Misunderstandings-Chapter 1-The budding bond + Being forgiven (Part 5)


Flashback continues
Its morning
Swara Piya and Aliya try to wake Ragini up.
“Get up Rags” said Piya
“We are all ready and she…..” said Aliya trying to wake her up by sprikling water buy in vain.
“Get up Ragini. She is sleeping like kumbhkaran……its good she kept all her stuff, bag and dress ready the night before.” said Swara
“What’s the use if she doesn’t get up. Hod its already 7:45 nd classes start at 8:30. We have to eat our breakfast also. Oh get up naa.” Said Piya.
“Now i have to do this” said aliya and she poured a full jug of water on Ragini’s face and she got up like nothing had happened.
“Good morning girls” said Ragini.
“This girl is impossible.” Said Aliya
“Rags we are late. Go and get ready NOW” shouted Piya.
Ragini gets ready in 10 minutes
“God….how can you get ready in just 10 minutes” asked Swara.
“I am like this only” replied Ragini.
“Unbelievable” said Aliya
“Now lets go”
Boys are waiting for girls in the mess. The girls arrive and they go for breakfast. While eating breakfast Piya’s phone rings
“Good morning baby” said Piya
Laksh shouts “Yo bro” into her phone.
Ragini’s phone rings.
“Hello” said Ragini “Hii baby, how are you darling?”
“Are you sure she is your gf?” Sidharth asked from Sanskar.
Sanskar hits him and says “Its Ayush. Her 5 years old brother.”
Eveyone laugh except Ragini and Piya as they both are busy in their phones.
A bell rings and they finish their breakfast rapidly and head to their classes.

Flashback ends
“Duffer…Dumbo…..where were you since four years?” Said Aliya crying.
“Al….Aliya….” stammered Ragini seeing her on wheelchair.
“Rags….” gasped Aliya
“All because of me. All because of me…” Ragini breaks down.
“No Ragu it was not entirely your fault” Aliya tried to console her
“You are in this state….Dance was your life and now…..” Ragini cried
“Please Rags….” said Aliya holding Ragini’s hand.
“Have you forgiven me?” Asked Ragini
“No…..no because those who commit mistakes are forgiven….” said Aliya “And we were kids at that time….no one is at fault”
With this Ragini hugs Aliya. Swara comes and says
“Can I join you two?”
“Yes” said both the girls and they had a group hug.

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