Misunderstandings-Prologue (a fanfic on swaragini)


A church is shown. A girl walks in. She is wearing a black coloured onepeice. She thinks “Its been years. I don’t know how are they all. I just want to see them once”
Just then she bumps into a girl who is wearing a loose yellow top and blue shorts.
“You” said both the girls to each other

In the prayer room there are those two girls only. The black dressed girl is sitting on the floor by the side of a bench and is crying badly. The yellow girl is standing with her back towards her and is silently crying.

“And Piya?” Asked the black dressed girl.
“Piya….” yellow dressed girl gasped “Piya….Ragini Piya is…..no more…..”
“What?” said Ragini (black dressed girl) “No….no….how….Piya….” and starts crying even more badly.
“Rags” said the other girl rushing towards Ragini “rags please…calm down….”
“But Swara…..how did this….Piya?” Ragini managed to say.
“Accidentaly” Swara said “her wrist got cut by a knife. She was all alone in the room. The next day when you….”

“Ohh Piya….” Ragini sobbed. Swara manages to make her sit on the bench.
“Its all because of me. Everything. Everyone.”
“Ragini…..” swara tried to control her.
“Laksh, Sanskar, Sid, Piya, Aliya….all because of me” cried Ragini.
“Ragini…no….” swara tried
“No swara. Aliya, Laksh, Sanskar, Sidharth…..all are in this state because of me only…..and Piya…..”

Hey guys. Its Dia. I will give my introduction first. I am a North Indian studying in 12th ckass in commerce. I am going to be 17 on the date 17 december. I started tgis new fanfic on SwarRagini. Guys any suggesions or criticisms are welcome. About the couples….just wait and watch…..

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  1. A.xx

    fab loved it and wonder whats she did and what happened to them.xx

  2. Anshupriya

    NYC itz fantabulous…

  3. Dia

    Thank you so much guys……but i have my exams going on…..i may be a little late in updating

  4. Srusti

    Very nice and plz make pairs swasan and raglak only bcoz i am a mad lover of swasan

  5. Raglakholic


  6. Akshata


  7. Dia

    Hii guys……pairs are a little confusing

  8. Super

  9. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Interesting concept dear.. Plz continue..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  10. Asra

    superbbb and also interesting dear…tkcr dear…

  11. Nice…BTW you would be 17 on 17th of DEC. and I would be 18 on 18th of DEC…what a coincidence.. ☺

    1. Dia

      Ohh….thats nice….i’ll always remember ur birthday

      1. Me too…?
        BTW hbd in advance…

  12. Jazzy

    its amazing

  13. Dia

    Hey thanks all of you

  14. awesome

  15. Ragz_teju

    very interesting…

  16. Dia

    Thank u

  17. Sreevijayan

    Nice start dear…loved it….

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