Misunderstandings-Chapter 1-The budding bond + Being forgiven (Part 6)


This update is late and short because i am not in my home right now. I am travelling md m facing a lot of network problems through my sim. So i had to use my brother’s phone which i sneaked when he was in washroom.
After almost 5 minutes, Swara Rags and Aliya break the hug. Rags is in tears.
“Now what happened miss cry baby” asked Swara
“Missing Piya” sobbed Ragini. Swara and Aliya control themselves.
“Swara…Sanky called and said he won’t come today” said Piya.
“Oh that’s good” said Swara happily.
“What….how is it good…Sanky has turned…and you are saying its good….” said Rags with a mixed feeling of shock and anger.
“What’s good is” said Aliya “that Sanky CALLED today. He never calls us. He remains missing for days until Swara has to go and find him.”
“What….its all…” Rags started to say.
“Not because of you Rags. Please.” Said Swara.
Veena comes and says “Madam, dinner is ready” and they all head to dinner.

Flashback starts

“So, can anyone tell me what is business?” Said a teacher in a class. The class remained silent.
“Yeah, first row second bench girl you tell us” asked the teacher. The girl stood up (she was Swara)
“Ma’am business is a source of earning….” said Swara
“I am a teacher and i am earning theough this, am I doing a business?” Snapped the teacher.
“No ma’am but….” Swara tried to say.
“Then how can you say that business is a source of earning?” Asked the teacher.
“No ma’am what i was saying was…..”
“Means you think i cannot hear properly”
Swara got silent.
“What’s your name?” Asked the teacher
“My name is Swara Bose”
“So miss Stupid Swara you can sit down and hear the real definition”
Swara sat down and she was on the verge of bursting her anger. Sanky who was sitting besides her, hel her hand to calm her down”.
After the bell rang Rags and Lucky were coming out of their class. They met Sid Aliya and Piya and head for English class. They met Swara and Sanky inside the class. Swara was fuming in anger but they could bot ask her as the teacher xame just then.


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    superb part dr….loved it sooooo muchhhhhh!!!! keeep rockng n stay blessed 😉 😀 …have a safe journey sweety ….:D

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  4. Dia

    “Swara…Sanky called and said he won’t come today” said Piya.

    In this line…its Aliya who is speaking not Piya

    Nd thank u botj

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