Mita dena lamhe uske (episode 7)

Acha dont u all wants know how swasan are married n y sanskar said all are same.

Precape: sanskar leaves to delhi. An unkown girl

a girl ran inside the building
girl shout: guys mam is outside. Jaldi sab thek karooo.
All start to ran here n there
another girl ran upside to cavin
there she arrenged files
put glass on table n pur water.

the girl look whole building from outside . Sun light fell on her face.
She removes her sun glass. Cool breze was playing.
( intezar ki ankhri aghri )
her angleiic faec shine.
She is none other than swara.
she starts walk n enter in office
al stands up
a girl come n hugs her
gal: good morning jaan
swa: good morning nitika.
Nit: how is my besti
swa: mar gaye yar nidi.
Acha cavin me chlal.
Nitika leaves.
Swara: avinash ajj ka shab apoenment cancel kar do
avi: but mam
swa: do what i say dont dare to uttar a word on me…
Swara leaves
here swara stuck in laptop

at maheswri office
a gal was walking trying a number
gal: i want sir’s sign. But were is he. Agar iss tarah chalta raho… Then company will face big lose…

at night
swara just stand up from chair when her phone peeps
swa: yess swara gododiya here
persn: mam i m nisha agrawal sanskar sir’s pa. I need his sign for delhi project.
Swa: wait didnt he goes to delhi?¿?
ni: no mam
swa: ok i will tell u later.
Call cut

swa: i knew it u will do like this (smirk)
thats why i put gps trackar in ur pocket when i huged u.
She then check her phone
” farm house”

“yes swara was totally right sanskar is in farm house”
in a room sanskar was driking n seing a pic with blood shot eyes.
He recals a fb-
gal n a boy was walking on rood when suddenly the boy stops n gal bump on his back.
Gal: what?
Boy: (pointing toward chat stol) chattttt!!!!!!!!!!!
Gal: eeeewwwww
fb ends

a drop sliped from his eye
he trow the wine bottle.
Now he is out sence
he moved from the room n step other room.
There a gal was wearing transpernent nighty. Sanskar come n bold the. He tuch face sencerly. Then kised her checks nd was about to kiss her lip but( no no swara didnt come) throwd her on bed n comes over to her. He starts to kiss her lips widely n stuck in that. He was about to remove the zip of her dress .
” thataakk” suddenly a slap sound comes
yess swara reched there n she slapped the gal.
” how dare uu. How dare uuu. Do u know who m i . Jaan se mar dongi. Samjhiiii. Get out” swara press her neck
here our sanskar is out of survice.
Swara pur the whole water of jug n makes him drink water so much that he out all thinks…..

Precape: …………..,,,,

keep smiling

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