Mita dena lamhe uske (episode 8)

Precape: the womenizer is none other than sanskar. Swaras new look.

san: swara
swa: yes me n u what are u loking get out
the scares and look at sanskar
” what are yyou loking cant u hear mee” swara shout
girl scares even more n run outside…..
Sanskar now looked at her
swa: sanskar why this for u i leaved my love. That was better that i runn….
Sanskar held her hand
” ha thom ladkio ki tho yehi problem hei” pulls her closer
” thier place is hera only” sanskar
” 1 day 1 day wait n watch what i am” swara chenge him
” ok let see what u done in 1 day” sanskar leaves her
” m waiting for u in car” swara
swara leaves
Sanskar hold his head
” Ahhh”

@ car
swara is waiting for sanskar.
Sanskar sits in car.
Swara starts driving.
” this is not our car” Sanskar looks around
whole car is filled with tedy bears
” I am not poor” swara
“no i mean so much tedies” sanskar ask
swara’s eyes filled with tears
Sanskar notice that.

Swara lost in fb
in fb-
a boy is holding a tedy . A girl is standing in front of him
boy: jaan this is for u.
Girl: jaan whats this again tedy. My car will brust for tedies.
Boy: this is sign of my love.
Girl’s eyes filled with tears
girl: i love u.
Boy: i love u tooooo
flash back ends

sanskar shout: swara samhalke
swara come in sence n show a truck is about to hit car.
Swara turns left n crush with a tree.
Truck driver shout: arre inhe drive car tho ata nhi aur aya sher me…
He starts the truck but swara comes in front of truck.
“Swraaaa” sanskar shout
“aree yeh kaya hei” drivet put brake
” so u think gals are idot they cant do anything i think u dont give ur wife the right of cominh out not even ur daugter. Ur dil will naver ever leave with u. Coz an educeteded person will never bear this” swara gives side to truck
Here Sanskar starts to feel embaresse
swa: now we have to wait here rain can come anytime
san: hmmm
swara shout: kulfiiii
she pull sanskar there
swara: bhaiya 2 kulfi plz
man gives 1 to swara n swara gives to sanskar
at time rain starts
(dont worry the r at save place)
swara took other one

swara starts to eating
“eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww chiiiiiii !!!!! Sho sho sho jao”
swara turns n see half on his blazer hif is on ground n half one a dogy is eating
“hahahahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa ah ab haaahaa kya kha haha khoa gi hahhha”
sanskar cames to swara
“thom hara” sanskar
“matlab” swara
sanskar takes her kulfi n put that between his and her lips…
Unkownly both starts to eat kulfi
“””” hua hai aj pehle bar””””””
when the kulfi finishes they also dont know. Now nothing is between there lips….
Suddenly sanskar jerks

precape: swara’s master plan. Helpless sanskar.

So sorry guys for long gap. Thank u for coments.
Kakali di ap ni pher si new story start kiya without telling me. Huh this time no hello hi.

Dosto keep smilling.

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