A Misunderstanding (SwaSan ff) Part 11

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**********PART 11**********

Vrithika, Vrithas and Sanskar were sitting with long faces in Vrthas’s house as plan A was failed

Sanskar : Any new idea???

They nodded no and again went into deep thinking when all of a sudden Vrithika got up with a jump

Vrithika : IDEA!!
Sanskar : What???
Vrithika : Just one min..

She said and called someone and then spoke something and turned back to them

Sanskar : Vrithi what happened
Vrithika : My idea is jealousy…..
Vrithas : Yeh kaisa idea hai (what type of idea is this)
Vrithika : Arey duffer…remember before when I was angry on u, u used some chipkali to make me jealous(making faces)

Sanskar was controlling his laugh hearing Vrithika

Vrithas : Hehe my darling is still jealous
Vrithika : Obvio…u saw how that chipkali was sticking to u haan
Sanskar : (laughs) Hahahahahahahahahaha Vrithu yaar still angry on bechara Vrithas hahahahahaha waise idea is good but who will be the girl haan

He asked to which Vrithika smiled

Vrithika : Here she is

She said pointing toward the door….SanThras (Sanskar and Vrithas) turned toward the door and were stunned seeing the sight in front of them, a girl was standing in front of them wearing sunglasses, with a frock just an inch above her knees, putting her flicks behind her ears and her long wavy hair till her waist made her look even attractive, with very minimal amount of make up looking fab (hehe guessed it right sahi socha it’s me ?)

Vrithika : There is she, RITHIKA
Rithika : Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

She screamed and hugged Vrithika

SanThras : Di??????
Vrithika : Yes she’s my cousin and she’s perfect for the plan
Rithika : Look I’m so great (self praising)
Sanskar : Y???? No I won’t do it Shona will feel bad
Vrithas : Ay idiot don’t be an emotional fool she’ll understand then u’ll only be happy
Rithika : Please jiju
Sanskar : Ok ok but don’t call me jiju in front of her or plan flop
Rithika : Sure

Next day
It was a Sunday so Swara decided to go for shopping with Vrithika and as per plan even SanThika (Sanskar and me) reached there, they saw Vrithika near a shop signalling them

Sanskar : Chalo Rithu they r in that shop
Rithika : Ok jiju

She replied and they went from there to the shop. They went to the section where Swara and Vrithika were choosing some cloths

Rithika : Sansku

Hearing this Swara turned and saw Rithika ans Sanskar so close with Sanskar’s hand on her waist

Sanskar : Yes Ritiku
Rithika : How’s this

Rithika showed a sleeveless top with some patterns and back full bare with some strings covering the bare back

Sanskar : Chi!!!! No if u wear this many people would see u with a bad sight and I wouldn’t bear that (he actually said that imagining Swara in that)
Rithika : So sweet (she said and pecked his cheeks lightly)

Swara seeing this was burning in jealousy while Vrithika was trying hard to control her laugh

Swara :(mind) Chipkali…..bandariya….chipku (hayeee I can’t get myself more insulted ????) how dare she stick with my Sanku like that and look at that donkey, he never came with me for shopping and is going with this chipkali huh!!

Vrithika saw her like that and felt like laughing even more but suppressed it

Swara : Chal Vrithu (jealous)

Swara raced out of there while Vrithika who lost control burst out laughing with Rithika

Sanakar : Shut up u both look my Shona felt bad I’m going to her
Rithika : (holds him) Jiju!! Control urself and di u go Swara di must be waiting for u

Vrithika nodded and went from there while outside Swara was just sitting and cursing me (hayeee)

Vrithika : Shona what happened
Swara : Vrithuuuuuuuu Sanskar is so bad he’s roamng around with some chipkali

Vrithika heard that and was laughing in her mind

Vrithika : Leave him and cme take some coffee

With a lot of difficulties she agreed for coffee when at the same time SanThika came and sat there. Swara bought her coffee and passed by their table and they were sharing coffee from one mug making her even more jealous, she angrily stepped on his foot and went from there

Sanskar : Ah!!
Rithika : What happened jiju??
Sanskar : Ur sister is mad nothing els,e

Rithika laughed hearing that


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