Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanchan gets panicking during Roka

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishesh apologizing to Kanchan and asking her not to think anything of Ananya’s words. She says its enough that you are with me. He leaves. Manika calls Ananya and asks how are you. Ananya cries and says Vishesh scolded me for that Kanchan. She tells everything. Ananya says kanchan will ruin our family respect. Manika says yes, your inlaws will get affected too, I m with you, we have to save our respect. Ananya thinks I will not leave Kanchan.

Dhara says Vishesh is making a new start, can’t we forget past and make a new start, we should accept the reality, I m your reality, you have a relation with him. Shubham shouts and asks her to get out. Rajmata asks is Ananya coming. Vishesh says maybe. He sees Kanchan and smiles. She sits beside him. Kirti teases him.

Rajmata says we shall start rasam. She compliments Kanchan. She makes Kanchan wear roka chunri. She does Kanchan’s aarti.

Rajmata blesses them. Everyone claps. Rajmata says we will tell you engagement date soon. Nandan says sure. Dhara says a special rasam is still there. She gets a milk rose petals bowl and puts rings in it. She says I have put four different rings, Kanchan has to guess her engagement ring. Kirti says its not tough, Kanchan has found Vishesh, she is expert in finding good things. Jaggi says Vishesh found Kanchan. They smile.

Dhara says this will get difficult. Jaggi asks Kanchan to get ready. Sheetal and Kirti ask Jaggi to be on their side. Jaggi says Kanchan troubled me a lot, I m on Vishesh’s side. Vishesh gets a call and goes. Dhara ties Kanchan’s hand and blindfolds her, asking her to find ring now. They all guide Kanchan. Kanchan gets tensed and recalls the incident. She tries to free her hands. She asks them to please free her. She gets up and throws away the milk bowl. Everyone gets shocked. Kanchan shouts I m getting scared, please let me free. Vishesh comes and removes the blindfold. He says its me Vishesh, its okay, see. She sees the mess and worriedly goes to her room. Vishesh picks the roka chunri. He goes after Kanchan. Manika thinks what’s this new drama. Kanchan cries.

He says nothing happened, calm down. He gives her water. She says I spoiled our special day. Rajmata asks Nandan what happened to Kanchan. Manika says ask him if Kanchan gets any attacks. Nandan says no, she met with an accident few years back, since then she stays scared. Manika thinks why is she scared till now.

Kanchan says don’t know what’s everyone thinking. Vishesh says calm down, tell me what happened, did you get scared. She says that blindfold, darkness….. He says calm down, look at me, close eyes and think you are in Kashmir’s locales, I m with you, you are making ice balls and throwing at me. She opens eyes. She says you don’t know how to calm a crying girl. He nods. She says Rajmata would have got annoyed. He says don’t worry, I will go and talk. He goes out and says Kanchan is fine now, I asked her to rest. Rajmata says I would like to talk to her.

Rajmata asks Vishesh to select engagement date. He thinks 5th july is that day when….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Felt sorry for Kanchan That Manika is a witch not fit to be a mother Wow being rich look down on the middle class !!

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