A Misunderstanding (SwaSan ff) Part 7

**********PART 7**********

Many days passed relation between SwaSan kept increasing, on one side the Swara’s love for Sanskar increased and Sanskar developed some strong feelings for Swara but didn’t recognize it (huh! Bhuddhu??). Once Nikhil called Swara somewhere

Nikhil : Swara thank god u came
Swara : Hmm tell y u called me
Nikhil : : I love u

This was seen and heard by Sanskar and tears fell from his eyes unknowingly and without listening to her answer her left

Nikhil :(continues) I want to say this to someone
Swara : (super happy) Arey bataya nahi huh! Chal chod now tell who is she (Arey u didn’t tell me huh! Ok leave that)
Nikhil : (blushes slightly) Her name is Tanya
Swara : Wah!! Now tell what help u want
Nikhil : Can u help me in proposing her
Swara : Sure y not, where’s she I’ll help u now…
Nikhil : Arey stop ur chalti car….she’s in London now she’s coming after few weeks, I came to know so I just told u in advance
Swara : Oh!! Hmm I’ll help u surely….waise how it happened
Nikhil : Love at first sight

He says and blushes while Swara continues teasing him. Few days passed Swara was very happy she jumping like a mad person

Sanskar : What happened, y r u acting insane??
Swara : Because I got a job in Mumbai!!! I can meet my ma and baba yipeeee!

Hearing that he felt someone stabbed his heart

Sanskar : But mom??
Swara : Only few days r left for her to follow the diet so till then u take leave
Sanskar : Hmm fine

She left from there happily but somewhere she was sad

Swara : Hi Vrithi!!
Vrithika : Today someones happy, Sanskar proposed u na
Swara : Shut up I got job in Mumbai so I can meet ma and baba and for Sanskar I’m sad for leaving him but he doesn’t love me so anyways it’s no use staying here, and at times it becomes hard to face him
Vrithika : Yaar I’ll miss u
Swara : Hmm me too anyway bye!

She cuts the call and on the other side Vrithika goes to Sanskar’s office

Vrithika : Hi Sanskar
Sanskar : Hi Vrithi what a pleasent surprise
Vrithika : Shona is going to Mumbai
Sanskar : Hmm I know she told me
Vrithika : Ya but u know y
Sanskar : Hmm she got a job
Vrithika : No Sanskar, she didn’t tell it but I know she’s running away from u because she loves u a lot

He gets shocked hearing that but somewhat happy

Sanskar : Me?!
Vrithika : Hmm u…but now the question is do u love her??

She says and leaves him alone for thinking

Sanskar : Do I love her?????


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