Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanchan supports Vishesh

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanchan thinking of Vishesh and running to him. She cries. He asks you here, what happened. She asks why did you do this. He says for Jaggi’s sake. She calls him Vishesh. She says we made you work so much and made fun of you, you didn’t say anything, you smiled and made everyone smile, Tau ji has beaten you, what was the need, you are from royal family, you should have said once. He says I felt its right to come as Jaggi’s friend, relations can’t be made by force, its made by union of hearts, Sheetal will respect Jaggi that he didn’t win her, but earned her by everyone’s will, Baldev will cry with happiness, not sorrow, its about Jaggi and Sheetal’s life. Kanchan says but Baldev has beaten you a lot.

He says I came here as Jaggi’s friend, but many

people have accepted me, pain is less and happiness is more, I can go to any extent for love, its an imp day, you have to support us, will you support us. Kanchan says yes, surely. He thanks her. She says you knew about my fake engagement, why did you say that I m hiding something. He says good night, take care. She says please tell me. He says I knew that you are hiding something, that’s troubling you. She gets tensed. He says don’t feel uncomfortable, there is such thing in everyone’s life, you can share it with anyone, even me, take your time and just relax. She says yes, I have to go. She goes.

She cries in her room and writes her diary, addressing her mum. She thinks how does he read me and know my heart. Its morning, Malika scolds the servants. She says the weather will change this time on my sign, I have faced much insult and now I will enjoy others’ insult. Rajmata asks her the matter. Malika says nothing. She thinks to make Rajmata get insulted because of Vishesh. Kanchan attends the aarti. She sees Baldev. She asks him to refuse for marriage. He goes. Sheetal gets ready. Baldev asks Kanchan to get Sheetal downstairs. Kirti does Amit’s tilak and aarti. They welcome Amit. Chandar asks who has come from the royal family. Kanchan says no one has come, no one will come. She asks Baldev not to stop her.

She says I don’t know Vishesh, I m not going to marry him, I was quiet for the family’s sake, when I learnt that they have dowry demand, why shall I lie. Sheetal comes there. Kanchan says I never stepped in royal family, I go there to give beauty service to Choti Rani, when you have seen me coming, you had a misconception, now you have to decide, will you see Sheetal’s goodness and keep this marriage, are you ready to take her. Chandar says such a big cheat. Kanchan says I was helpless, but you need dowry, sorry for this, we lied for this alliance. She says sorry dad, I couldn’t keep this lie, I wanted good for Tau ji and Sheetal. Chandar says Kanchan told a lot, we didn’t come to accept Sheetal, Kanchan insulted us and now we will insult you. Baldev scolds Kanchan and cries. He removes his Pagdi and begs to Chandar.

Amit and Sheetal are getting married. Baldev sees Sheetal’s childhood pics on the screen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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