Misunderstandings – Chapter 1- The budding bond + Being forgiven (Part 2)


Heyaa…..thanq all for ur comments….they seriously mean a lot to me…..
And flashback maybe from different POVs
Nd plz give me suggestions about who will play Piya, Sidharth and Aliya’s characters
Flashback continues
“Hmm” said Ragini “I have to share my room with Swara Bose”
“Why injustice with boys?” Said Sanskar “we are 3 in a room”
“Hehe good for you” said Ragini
“I am sharing with Sidharth Singhania and Laksh Maheshwari” said Sanskar. “Hey, another Maheshwari”
“Now lets go” said Ragini “we’ll meet over in lunch”
“Hmm k byy” said Sanskar and with this they both parted ways towards girls’ and boys’ hostel respectively
Flashback ends

“Stop” Swara said suddenly.
“Are we there?” Asked Ragini.
“No…not yet…but” said Swara and took Ragini’s hand and came out of the car.
“Where are we?” Asked Ragini
“Graveyard” said Swara plucking some flowers which were outside.
“But why are we here?” Asked Ragini when Swara handed her over some flowers.
“Come with me” said Swara leading her to one of the graves. Ragini looked at this and something was written in urdu. And then she read
“Here lies Piyali Khan who lived for friendship”
“Piya……” said Ragini tears streaming down her eyes. Both Swara and Ragini place the flowers on Piya’s grave. Ragini started crying holding her grave. Swara made her stand up and both headed towards the car.
Flashback starts
A teenaher Swara is seen in an hostel room. She is figuring out something when someone first knocks and then enters the room. Its Ragini.
“Hii” said Swara forwarding her hand.
“Hii, I am Ragini, Ragini Gadodia” said Ragini shaking her hand.
“And I am Swara Bose” said Swara
Ragini put her bag down and a bell rang.
“Its lunch time” said Swara.
“Is it already” said Ragini checking the time “Hmm….Do you wanna join me and my friend Sanskar in Lunch?” Asked Ragini
“Yeah sure” said Swara and they both headed for canteen.

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