A Misunderstanding (SwaSan ff) Part 6

Hi guys hope u remember me and my story…Hehe I know I’m very late but kya kare my exams just got over and I got to type so sorry….arey joothe chapal marna band karo bola na sorry *kaan pakad ke aur uthak bethak karke sorry

**********PART 6**********

Sanskar brings Swara home

Sanskar : Mom….come here

Sujatha comes down and gets surprised to see Sanskar with a girl

Sanskar : Mom this is Swara my college friend and ur…
Sujatha : (interrupts) Arey wah u agreed!! U bought my bahu home

Swara was controlling her laugh seeing the situation Sanskar senses it and gives her an angry glare and she keeps quiet

Sanskar : Mom…kahin pe bhi shuru hone ki zaroorat nahi hai, this is ur nutritionist ok!
Sujatha : Sorry dear
Swara : Nahi it’s ok auntie ji meri ma bhi aisi hi hai

Sanskar takes her towards the kitchen

Swara : Not interested in marriage huh?
Sanskar : Hmm…all this love and all I don’t believe it waise leave it and come..

She stops there

Swara : Swara teri love story toh shuru hone se pehle hi thup ho gayi

Just then Sanskar calls her from inside

Sanskar : Swara ur coming right ya man badal gaya
Swara : Arey coming

She goes to the kitchen there Sanskar shows her the things in kitchen and she starts working and later goes to Sujatha

Swara : Ye lo auntie ji, quickly eat this
Sujatha : Chi..I don’t want to eat this ghas phus yuck!

Saying this Sujatha starts making faces

Swara : Arey auntie ji after 2 weeks when ur tests results come and if its good the whole day u’ll get to eat what u want
Sujatha : Sacchi??
Swara : Haan but till then u have to eat this

Sujatha thinks for a while and later agrees while Sanskar sees this from outside and smiles sweetly

Sanskar : Mom kiski baat toh sunti hai

Like this 1 week passes it was a Sunday morning

Swara : Good morning auntie ji
Sujatha : Good morning…time kya hai
Swara : Uh….10:30 y??
Sujatha : So late!! I’m sure he’s sleeping like a kumkaran….please wake him u na
Swara : Me!?
Sujatha : Only ur here right so I’m telling u only not the walls and if he doesn’t wake up I’ll wake him up my style

Swara nodes and goes to his room

Swara : Sanskar…Sanskar get up

She calls him out but all in vain. She kept shaking him but no effect she kept her hand on his shoulder and all of a sudden he pulled her hand and she fell near him, she struggled but all in vain as he hugged her tight

Sanskar : (in sleep) I love u…

Swara blushed hard hearing it but soon came out of his embrace

Swara : Ugh!! Idiot

She cursed him and went from there to the kitchen

Swara : Auntie nahi utha…that idiot pulled me in his sleep and said I love u too
Sujatha : I knew he’ll do this
Swara : Huh?!
Sujatha : Woh actually he has a favourite pillow which ends up on the floor in the morning and whenever Uttara or someone else other than me wake him up and that persons hand is n his shoulder he does what he did with u
Swara : Or aap ke saath kyun nahi
Sujatha : Because….wait come here

She takes her to his room with a jug of water

Sujatha : Now he’ll wake up in a second

She empties the jug and ‘SPLASH!!!!’ seeing this Swara laughs loudly and Sanskar wakes up with a jerk

Sanskar : (rubes his eyes) Kya mom phir se
Sujatha : What phir se I told u a thousand times not to sleep like kumbkaran but u don’t listen huh!
Sanskar : Ok

The day goes normally and time flies by fast 3 weeks pass by the feeling between SwaSan increase. One day Sanskar passes by a room and finds tears in Swara’s eyes, he couldn’t control himself and went with a handkerchief and hands it over to her

Sanskar : What happened?
Swara : Nothing just missinf ma, baba
Sanskar : So meet them na
Swara : No they r in Kolkatha
Sanskar : So u want few days leave go meet them I’ll handle mom till then
Swara : Nahi Sanskar it’s fine I’ll meet them later
Sanskar : U sure
Swara : Hmm ok so I’ll go to the kitchen


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