Misunderstandings-Chapter 1-The budding bond + Being forgiven (Part 4)


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Flashback continues
The super seven are having their lunch.
“I have taken commerce” said Swara “What about you all?”
“Me too in Commerce” said Sanskar
“I am in Arts” said Laksh
“I have also taken arts” said Ragini
“I am i non medical” said Aliya
“Same here. Non med.” said Sidharth
“Means I am the only one in Medical?” Asked Piya.
“It seems so” Said Swara.
Then a phone rings.
“Hii” said Piya to her phone.
“Arhan?” Asked Laksh.
Piya nods and continues talking.
“Who Arhan?” Asked Aliya
“Her boyfriend” said Laksh. Then a bell rings indicating that the linch break is over.

Flashback ends
“Aliya” said Swara entering the terrace while Ragini stops there on the door and hides from Aliya.
“Swara where were you?” Asked Aliya
“I…well I…someone is there to see you” said Swara.
“Who?” Asked Aliya
“You’ll see” said Swara “That person is outside” and she left from there.
“Who is there?” Asked Aliya but no one answered. She forwarded her wheelchair but then she stopped and said
Ragini came in front of her and bith the girls start crying.

Flashback starts
Girls are heading to their dormitories.
“That’s our room” said Aliya pointing to her room.
“Our room is in front of yours” said Ragini.
“That’s good. I mean we can meet up anytime” sais Swara.
“Yeah its nice” said Piya “But now we have to set our rooms up.”
“And it may take ages for me” said Swara
“Me too” said Aliya, Ragini and Piya and the girls laugh and head to their dormitories.


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