saurabh says we will try, the way you rejected Shivangi’s alliance, we all felt bad, but seeing your love for your son, we accepted it, but Vishesh has chosen such a girl, we will be questioned because of her. Rajmata says this is your thinking, I respect your feelings and decision, I hope you will do the same. She keeps the invite there and goes.

Ananya comes to Kanchan’s house. Kirti says really sorry, come. Ananya says sorry

to come without informing. Kirti says come in, I will get breakfast for you. Kanchan and Ananya apologize to each other. She says Vishesh is imp for me, I have hurt him, I love him a lot, I had pressure from inlaws. Kanchan says its fine, you accepted me, I will give good news to Vishesh. Kirti gets snacks and tea. She takes selfie with them. Ananya makes faces and thinks to tolerate them to make Kanchan out of Vishesh’s life. Vishesh comes. Ananya apologizes and hugs him. He says I knew you will agree, I m happy. Ananya says I shall leave now, I have some work. She goes. Bhabhi sees Ananya with Kanchan. She leaves. Kirti goes to college. Saurabh sees his wife worried. He asks is everything fine. She says its strange, I saw Ananya with Vishesh and Ananya, surprisingly, Ananya has no issues with Kanchan, they looked much happy. He asks how can this happen. She says why did she hide this from us, she shows anger in front of us, its wrong. Sumer comes. Saurabh hides the matter and sends him for work. He asks his wife to forget the matter.

Vishesh says I m happy, I wanted Ananya to get involved in this happiness, thanks Kanchan. She says I should thank you for support. Rajmata calls Kanchan and informs her about Jhanki event. She asks Kanchan to sit in the Jhanki as the Devi, as she wants to introduce her would be bahu to entire Mathura. Kanchan gets shocked. She says Rajmata wants me to sit in Jhanki. He says its great. She says just an unmarried girl can sit in Jhanki, who is pure. He says who says you aren’t pure, we have seen tulsi vivaah manthan. She says yes, its different as per our thinking, its about mum’s devotion, I can’t cheat her.

She says if everyone knows this, their hearts will break, tell my past to her, or I will not sit in Jhanki. He says we won’t tell anyone, this will just be between us, not everyone who attend the jhanki are pure, why are you thinking so much, I love you, don’t blame yourself, forget this, move on. She says I can’t lie, you have to tell her. He refuses. Ananya knocks the door.

Vishesh asks Kanchan to come for his sake. Everyone waits for Kanchan. Kanchan gets ready and sits in Jhanki. Kanchan and Vishesh dance in the ceremony. Manika gets the CD. She plays the CD and sees the shocking incident happened with Kanchan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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