A Misunderstanding (SwaSan ff) Part 12

**********PART **********

Another day while making Swara jealous, SanThika were walking out toward to the car, just then Rithika saw someone, a man who smiled seeing her but she turned her face and went forward holding Sanskar’s hand, the man saw it and fumed in jealousy and went towards them

Man : Hey u leave her hand

Sanskar : Me!!

Man : Ya

Rithika : Y???Go do ur work and dance with other girls huh!

She said and went to the car

Sanskar : What happened to her

Man : Please leave her, I love her a lot but she is angry!

Sanskar: Say what!!

Man : Ya, Myself Neil Dixit

Sanskar : Hi, I’m Sanskar Maheshwari, and ya by the way I’m not her boy friend or anything, I’m just her jiju

Neil Oh! Sorry I thought something else

Sanskar : It’s fine well what exactly happened

Neil : Ask her she’ll tell, I need to go

Sanskar : Sure bye

Saying this he went towards the car and opened the door where Rithika sat and pulled her out

Rithika : Arey jiju

Sanskar : Come we r going for a walk

Saying this he held her hand and walked

Sanskar : Now tell what happened

Rithika : Oh u mean about that idiot

He nodded

Rithika : U know we were very happy and once I saw him in the club and a girl was on him hugging him and he was also patting her back aaaaaa

Saying this she started crying loudly putting her head on Sanskar’s shoulder and he side hugged her patting her head

Sanskar : U must have also misunderstood him like how I misunderstood Swara hai na??

Rithika : No it can’t be

Sanskar : Did u ask him even once

She nodded no

Sanskar : Then Now remove ur head from my shoulder my shirt is wet

Saying this she got up and beat him lightly

Rithika : Huh! Ok I’ll talk to him

Sanskar : Now stop crying

He rubbed her tears. This was seen by Swara who saw them from a distance and didn’t hear anything, she was hell jealous and a tear came out from her eye, she drove her scooter on full speed on the mud puddle near them and the mud came on Rithika’s face

Sanskar : Rithu!! What happened

Rithika : It was Shona di

She said rubbing her face with a hanky

Sanskar : She’s really mad

Rithika : Haan come home I’ll wash my face and go To Neil’s house

Sanskar : Haan come

Next day

Vrithika was pulling Rithika’s leg by teasing her about Neil

Rithika : Stop di

Vrithika : Y u also pulled my and Vrithas’s leg hai na

Rithika : Sorry na

Vrithika : Acha ok, yesterday when u went to his house u found out who that girl was

Rithika : Ya that was his sister who he had to take from there

Sanskar : Dekha I told na

Rithika : Hmm

Vrithas : So what is futures plan

Rthika : Means??

Vrithas : Arey I mean shadi ka kya

Rithika : Jiju!!

Vrithas : Ary what u love each other toh shadi u will do na

Sanskar : Haan that’s correct

Vrithika : Great lets go to his house

Rithika : Y he will come or I won’t marry him

Sanskar What???? Mad or what

Rithika : Yes!

Sanskar : Ok

Just the the door bell rang, it was Neil and family

Sanskar : Wah! Yaad kiya or aagaye

Rithika : Jiju!

Sanskar : What!

Neil : Haan I had to come or she wouldn’t marry me!!

He said and pouted while all laughed

Vrithika : Arey aap andar aiye

Neil’s father (Nikhil) : Ji..

Vrithika : U all sit I’ll come

Neil’s mother (Sarita) : Arey nahi we ate and came

Vrithika : Ok

Sarita : We came here for talking abou Rithika and Neil’s marriage

She said and they all talked for a while and everything was fixed

Sarita : Yoh hum chalte hai

Nikhil : Haan Sagai ki tayari karni hai

Sanskar : Ji

They left

Vrithas : Toh Rithika ji now that ur engagement is fixed shall we print the cards

After few days the card were printed and finalized all went to give to their friends and relatives, Sanskar went to Swara’s house

Sanskar : Hi, here a wedding card

Swara : Wedding??

Sanskar : Ya Rithu’s wedding card hope u come

He said and went, while she saw the card ‘RITHIKA WEDS NEIL’ was written in bold letters and engagement date was of 3 days after

Swara : Oh she’s toh Vrithu’s cousin…then I must go even Sanskar and that chudail might be there, so what I’ll go, I have lot of shopping to do


Hi guys back after a long time I was just lazy to write! ?

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