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One goods for colours naagin fan it is coming in Sun Tv iy starts from June 27 mon-sat 10:00 pm in tamil.

mitali’s drabble.(the story is set after where abhi and pragya search Sarala maa after kidnapping)

Pragya was feeling worse as she is having food poison but she is not in a state to take care of her health as her mom was in paralyze and Pragya found Nikil’s truth in concert .Pragya is roaming around her room hitting her head as she is in lack of idea

Pragya POV
I have to take the DNA test quickly but how can I get nikil’s DNA I have do something.Thank God that I found tanu’s truth in his concert.but now i only took his DNA test its definitely not enough, i should also prove the bady’s real identity.what can I do ?? Suddenly pragya feels vomiting sensation and rushes to the wash room.

Mitali passed by this way

What happened to this lady mogambo why she is vomiting ? Let me see (she hides herself behind the door )said mitali to herself.
Pragya came from washroom.she seems to be very week and tried.Pragya called someone in her phone “hello doctor I pragya…Pragya Mehra” she said.
Why this mogambo is talking to the doctor.oh my God I can’t hear properly what can I do said mitali and tried to move slightly near the door
“Doctor we have to take the …test immediately” said pragya
“About what test this mogambo is talking about let me hear properly” said mitali and came front but pragya saw mitali and closed the door on her face.

In Mitali’s room

Mitali’s POV

about which test this pragya was talking about think Mitali think. Wait a minute vomiting and test.yes I am right pragya is pregnant.I very well know abhi loves pragya and definitely that day they told that they searching sarla ma and chee…..they both made a baby.this abhi is very lucky two lovers now two babies.that day itself I told this stupid tanu about abhi and pragya that they love each other but she didn’t believe now there love is growing inside pragya.OMG let us see a good drama today

Mitali’s POV
No no I shouldn’t tell this to everyone then the problem will be solved easily I should something to create a problem.what can I do?? Wait I will tell tanu then we can see a big drama.
(By the time everybody came hearing mitali’s voice)
Mitali blabbered something and made some excuses.

Mitali is searching for tanu

“Tanu…tanu where is this stupid tanu” yelled Mitali and bumped on tanu.

“Don’t you have eyes mitali bhabi” scolded tanu

“Yes I don’t have eyes but you are having eyes and keeping it close” said mitali with a strong voice

“Matlab” questioned tanu

“Soon your child is also going to have a competitor like you” said mitali which made tanu confused

“What are saying Mitali babhi who is my competitor and whose is my baby’s competitor”questioned tanu

“Your competitor is pragya and your baby’s competitor is pragya’s baby”said Mitali

“Whattt…” said tanu with a doubt in her face

“Pragya is pregnant” concluded Mitali which brought a simle in tanu’a face.

“Yes I very well know pragya is a characterless women now abhi could easily divorce her and I will marry abhi omg…omg” jumed tanu

“Pragya is pregnant with abhi’s child”said Mitali vanishing tanu’s smile

“What…this can’t be possible abhi won’t do like that” said tanu very tensed

“Tanu why can’t he, he already made a mistake with you but in pragya’s case abhi didn’t do any mistake it is his rights he is her husband” said mitali

“What rights you are talking about I am carrying his child how he cheat me” cried tanu

“What what abhi cheated you” simled Mitali “he cheated pragya not you now he gave all the rights to pragya what a husband gives to his wife” said mitali with a happy face for creating a problem

“How do you know this? How can you say it is abhi’s child”enquired tanu

“Pragya was talking to her doctor about this and what you asked how can it be abhi’s child wait do you have any proves to prove that the child your carrying is abhi’s” before Mitali could complete her sentence tanu shouted at her.

“Stop shouting tanu, they both are sleeping in a same room,they both love each other and don’t tell abhi loves you as everyone know what was his condition after pragya left him and finally they both are husband and wife what do want more than this’ said mitali and left tanu with tears.

Tanu’s POV
I think this Mitali babhi is the blackmailer she doubted me today,why should i worry about this pragya as I really don’t love abhi but what will happen if pragya doesn’t allow me to marry abhi and haan abhi loves Pragya and if abhi comes to know pragya’s pregnancy then he will definitely won’t leave her and her baby will like abhi it will be charming like him,it will sing like him,it will look like abhi and my baby Nikil no……tanu cried

Credit to: guess me

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  1. Love this…wish it could happen in the show??

  2. Awesome one really loves it if mitali character is correctly used na in kkb many twists will unturn loved this is may be it could be aastha or Tina dii whomever I am sorry if I hv wrongly guessed loved it superb keep gng and update fastt…..

    1. Sorry better luck next time.

  3. superb news yaaaaaaa maagin coming in tamil…..

  4. Hey guys i am really upset that you didn’t find me i will give I u a clue the starting letter of my name and the ending letter are same

    1. r u asmitha?

  5. Awesome. Eagerly waiting for next epi.

  6. Hilarious one ……I m not gonna guess as I really hav no idea who u r….but d misconception was really really hilarious

  7. Silent reader(Sweety)

    Aashtha correct

  8. Akshaya

  9. Guess I am akshaya kannan

    1. ohhh hi akshaya. thnq for the fabulous news….i’m really hpy my fav naagin in tamil. ni um tamil ah?

  10. Guys I am akshaya kannan

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