Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajmata meets Kanchan

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishesh says I didn’t wish anyone to know it this way. He checks the missed calls from home. He asks Kanchan not to worry, he will go and talk to mum. Rajmata gets Kanchan’s pic. Manika says she is the parlor girl who does beauty treatments here, she just comes to outhouse, I didn’t let her come in palace. Rajmata thinks I saw her somewhere. She recalls Kanchan. Dhara says I will go salon and come. Manika taunts. She thinks to wait for fire ignition. Sumer asks what are you saying. Saurabh says you know I don’t like phones in family time. Sumer says matter is such. He plays the tv. They see Vishesh in the news. They get shocked. Bhabhi asks Ananya who is this girl. Ananya says I don’t know. Saurabh also gets upset with Ananya.

Vishesh comes to Rajmata.

She scolds him for forgetting the law, being a lawyer. He says I was helpless and had to protect her. She asks who, you have put our name on stake for her. He says your anger and question are justified, I wanted to share my feelings with you, I didn’t think I will fall in love, since Kanchan came in my life, I feel happy, she is different. She is like you, she is loving and patient, she doesn’t care for my status. She cries. He says don’t refuse, just meet her once and see her, you will understand that none can be better for me than her. She goes. Manika’s husband taunts her for sending those goons. She says Vishesh did everything, how could I miss such a chance, I m not a fool. Shubham comes and claps. He taunts her for not thinking for her own son and snatching his smile. She cries.

Nandan asks Kanchan did you talk to Vishesh. Rajmata comes home. Kanchan gets shocked. They welcome Rajmata. Rajmata says I want to talk to Kanchan in private. She goes with Kanchan. She asks when did you meet Vishesh. Kanchan says during Sheetal’s marriage, I didn’t know he is a prince. Rajmata asks what happened after you came to know, Vishesh told me that he wanted to marry you, but you refused him, I was surprised, how can anyone refuse him, why, what was the reason that you rejected him. Manika prays and says I want to get Rajmata insulted and take revenge. Vishesh comes and asks where is mum. She says she went to meet kanchan, I m praying that everything gets fine. He rushes. Shubham looks on. Rajmata asks Kanchan the reason. Kanchan thinks to tell the truth. She sees Kanchan’s mum’s pic and asks what happened to her. Kanchan says my mum died since her lungs failed, dad also fell ill that time and he had to leave his job. Rajmata asks how does the house run. Kanchan says it gets managed. Rajmata asks by your parlor work, so this was the reason to refuse to Vishesh. Vishesh comes there. Kanchan says actually…..He thinks Kanchan may tell her truth to mum.

Rajmata asks for Kanchan’s hand for Vishesh. Manika opposes her decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

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