Helloooo buddies !!!!!!!!
How are you all???
Navi is back to torture you all !!!!!!!!
Since few friends and sisters asked for OS im doing it again   

A girl was found to be crying and murmuring why did you leave me ????
Why it always happen for me alone god?
Am I that evil ????
Why?? Why are you doing this to me?? Have I ever asked for happiness , but this was the first time I prayed and asked for love but you snatched that too. He went away from me. I don’t know where he is?
Are you happy now??
Yes the girl who was weeping was swara….
What happen to her?? Why is she crying??

Swara POV :

It has been 8 months ,15 days , 8 hours ,15 minute 30 sec he left me. Still now I don’t know the reason. May be he doesn’t find me charming or intelligent?? No no he is not cruel person. He is warm at heart. Then why did you leave me sanskar?? What did I do?? why did you give me such big punishment (SEPARATION). There has been no days I have never thought about you. Your milky cute face always haunt me when I am sleeping and awake. Oops I never think about sleep because in my dreams too I can sense and feel only “ U”

Swara sang – do read every line and feel her wounded heart.

I always needed time on my own
I never thought I’d
Need you there when I cry
And the days feel like years when I’m alone

Do you see how much I need you right now?
When you’re gone
The pieces of my heart are missin’ you
When you’re gone
The face I came to know is missin’, too
When you’re gone

The words I need to hear
To always get me through the day
And make it okay
I miss you

I’ve never felt this way before
Everything that I do
Reminds me of you
I miss you

We were made for each other
Out here forever
I know we were
Yeah, yeah

And all I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I do, I give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe; I need to feel you here with me

When you’re gone
The pieces of my heart are missin’ you
When you’re gone
The face I came to know is missin’, too
When you’re gone
The words I need to hear
Will always get me through the day
And make it okay
I miss you

I REALLY MISS U SO MUCH SANSKAR , I am sure my heart is gonna explode one day,but that you may not get me back.
Swara pov ends……


Swara – Tomorrow will be the last of our college, I don’t know in future I am gonna meet him or live with him but I am sure I am gonna let him know my feelings that I love him and live for him.(monologue)
Sahil – swara classmate and friend for her, but he is in love with swara.
Sanskar – love swara to the core and he lives for her may be soulmate. He has planned to propose her on last day ie farewell .

Class :
Students were busy in exchanging slam books , few were crying, few were happiee , few were gazing and gossiping around. But two persons were unknown about the storm , gonna change their life. Yes its swasan.
Sahil – called out swara and said her to meet him in garden.
Swara – oh god now what does this stupid sahil wants?? I thought of spending time with sanskar but this crack nut called me(mind). Ok sahil you wait there I will be in 10 mints. Swara found sanskar glaring at her. She showed her puppy dog face and went to meet sahil

It was decorated with balloons then candles light music, swara was shocked and was in dilemma who did this and she found sahil standing in centre with a broad smile. She was out of mind and cant recognize what she was looking??? Sahil came near her took her to centre and he went down in knees and raised his hand and he was holding a simple but elegant ring and spoke,
Swara will you be mine forever???
By this time sanskar came to garden and saw the decorations and he mistook the scenario. He left heartbroken and he was cursing god for giving this betrayal and pain to him.


Swara was eagerly waiting for sanskar , but he did not show up. She enquired about him to others, but to her disappointment no one knew about him. she thought of staying whole day in college but her bad luck her phone was constantly buzzing and she got irritated and answered it. It was her sister, her only relation and angel (rags)
Ragini – shona where are you dr??? come home ,you have surprise.
Swara – reached her house and asked what is the surprise didi?? She sounded so dull.
Rags – why is my darling pissed off?? Anything happened in college?? Are you hurt??
Swara – this was enough for swara ,she poured her heart out and hugged her di , screamed her pain. Swara told about her love and her surprise proposal. And finally her disappointment that he did not show up at last day of college.
Rags – shona dr don’t break so easily,I know you are strong girl and stop crying like puppy go find the reason .
Swara – these few words of her di made her strong and she wiped her tears and asked were is my surprise???
Rags – just now I saw someone crying, ok go look into you room.
Swara – ok di and she ran to her room and saw a person sitting in bed. She screamed hey jiju monkey (lucky)and gave him bone crushing hug.
Lucky – my donkey has grown big than last time, it has got big ears, long tail and started to bray even..
Swara – hey monkey you too have grown big as king kong . hehehhehh
Both started fighting donkey monkey donkey monkey……
Rags- ahh I cant tolerate this, better both move to jungle. Atleast I will be happy.
Swalak – see who is telling this???? A big anocanda and gave hifi.
Rags – got angry and yelled enough of your drama and lets have food.
Swara – mood went of and she started thinking of sanskar and tears rolled down her cheek. She said im not hungry and went to her room and cried her heart out and doesn’t know when she slept.

Next day :
Rags – shona wake up today we are moving to Mumbai , so get ready fast.
Swara – di why are we leaving???
Rags- ur jiju got transfer so were moving shona.
Swara – I will find job ,stay here and have another important work too. I have to find sanskar. please di I will be back soon after meeting sanskar. So you and jiju move to mumbai, I will be there soon and she gave a kiss on rags cheek.
Rags – ok shona , come soon and she gave her a kiss too. Both shared emotional hug, cry then bid bye.


Raglak convo : it has been months our shona/donkey contact us… they planned to give her surprise and visit her tomorrow. Raglak reached kolkatta and entered the house. It was dull and dark. They were calling shona/donkey !!!!!!!!! but no response they knocked her door but it was open.
They saw their bubbly shona was lying unconscious on the floor and she looked pale and skinny.
They immediately rushed towards the hospital and gave her treatment. She was kept under observation. After 24 hours shona gained her sense ( drowsy) and only name she murmured was sanskar. Ragini was shocked, becoz even in her unconscious state she murmus his name. she felt heartbroken and blamed herself for her state. If I would have not let you alone , u shall not suffer this much shonu…. She was weeping….
Lucky was shocked and asked her what are saying and rags told her the story. He was angry and at same time it is not place to show attitude. He comforted ragini and gave her courage that donkey will be fine, and take her back to Mumbai.
Few days later, shona along with raglak went to Mumbai.
Mumbai :
shona pretend to be happy infront of her rags and jiju . but being her angel and buddy they can understand her feelings and they managed every way to keep their kidoo shona in happiness and forget her sorrow.


I left her becoz she deserves love and happiness in her life. She always used to tell me I need motherly love and father nourishment in my future hubby. He should pamper as my father and love me as my mother whom I don’t have but I have never missed them , since they are in the name of jiju and didi.
I always wonder why god you have sent this angel to me. Is she destined to be mine???? But later I came to know she is no more mine, she was just a character in my life to add color.
Even now I am not cursing her, I am cursing myself becz I have become unlucky, unfit to deserve an angel like my shona. Shona be happy where you are, stay blessed my heart beats for you and only you.. my prayers, dreams, wish and everything around me is about only you shona. May be the air I am breathing is invisible but I breath it becoz it may have crossed you and reached me now.. god at least in next life will she be destined for sanskar?????
Sanskar pov ends..

Suji – mom of sanskar , being top most women in world of business , was broken seeing her son in depression. So to change his mind , she sent him to Mumbai and start his own business and nourish them and extend them across seas.
Sanskar pov – now I have become eligible bachelor of Mumbai and I have everything in my life, except one thing called love. After shona, my heart refused to give her place to anyone. It was beating 24×7 only for her. Will she be happy with sahil? will shail care her like princess.? May be now she will be having kids and they will be bubbly and naughty like my shona and he laughed and pitied himself how fate played in his life. Though he was laughing thinking about junior shona , tears were oozing out from his eyes….
Pov ends….

Sanskar was called for an award function there he met many business clients and he was busy in signing treaty with many companies to extent his business. But finally he met someone whom he never wanted to face.( You have guessed it wrong :p) its sahil. Sahil with beautiful smile approached towards sanskar and gave him hand shake and they were talking about business, then about college days and finally how their life have changed in these years. But both the hearts were longing and fighting to ask one question!!!!!
Soon both composed themselves and gathered courage and asked out,
HOW IS SWARA??????????????????????????
Sanskar and sahil were shocked ,a huge thud was above their head and whole world turned dark for sanskar.

Swara was in great shock and stood still. Sahil shook her and asked where are you lost? Swara came back to reality and shouted at him what have you done??? And confessed she was in love with sanskar and move away from her life. Sahil started to laugh and said look at your face how serious is it???
Sahil – Swara it was dare given to me by my idiot friends and now I have accomplished it, sorry for this game. Forgive me but due to this I came to know you have feeling for sanskar. All the best!!!!!!
Swara – started hitting sahil with her bag and threw stones at him as he played stupid dare on her. she bid him bye and went to meet sanskar. But he was not there and she too left to her house.

Sanskar – blo*dy goose sahil becoz of you and your stupid dare I missed her, my life and punched him hard on his stomach.
Sahil – ahhhhhh sanskar leave me men, its paining…(since many like sahil I made him good)
Sanskar – thank god today atleast I knew the truth and he bid bye to sahil and went home.

Sanskar – I am cursing myself for this misunderstanding and my aim is to find you shona !!!! where will I find U??? Shona come back to me, this time I will never let you go… he was thinking about her & driving. In pavement he saw a girl like shona . he was calling out her name but the girl was not able to hear his voice ,since she was lost in her own world. Sanskar without thinking about the surrounding he ran towards the girl. But in nick moment he was hit by a car and he shouted shona !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes the girl is swara)
Swara – heard the scream and found sanskar lying in pool of blood in the road. She ran towards him and made him lie on her lap and tapped him sanskar please wake up. Don’t leave me this time and she was sobbing and continuously beating him. Simultaneously he was rushed towards hospital.

DOC – we have to perform surgery , so sign the documents first.
Swara – cryingly signed and she pleaded doctors to save him.
Sanskar was taken to ICU and whereas swara informed this to raglak.
Ragini – what’s happening shona???
Swara –explained the incident and she was crying, di I never thought I would meet him again but this time too god has played in my life by killing him. Why di ??? why for me alone omen happens???she was almost lying on floor and holding rags legs and weeping hard.
Rags – shona be brave nothing will happen to sanskar. God is testing/ experimenting in your love. He has seen your worst side, so to make you comfort and happy he has sent sanskar back to you. This time its you who should be with him.
Swara – ok di , this time I will confront him. And I pray god he should come back to grow old with me.

Doctor – operation is over, but still he is under observation and to reduce the pain we have given him anesthesia. If we wakes up only we can assure you about his condition.
Swara and ragini were hell shocked and laksh too joined them. Later laksh informed sanskar accident to sujatha and she said she will be in hospital within 1 hour. Swara was heartbroken and she refused to watch him and left crying.
Rags – pulled swara and said her, this time he needs you. May be you can bring him back shona.
Swara – got determined by her di words and she took baby steps and entered his room. Sanskar was lying helplessly. Tears brimmed down her eyes. She started speaking, why did you leave me sanskar?? I thought may be in this life we were not destined !! but god sent you back but in worsen condition. And she was holding his hands and crying now she was almost above his chest in half sitting pose. She felt slight movement, yes swara’s tears had power to regain sanskar . her tears directly touched his heart and he was gaining his sense slowly.
Sanskar – I am sorry swara was all he said and layer of guilt was in his eyes, for leaving her alone.
Their room was opened by someone and swara composed herself. It was sujatha, she ran and hugged sanskar , was scolding him for his carelessness.
Swara gave them privacy and she went out, all while sanskar was gazing swara who was leaving him again.
Suji – ordered doctors to shift sanskar to their house.
Doc – refused suji ‘s order and convey her that he is still under trauma so needs to be in bed for 2 days after that they can take him home.
These two days swara and suji had great bonding and suji asked swrara’s hand for sanskar to raglak. Raglak and suji were happy about this decision except two ie swasan. Becoz swara wanted to know the reason leaving her behind and sanskar was in guilty for misunderstanding swara.
Suji and raglak were busy in fixing date for marriage and its preparation even though they planned it to have in simple way . becoz swasan asked for simple one. And in future they may have grand wedding.

Sanskar was discharged from hospital and taken to his apartment, suji compelled raglak and swara to join them ( suji is living separately in Kolkata). All where having great time expect two souls. Suji had emergency so left in middle. Raglak too gave lame excuse and wished swara all the best and left to their house. Both were stuck up without words in their throat and avoided eye contact.
Swara cleared her throat and started the conversation, so sanskar what was the reason leaving me ??
Did I hurt you??? She was no more able to control her feelings , tears were rolling like a pearl from her eyes. Sanskar in a fraction of second pulled her towards him and gave her bone crushing hug. Shona please stop crying for the mistake that you have never done. Its me who misunderstood the situation and left you shona. I must deserve a punishment for breaking pious soul like you. Swara was terribly shocked, and asked what are meaning sanskar??? Sanskar told entire incident and swara was heartbroken becoz her soulmate did not have faith on her. She sat on floor with thud and went numb.
Sanskar was shocked and he shook shona vigourosly, alas she cried.
Swara – sanskar if you have waited and heard full convo we would have never undergone this trouble sanskar. I thought of proposing you next day but my plans were crushed into ashes by you. Becoz you never showed. Do you know how much I suffered sanskar?? From the day you left me – till before the accident I was just living – corpse sanskar and she was sobbing……
Sanskar- no words can replace the pain swara, but I am ashamed of my action. That day what I saw made me insane. Each day was like hell, and they were taunting me, you are unlucky and I was laughing at my situation becoz I missed a gem like you shona. I am dead long back swara only you memories made me living. Wounds created in our can be treated by only one thing, that’s our love, we are medicine for each other. Will you marry me shona???
Swara – was hearing all this but last word made her to re-live. She looked at sanskar and asked did you say anything????( tube lite shona)
Sanskar – gave a smirk and said I want to grow old and have beautiful kids and end my life in your arms shona.
Swara – placed a finger on his lips, don’t ever think about leaving me sanskar, I will be torturing you where ever you go. She moved closer to sanskar and hugged him tightly and whispered love you sanskar .
Sanskar – cupped her face,I WILL SHINE FOR YOU AS STAR AND LOVE YOU always SHONA…….
Both shared emotional hug and departed. Swara stayed with him in his flat, both had their dinner and dosed off in couch due to tiredness.

Few weeks later………
This was the day swasan were waiting for, yes today was their marriage. It was held in temple in simple and elegant manner. Sanskar tied mangalsutra around shona’s neck and he made all the three knots without leaving one knot for rags to tie. Ragini teased sanskar for his possessive action.( mangalsutra ritual is from hindu wedding in tamil nadu)

Background song while sanskar tying wedding knot :
Maangalyam tantunaanaena
Mana jeevana heatunaa
Kanttea badhnami
Shubakea tvam jeeva
Sharadam shatam
Enrrendrum punnagai
Mudivilla punnagai
Inrru nan meendum , meendum pirrandhean
Orru thulli parvaiyilae ( song from alaipayuthey flim do hear it)

Then SWASAN had few games and they were taken to sanskar apartment. Raglak and suji bid the love birds bye and flew to their place.
Sanskar and swara were shy and blushing hard and they did not know how to tackle the situation. Both wished good nite, sweet dreams and slept cuddling. This was the night, souls were sleeping peacefully after one year.

Morning rays disturbed the love birds and they adjusted themselves and got ready. Days were passing, both turned into drug for each other. One day swara was waiting for sanskar to return from his office, but it was already 10.00 pm but he never showed up and she was constantly calling him but sanskar ignored her phone calls. Swara’s anger grew and she planned to murder sanskar today.
But unfortunately swara slept in the couch and sanskar was constantly ringing the calling bell. Alas shona woke up and opened the door and she was hiding her left hand back. Sanskar snarled at her, hey bear cant you open the door fast ???? sleeping like kumbhakarana???? Hahahah swara moved towards him and placed knife on his throat and yelled hey mister what did you tell??? Come on speak up???

Sanskar was shocked and gulped in fear, shona darling see I have bought gifts for you, instead of praising your hubby, your planning to murder him???
Swara saw the gifts and she jumped like a kid and took one basket, unwrapped them. She was bewitched, and she kissed sanskar on his cheeks and left him shock..
Did you guess the gift??? It was chocolates, that too basket full( dairy milk silk, bubbly, tobleron, snickers, dark chocolate, temptation, and my favorite ferraro rocher and alpino) she started eating them like kid and forgot the world and her love. Sanskar was admiring his love and made a sound to grab her attention. Excuse me a soul sitting next you, haven’t your elders taught you the name sharing??????????

Swara giggled and said big nooooooooooo ……
Sanskar gave her all I know look and he moved closer towards her, shona was breaking inside and her face was clearly showing it. She was praying god to give courage, meanwhile sanskar moved towards her lip corner and tasted the chocolate and he gave a victoriously smile. Swara was like “O” and she doesn’t know how to react. Finally she blushed and sanskar gave her smile and said Swara enough of eating chocolate keep it for next day too, you are eating like giant dinosaur.
Swara got angry and started beating him with cushions and her eye fell on next basket. Ok sanskar now I will open the next basket and she moved towards it. Sanskar gave her warning to handle them gently. Swara thought, gently??? Did he keep any bomb inside??(mind) and finally spoke sanskar we will open this together. Sanskar looked her amusingly and accepted her request. They unwrapped the cover and two beautiful kittens were meowing…….

Swara loved them to core and gave a kiss on sanskar lip this time. His jaws were touching the floor. Swara started playing with them and sanskar was talking loud so swara could hear him, no one likes me in this world – then why did you create me god. See the kittens I bought were enjoying in her lap were I should be !!!!!!!!
Swara was laughing loud and pulled sanskar towards her but due to jerk sanskar fell on swara and it lead to kiss and both were literally shocked at first but later they enjoyed it. But soon they were disturbed by someone its none than kittens. Swara pulled them and they shared group hug. They named the kittens as dolu and bolu. And soon kittens dosed and swasan moved to their living room. Sanskar changed his clothes and swara was waiting for him in balcony. She was gazing at the twinkling stars and beautiful sky. But someone placed their hand around swara waist from back and she can feel them. Yes the person is sanskar, he placed his chin on her left shoulders and making bolster around swara. Swara felt comfortable in his arms. Both were enjoying the silent night and planned to sleep under skies today.

Soon they arranged their bed, made them comfortable and both were face – face lying on bed . Sanskar started, I am sorry swara for leaving you and giving you pain in this one year and he was crying like small kid. Swara pulled him and comforted him, enough sweet heart how many times you will be asking apology??? Now we are married living wonderful life, please don’t be sorry. Sanskar hugged her in fetal position and sobbing. Swara caressed his hairs and lifted his face and planted a forehead kiss. She made him comfortable and regain his charisma.
Sanskar guilt flew away and he started tickling swara. Swara begged sanskar to stop them, but he refused. Swara somehow got up and started running around the balcony and she was exhausted and fell on the bed to rest her body. Sanskar came near her and started wiping her sweat and swara was all nervous by now.

To make swara comfortable he sang,
Don’t try to make me stay
Or ask if I’m okay
I don’t have the answer
Don’t make me stay the night
Or ask if I’m alright
I don’t have answer
Heartache doesn’t last forever
I will say I’m fine
Midnight ain’t no time for laughing
When you say goodbye
It makes your lips kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And yours eyes, your eyes, your eyes,
Your eyes, your eyes…………..
irrestible………………….( my fav one direction)
Now swara was fully engulfed in his song and she was looking sanskar with love, affection and care. Sanskar moved towards her, She simply closed her eyes, sanskar was admiring her since she was shining like black diamond in moon’s glow. He started kissing her eyes, nose tip and then finally her lips, slowly he moved towards her neck and left soft kiss, his hands were around her waist and swara hands were playing with her prince hairs and at last they consummate. (imagine swasan serial consummation)
And Stars were witnessing the love birds and she felt jealousy………
Morning star and chirping birds were disturbing swasan… both woke up and had smile on their face and wished good morning sweet heart respectively.. swara was lying half above sanskar and he was holding her by waist and sleeping. But sanskar found something lying next to his face and someone pulling his hair. He opened his eye and yelled no. hahahahha it was dolu and bolu( kittens). After hearing his sound both ran in to the room. Swara yelled sanskar why are scolding the kids… sanskar was shocked , swara are they our kids??? Unbelievable and I won’t accept them. Swara laughed seeing his reaction. Soon they were disturbed by phone call.
Swara – hello di, how are you???? Sanskar – was experimenting swara face with his fingers, long ears, almond eyes, rein deer nose, cherry lips and he continued… but swara was annoyed and shouted ahhh sanskar take your hands. Ragini heard this and teased swara ,have shame dr you are on phone call. Swara asked sorry and enquired her.
Rags – you are gonna becom mausi and I am three months pregnant.

Swara- was out of joy and screaming I am so hapiie…. And she congratulated her and spoke with her jiju monkey and sanskar too wished them and end the phone call.
Swara was laughing like mad and spoke to sanskar I am so hapiie sanskar, today I have got two gifts…
1. I have completely becom urs
2. I am gonna becoz maasi.

And she added after few months we may see small baby and play them..
sanskar – was happy to see the excited shona and he winked at her, don’t worry sweet heart soon we will too join the race along with them( raglak)
First shona being tube light did not understand his words but later, she blushed at his words and playfully hit his chest and said have shame sanskar………..
Sanskar finally planted a long love filled kiss on shona’s forehead………..
************************** THE END**********************************
A WORST DISTANCE BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE – MISUNDERTSTANDING, Clear them. You would have wonderful life.
So how was the OS buddies ?????
Do pour comments, I will be waiting……
This is Navi signing off…
Tata , bye……..

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    I have a surprise for u do visit tu pg… 😉 🙂 ennoda mbl browser pvt msg send panna support agala… ok bye tc… 🙂 🙂

    1. Scooby

      Kitten neeyum sanda poduveengala?? Semma ji… aprm na enu kitten ku dolu bolu peru vatchuruken.. aprm wt surprise?? Nxt part post panitia??

      1. ama navi I always used to fight with kitten… actualla na rmba bayapuduvean… bz of my nephew oly I allowed kitten… adhu epo pathalum en kitta tha meow meow nu varum… so fgt varum… ennoda weapon eh water tha… adha katti tha escape aguvean… enga meow name pu**y…

      2. nxt part ll post tomo or wednesday…

      3. kitten name ‘pushi’ auto dictionary mistake mela…

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