Misunderstandings-Chapter 1-The budding bond + Being forgiven (Part 3)


Hii friends….wanna tell u that i was having exams+final practicals…….so i got very less time to update…..nd when i got to update my phone fell in water and all the data was inside it….nd i got to use it only yesterday on my birthday…..so the update is short nd very late but i’ll make sure it never happens again…
Nd i had my birthday yesterday
Nd i got no response from u all regarding sidharth aliya and piya ?….so i have decided myself
Sidharth: Aham Sharma
Aliya: Niyati Fatnani
Piya: Dimple Jhangiani
Nd m not sharing a new collage because TU team is not accepting it which i dont know why

Flashback continues
Sanskar enters his room and finds two boys there.
“Hey” said one boy
“Hello” replied Sanskar
“Sanskar, right?” Said the second boy.
“Yes” said Sanskar.
“I am Laksh” said the first boy
“And I am Sidharth” said the second boy. Sanskar puts his bag down.
“Hey its lunch time” said Sidharth.
“Ohh” said Sanskar “Will you join me and my friend on lunch?”
“My friend is also coming” said Laksh “We all will eat together.
“Okay then” said Sidharth and they all left for lunch.
Flashback ends

“We are there” said Swara. Ragini realised she is in the world which is 6 years ahead.
“Come Ragini” said Swara “Aliya is in here”.
“And San…San…” muttered Ragini
“He will be here in sometime” said Swara “He sometimes comes late”
Swara and Ragini pick Ragini’s bags and they both head inside.
“Veena aunty, where is Aliya?” Asked Swara.
“She is in the terrace” said a lady who looked like a maid.
“Okay” said Swara “Please keep these bags in our room”
“Okay” said Veena
Swara leads Ragini to the terrace. She sees a girl there on wheelchair and tears start flowing through her eyes.

Ragini and Swara wait in the corridor.
“Oh there he is” said Ragini spotting Sanskar with Sidharth and Laksh. The girls go to them.
“Hello” said all of them
“Guys she is my best friend + my girlfriend Ragini; and Ragini they are Laksh and Sidharth, my roommates.” Said Sanskar.
“And she is Swara, my roommate” said Ragini
They all shake hands
“Oh there she comes” said Laksh spotting two girls. “Piya…Piya…I am here”
The two girls come and again all of them greet each other.
“Piya, they are my roommates Sanskar and Laksh, she is Sanskar’s girlfriend Ragini, and she is Ragini’s roommate Swara, and friends she is my best friend Piya and she is…….???” Said Laksh
“I am Aliya, Piya’s roommate” said the other girl.
Aliya and Piya shake hands with everyone and they all head to lunch.

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