Misunderstanding won over love (yhm) two shot – Shot 2


Everyone was forcing her so Alia decided to meet Adi. They met in a cafe. He had tears in his eyes but Alia was determined that she won’t melt. He continued saying sorry n please forgive me but she……she didn’t gave a budge. She was determined that she won’t give him another chance. So, for last time she said goodbye to him and she went on her way but she realized that if today she would leave then further in life she won’t be able to forgive herself. She turned n ran towards him n hugged him like this was the end of her life. They came together but to split up again.

When she couldn’t bear the taunts of her family so she decided to end her relation with Adi. She broke up with him but couldn’t erase his memories. She used to cry a lot but no one understood that why is she so hurt. When she doesn’t love him, then why is she so upset about leaving him. What the world doesn’t know was that she loved him with all the broken pieces of her heart, n now was living just for the sake of her family.

Days passed but her situation was getting worse and worse. She was getting quieter and quieter. Her laugh, her smile, everything disappeared. The only thing remained was sadness.

She didn’t knew what to do. All her friends suggested to move on but she knew that it is a hell difficult for her. So she decided to talk to him for one last time. She messaged Adi.

Alia- hey, m Alia. Can we talk?
Adi- what is left to talk about.
Alia- I just wanted to say SORRY for everything, and to hurt you.
Adi- don’t you think that this is too late. N nothing can be done now.
Alia-yes, I know Adi. I know I have hurt u n that’s why u hate me from the core of your heart but for once can u just forget all that n forgive me, please?
Adi- why so?
Alia- cause ……… nothing
Adi- say….what
(No reply)
Adi- hey…. reply please
(No reply)
Adi- Alia?
(No reply)
Adi- u dere? U ok naa?

Adi got scared n he dialled her number but she rejected the call. Again he tried but what he got was ‘the number you are trying to call is switched off, please try again later’

She took his bikes key, took the jacket n went towards Alia’s home. He knocked at the door. No reply. He ringed the bell. Again no reply. He again ringed the bell and knocked the door. But then also no reply. He turned back to go home but then the door opened and there stood his angel with an open hair, in pyjamas n her favorite purple top, eating chocolate.


Alia was standing there like a statue n just staring him n thinking that why he love her so much.

Both didn’t said a word cuz both knew what the other had in mind, n what they wanted to say. They just hugged and the stars above them rejoiced. N it was the beginning of there new life. They promised each other that they will not leave each other’s hand no matter what, n from now on there would be no space for any misunderstanding. There will only be LOVE❤

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  1. Kumud

    Awwwwwwww so cute and nice next one pls

  2. Inu


  3. Jasminerahul

    When adi apologized alia ignoring it and when she realized that she can never meet him again running back now hugging him was so beautiful. Thinking that alia’s life is in danger adi rushing to see her new finding her safe ..and silently they shared their love with a huge n deciding to be together forever was beautiful

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