Misunderstanding won over love (yhm) two shot – Shot 1

Hey guys! I m Janet n m new here. I used to be a silent reader but then I thought of writing a story. It’s not a regular love story, it’s a thought or you can say life experience of mine.

This is the story of Adi and Alia.

Alia was a bold girl, serious in times but otherwise a care free attitude girl who never take tensions related to future where as Adi was a guy who has planned for everything, he is a guy who is all time serious.

They met in a social networking site. They liked chatting with each other and then one day Alia confessed that she liked him and he too accepted. They came in a relationship, initially everything was okay between them. After 4 months alia’s parents got to know about it and her father clearly warned her that if she continues with it, he won’t spare him but still she continued with the relation as she had started loving him. Alia told Adi what her dad had said he assured her that he would never leave her whatever be the consequences. She went against her dad. She used to lie to her parents whenever he wanted to meet her.

Days passed like this. One year went but their love didn’t get less in fact with each passing day it grew more strong. it’s not like they didn’t fight, they used to fight a lot n even they used to not talk for days, but at the end they were able to sort everything out as they couldn’t live without talking to each other. He had became her habit, a good habit. She used to wake with his good morning call, then went to school and when she used to come home he would be waiting for her message, at evening after their works or studies they get free they used to chat until someone or the other fell asleep. This used to be their daily routine. N they both were happy with this. But what’s the love story without any villain.

One day he asked her was she cheating on him. Initially she thought that he was joking and is trying to pull her leg but then the conversation got serious and then she realized that no he wasn’t joking and he was hell serious. She asked him how he can say this. To this he replied that one of his friends had seen her with a guy. She was shocked as she didn’t expected that he doesn’t even trust her, and is believing what his friends have seen. If they would have seen her doing something which she shouldn’t have then also she could have not felt that bad, how she was feeling right now. She tried to explain him that no whatever you are thinking is wrong but he wasn’t ready to listen to him. She tried to explain him in all possible ways but he, he reacted as a stone. Then Alia told this to their common friend and when she told Alia’s side to him he understood. That day Alia realized how much she means to him.

She broke up with him saying that he doesn’t trust her but Adi’s pov was different. He thought that Alia didn’t have feelings for him that’s why she broke up with him. For 2 months he tried to convince her that please come back in the relation but she didn’t changed her decision. In this 2 months she has to bear many rude remarks, comments on her character, everyone blamed her for the break up and everyone tried to convince her that she should come back in the relation. Even her friends supported him and said that whatever he said or did was only because he was angry at that time. But she was determined with her decision that she would never ever talk to that person again. But then destiny played its game.


I will update the next part as soon as possible.

So guys did you like my story? If yes then please do comment and if not then also do comment. I want to know the opinion of everyone as then only I can rectify my mistakes and from next time I will not do it

Thank you so much, for giving your precious time to read this. It means a lot to me. Thanks once again 🙂

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  1. Jasminerahul

    a ompletely diff story on adya.sad that adi doubted alia,thashe broke up with him.thats quite natural.but adi thought its bcz she doesnt luv him.how can he b like this?

  2. Janet

    In my story I have shown him like that but don’t worry in next shot you will get to know why he did that

    1. Tvfan1

      try reading my ff to about adiya

      1. Janet

        Tell the name

    2. Tvfan1

      love is forever um… try reading it from the first part… cause you might not understand… i dunno up to you… and btw your ff rocks

  3. gud wrk ….

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