Mita dena lamhe uske (episode 9)

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Precape: swasan time
sanskar jerks
again swara become sad
remembaring something
a flsah back shown
a girl was eating bf her father too join them
dad: beta when will u join office
girl fully mood of: dad i said na i will naver join ur office i want to do something by myself
saying this she left
dad: ye ladki na kya kari ge.

@girl’s room
she become maha angry n bablaring
suddenly a feels some sound from window she look at the directon
a boy was hanging like monkey.
Gal:sidharth! If papa sees u na then he will kill u.
Sid: papa se naraj ho
gal angarly look at him n stars in one breeth
i really hate this i want to stand at my feet but that shekhar gododia na why the hell they r so rou…
Before she can speak sidharth put his lip to her
Sidharth imagine sidharth as ravi dubay
Flash back ends

swara walks to middle n starts to drench at rain
sanskar smiles
“swaraa if u fall sick then i will win the chalenge” sanskar shout
” lets see” swara also shout
sanskar sees a lady wearin black sari coming towards swara’s back
har hand was fully mixed with black powder and in this rain too it was not going.
Sanskar feels weaird n goes foward.
The lady was about to tuch her but sanskar pull swara n runs holding her hand.
Lady shout: oh nooo

sanskar room
swara: what was that
sanskar didnt responce n walk to washroom
swara angarly goes to cupborb n tke her night dress . Left to other room.
Here sanskar comes out and calls a person
San: what mohini whants
other side: to kill her
san: why ?????

Precape: some flash black. Swara’s super duper plan. Happy birthday sanskar.

stay happy
plz happines share with all. So plz cmnt na see if i see cmnts how much happy will be i am nice bad plz just waste 4/5 mb for our 4/5 hours…..
Then too thank u for reading n comenting.
Stay happy

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