Misunderstandings-Chapter 1-The budding bond + Being forgiven (Part 7)

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I am back and I’ll now try to update daily. But I am in 12th class and I have to ficus on my studies more so……
Flashback continues

“What happened Swara” asked Rags when she saw Swara filled with anger “Sanky, whats on with her.”
“That teacher is a hell” said Sanky who was also angry.
“Business studies teacher right?” said Lucky “My brother has told me about her.”
“How….could….she….” muttered Swara and Aliya calmed ger down.
The teacher was asking names from everyone ib the class and now the turn of last bench came on which our super seven were sitting.
“My name is Sidharth Singhania and I am from Delhi”
“My name is Aliya Sood. I am from Mumbai”
“My…My name is Swara Bose and I am from Kolkata”
“My name is Ragini Gadodia and I am from Jaipur”
“Jaipur?” Piya muttered silently.
“My name is Sanskar Maheshwari and I am from Jaipur”
“My name is Laksh Maheshwari and I am from Jaipur”
“Jaipur?” Ragini and Sanskar muttered.
“Are you both brothers or cousins or something?” Teacher asked from Laksh and Sanskar.
“Er….No” replied Laksh.
“My name is Piyali Khan and am also from Jaipur”
Teacher started teaching while last bench was exchanging looks”
Flashback ends
Aliya got up from her sleep. She saw Rags awake sitting on the bed.
“Gm” said Aliya
“Morning” said Rags absentmindedly.
They both stared at each other for seconds and simultaneously said
“You know its my habit to sit….in case I get up early” said Rags
“And I have to sit until Swara or Veena Aunty come” said Aliya mockingly but Rags got sad hearing this.
“Tell me, I’ll help you” said Rags
“Okay…” said Aliya
Rags made Aliya sit on wheelchair and followed her instructions and finlly getting herself and Aliya ready. They both go downstairs.
“Oh….its good you both are ready” said Swara seeing them “we have to leave at 8”
“And where are we going” asked Aliya.
“To Sid” said Swara “Rags must be wanting to see him”
“Yeah” said Rags getting sad again. “Its all……” she stopped in middle after seeing Swara and Aliya staring at her.
Swara and Aliya look at each othe and sigh.

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