Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Manika opposes Rajmata

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishesh saying I will give you answers. Rajmata says I want Kanchan to answer me, why did she reject your proposal. He says whatever the reason, she agreed now, so please…. I want you to meet my Kanchan. Rajmata blesses Kanchan and says I was upset when I saw your pic, then I thought to meet you before forming an opinion, I m glad to meet you, my son’s decision can never be wrong, his decision is right and his choice too. He thanks her. Manika waits for a call. She gets irritated. Her husband asks her to make a call rather than waiting. She likes his idea. She taunts him. Rajmata says Nandan, you gave good values to Kanchan, she is pretty and sensible. Nandan says she is like her mum.

Rajmata says we shall take matter ahead, I don’t want to keep my son

away from his happiness, I want to ask for Kanchan’s hand for my son Vishesh. They smile. Nandan says its my pleasure, you have given good values to Vishesh. Manika calls Rajmata. Rajmata says I will come home and talk. Nandan says congrats for this alliance. Manika gets shocked hearing this. She angrily throws the phone. Rajmata says we will do roka tomorrow. Nandan asks tomorrow. She says don’t worry, we will do all arrangements. Nandan gives them sweets. Manika and her husband think how can Rajmata do this, did she do just a parlor girl to make bahu, she has stained this family by doing this, what kind of love is this for her son that she forgot the difference in status. Shubham comes and says Rajmata loves her son, she didn’t think about family, relatives and media, she just thought of Vishesh’s happiness, Vishesh chose a girl and Rajmata accepted her, I regret that you didn’t do this, I wish you could learn this from her. She says enough, you always compare me with her.

He says you can’t be compared with her, she is really a mum, you just pretend, else you would have not snatched my happiness, you broke my dreams, you lost me forever, I broke Renu’s heart because of you. Dhara comes and looks on. Shubham says I really loved Renu, I married Dhara, I don’t love Dhara, I broke everyone’s heart and see I got punished, who got happy with this, is Dhara happy, am I happy, no, just you got happy. I wish I wasn’t your son. He goes. She sits crying. Rajmata gives sweets to everyone and says congrats, Vishesh can’t make any mistake, I also liked that girl a lot, I met her and fixed the alliance, Vishesh and Kanchan’s roka will happen tomorrow, start the rituals, trust me, its the right decision, the girl is also right. Manika comes and throws sweets.

She opposes her choice. She argues and says I did a lot for this family, I broke my son’s heart, I didn’t let him marry an ordinary girl. Rajmata says that was your own decision, I didn’t know about it, if you asked me, I would have advised, you took that decision for your own pride, you chose a girl from a high family. Dhara looks on. Vishesh and kanchan have a talk. She says your mum is nice. He says my family will welcome you happily, don’t think much. She says your mum has all right to know my truth. He says none has right to know it, its your personal thing, its our pain, none has right to know this, it was your past, I know about it. She says no, if anyone tells her then…. its a big thing. He says I know, but Rajmata has also such a big thing hidden, did you tell this to your dad and Kirti. She says no, why will I, its between us. He says its better if things are between husband and wife, like your happiness is mine, your sorrow is also mine, I can’t give this right to anyone else. She thinks you are giving me much love, I m afraid to lose it, how to explain you, why I m so restless.

Ananya insults Kanchan. Vishesh comes and says its our roka today, Roka will happen even if you don’t come. Vishesh and Kanchan’s roka happens. Kanchan panics. Vishesh gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vishesh is such a sweet person. Kanchan is lucky to have him in her life. Love this drama

  2. Show is beautiful shown Vishesh is the ideal husband Kanchan is so lucky That Manika is one nasty woman & mother

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