Misunderstandings Wala Love OS (by Mitali)


Hello people. Mitali Here. I’m here once again to give you a story. I’m glad that you all liked the last os.
Let’s begin the show.
“Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle.” Kunj shouted, running towards Twinkle.
“What happened Kunj?” Twinkle asked.
“Twinkle, can you do me a favor.”
“Not again.” Twinkle said.
“Twinkle please, complete my assignment. Please……. Should I touch your feet?” Kunj tries to touch Twinkle’s feet, but Twinkle takes her leg back.
“Are you crazy? Did I ever say no to you? I will complete it. Give it to me.” Twinkle said relieving Kunj.
“Thanks a lot, Thanks a lot Twinkle.” Kunj said.

“Okay fine.” Twinkle said.
((So I’m tell me give little description of both of them.))
((Twinkle is a nerd, has a soft corner for Kunj, and therefore completes all his assignments. Twinkle comes first in the college.))
((Kunj is fun-loving boy, a boy whom every girl would love to take home. Believes in love but doesn’t want to get married too early. A scholar, just like Twinkle.))
Next day, Twinkle comes to Kunj and places his assignment on his hand.
“Thanks Twinkle. Tu nahi hoti toh mera kya hota.” Kunj said.
“Okay, okay. Fine. Now I have to go and study.” Twinkle said.
“Kya yaar kitna padhe gi. Meri tereh ban. Na padhke bhi mein ache marks lata ho.” Twinkle smiles at him and walks off.

“Twinkle tomorrow there is a party organized by me as it is my birthday, first invitation tujhe hai, zaroor aana.”
“I will surely come.” Twinkle smiles at him.
Next day at night, twinkle enters the gate and Kunj is present there to welcome her.
“Happy birthday Kunj.” Twinkle said.
“Thank you. And you know that I knew you will come.” Kunj said, smiling at Twinkle. Twinkle smiles at him.
“Twinkle go and sit inside, I will come after sometime.”
After sometime the party starts and everyone dances.
“Twinkle come na.” Kunj said.
“No yaar, you know that I don’t like these parties. It’s only you who insisted me and I’m present here only for you.”

“Then dance with me only.” Kunj offered her. Twinkle shies.
“Come ‘on yaar, dance with me.” Kunj asks for her hand and Twinkle gives her hand to him. They both dance with each other. Some friends of Kunj see them and laugh. After sometime Kunj and Twinkle stop dancing.
Kunj and his friends and sitting together in the lawn. (Twinkle is not present there.)
“Kunj you were dancing with that nerd.” Aryan said.
“Ha yaar, what happened to you and why did you invite her for the party. Nerds have no right to join the party.” Ayaan said.
“Shut up guys. We can’t talk wrong about anyone. Even if she is a nerd, she has the right to attend parties.” Kunj said.
“Someone is angry, right.” Ananya said.
“Don’t create any misunderstandings, Ananya. No one is angry.” Kunj cleared. Just then, Twinkle comes to ask Kunj for a leave.
“Birthday Boy Kunj, are you in love with that stupid nerd Twinkle.” Aryan asked.
“No, never. I will never ever fall for that nerd. It’s just that she is completes all my assignments, I have a soft corner for her.” Kunj said. Twinkle listens all the stuff which Kunj says. Kunj’s friends look at Twinkle in tears.
“She is not of my type. She is just my best friend who completes all my assignments.” Kunj continues.

“Kunj, listen.” Aryan said.
“What happened Aryan?” Kunj said.
“Kunj, Twinkle is standing behind.” Ayaan said. Kunj is in shock. He turns behind only to find Twinkle in tears. Twinkle wipes her tears and
walks off from there.
“Twinkle, Twinkle, listen to me. Please.” Kunj shouts.
“I don’t want to listen any of your non-sense.” Twinkle said and she runs away from there. Kunj runs behind her.
Twinkle finds a bench and cries vigorously. She found her heart hurt by Kunj’s cruel words.
“Twinkle I’m really sorry.”
“There’s no need for your sorry at all because I know that you are too cheap just like your friends.”
“It’s nothing like that Twinkle, please understand me.”
“What should I understand about you? Ya one thing I definitely understood by your behavior. Do you know you have two shades, one in front of me and one behind me. You to find nerd na. I know that.”
“Twinkle, why are you creating misunderstandings?”
“Kunj you know what, I thought that you are the only person who understands me and whom I can trust on or this whole world has criticized me as a nerd.”
“You can still trust me.”

“No, I can’t.” Twinkle shouts and stands away from Kunj. Kunj holds her hand and makes her come near him.
“Twinkle, I will never diminish your trust on me.” Twinkle jerks his hand.
“What did you say that you have a soft corner for me only because I complete your assignments?” Twinkle said.
“Twinkle, why are you making it worse?”
“Because you have already made it worse for me, Kunj.” Kunj holds his head.
“Kunj you have broken 6 years deep friendships only with some sentences and from now onwards don’t even think to come to me and give your assignments or even talk to me. Please leave me alone in my world.” Twinkle clears and takes a leave from there.
“Twinkle……………” Kunj shouts. On the other hand Twinkle wipes her tears and pretends to be happy.
Kunj sits on his knees and cries. He finds himself very congested in that situation.
At Twinkle’s house, Twinkle tells her father that she is ready to move to US for her further studies. Her father agrees her statement and tells her that she shall leave tomorrow for US.
Next Day, Kunj tries to find Twinkle but miss it. Twinkle had already boarded the flight for US.
“Guys, Twinkle is not there in college.” Kunj said.

“She will not be because she has left for US.” Shaina said.
“What?” Kunj questions.
“Ya, she texted me and said that she is leaving for US for her further studies.” Shaina said.
“Oh god!!!!!!” Shaina takes leave from there.
“So sad Kunj now who will complete your assignments.” Aryan said.
“Stop it guys, she wasn’t here only for my assignments and I got to know this yesterday when fought with her. she thought that I was her everything in this college and I broke her trust and our 6 years friendship.”
“Stop it Kunj. You should not matter of her leaving from your life. She has left you, and then her chapter is also closed in your life, she will never return back to you.” Aryan said.
“Her chapter not closed in my life because she was something special for me, different than the others. She can’t leave me.”

“Bhai you are totally gone mad and that’s true.” Aryan said. Kunj walks off.
********************SIX YEARS LATER********************
Twinkle is working in a software company in India. Twinkle is no more nerd, her look has totally changed.
“So, the new CEO has reached.” A girl shouts. The CEO enters inside and directly goes in his new cabin. Twinkle doesn’t have a look of him because she was looking down at her laptop.
After sometime, Twinkle has some work and goes in the CEO’s cabin.
“Sir, may I come in.” Twinkle said. the man turns and looks at her. they both widen their eyes looking at each other. All the memories rewind in Twinkle and the man’s mind.
“Twinkle tum.” The man said.
“Kunj tum.” Twinkle said. Twinkle starts to walk away from there.
“Twinkle please stop.” Kunj said.
“I can’t because you have broken my heart 6 years ago and I made my heart much stronger after that incident, thanks to you and now I don’t want it to get hurt again.”
“I won’t hurt you again. I never knew that you work in this office, I just got the offer and I accepted it.” Kunj cleared to twinkle.

“Fine. I never said you to resign from your post, so be calm.” Twinkle said.
“But, Twinkle you have totally changed, you aren’t a nerd anyone.”
“I know that and I have changed only after that incident.” Twinkle leaves the cabin. Kunj holds his head.
After some days………………………
“You know its CEO’s birthday today.” A girl said.
“Hmmmmm” Twinkle said. Just then a man comes inside and announces to everyone that today there is a party organized by Kunj.
Twinkle remembers the moment when Kunj had invited her for his birthday party 6 years ago. She decides that won’t attend the party as his birthday had made her sad.
At night, Kunj is waiting for Twinkle, but she takes no step to attend his party. The party gets over and Kunj goes home.

Twinkle opens the door only to find Kunj standing there. Kunj is breathing heavily. Twinkle stands still like a statue.
“Twinkle kaisi society mein rahti hai tu, lift bhi cam nahi kar rahi hai aur tera ghar 9th floor par hai, mein toh thak gaya yaar. Mujhe andar nahi bolaegi.” Kunj said breathing heavily. Twinkle tries to shut the door, but Kunj pushes the door back.
“Twinkle to me once. I have come here sort out everything which happened 6 years ago. Please give me one chance. Please.”
“Alright.” Twinkle said. Kunj smiles and comes inside.

“I knew that you won’t come to the party, so I’m here in front of you.” Kunj said.
“Kunj what do you want to clear in front of me?” Twinkle asked.
“Twinkle I’m really sorry for what I did 6 years ago on the same day, on my birthday.”
“Your sorry won’t change my decision, Kunj.”
“Twinkle please. I was waiting for you from past 6 years. I wanted to say sorry to you once again, but you left to US. Please forgive me.” Kunj pleads. Kunj sits on his knees and pleads Twinkle to forgive him.
Twinkle thinks on it and decides to forgive him.
“I forgive you Kunj. But, when I remember that night, I get hurt and my hatred for you increases.”
“Twinkle, I will never leave you or tease you again.”
“I’m not a nerd anymore.”

“I know that.”
“You know I wanted to say….” Kunj said.
“What?” Twinkle said.
Kunj comes closer to Twinkle and whispers in her ears… “I LOVE YOU” He parts away.
Twinkle is shocked and happy. She runs to him and hugs him and says “I LOVE YOU TOO”
“I wanted to say this from so many years.” Twinkle said.
“Really you loved me from many years. I realized when you were not around me.” Kunj said. Twinkle smiles at him. She again hugs him. They break their hug.
“Kunj I wanted to ask you that who completed your assignments after I went.” Kunj looks at her in a strange way.
“After that I completed my assignments on my own.” Kunj said sadly. They both embrace each other and lived together for rest of their life.

So guys how was it. I hope you people liked it. You know writing after a long time was difficult for me, but I tried my best. Thank you for giving so much of love to me.

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