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It’s a bright sunny morning, birds are chirping and everything seems to be very beautiful but is everything really beautiful? “Excuse me Dev, please wake up, mom is calling us for breakfast.” Said Sona. Dev doesn’t wake up, “Just get up I said!” said Sona. Dev hearing her loud voice gets up. Seeing him wake up Sona starts leaving the room but her hand is held by Dev. She turns saying, “Just leave me! You have lost all your rights on me.” “Sona please listen to me” said Dev in a painful voice. “I said leave my hand” said Sona trying to free herself. Dev twists her hand and pins her to the wall, “I have already told you several times that it was not true. I have not done anything, please believe me” said Dev. Sona without saying anything frees her hand and goes from there with a drop of tear falling from her eye. Some time later Dev comes down and they all have their breakfast. Everyone goes to their work and Sona was left alone with Dev cleaning the dining table.

“Tomorrow evening there’s a party thrown by my client. He wants both of us to attend it, so please be ready.” Said Dev expecting her to come. “I don’t have time” Sona replied rudely. Dev held her hand again and moved closer to her. Sona closed her eyes, “Sona please believe me.” Said Dev. “I don’t want to believe anyone especially you!” Sona exclaimed and left from there. Dev left for his office.

Devakshi’s room,
Sona’s POV
Why Dev? Why did you do this to me.

They both were in the same college. Sona was a very shy girl who had only a few friends whereas Dev was very famous in the college who used to flirt with many girls but never serious with anyone. One day as he was walking through the corridor he bumped into a girl and to save her he held her by her waist. He was lost in her face, her sharp features, her eyes, her lips and so on. The girl was none other than Sona. She stood up thanked him and walked away. But Dev was still lost in her. He followed her and got to know her class. It had become a routine for him now, daily he used to visit her class secretly and keep staring at her. He had completely fallen for her. Many times Sona had noticed him around her class but never paid heed.

One day as Sona was walking down the street to find a rickshaw, she realised a car standing in front of her. A boy comes out from the car who was none other than Dev. “Come in, I’ll drop you home” said Dev. “No, its ok I can go alone” replied Sona. Dev held Sona’s hand and made her sit in the car. Sona was surprised by his action. They started their journey as Sona told him her address. There was complete silence and Dev was stealing glances of Sona. “Can I ask you something?” said Sona. “Yes, why not!” replied Dev. “Actually I saw you many times near me, I mean to say are you following me?” asked Sona, “Yes..I mean no, why will I follow you?” replied Dev. After that only silence prevailed in the car.

Few days passed by and Dev used to admire Sona secretly. Sona also noticed this, she noticed that he was just coming to see her. Slowly she also fell for him, she loved his attention. One day as she was walking she purposely tried to fall down just to fall in Dev’s arm, and yes she found herself in Dev’s arms. She smiled at him and quickly hugged him. Dev felt so happy that could not be expressed in words. His love had hugged him. Soon Sona broke the hug and stood blushing, Dev noticed this and smiles at her. He held her hand and came down on his knees. “I love you! From the day I have seen you, I have fallen for you.” Said Dev. He proposed her in front of everyone. “I have dated many girls but never serious about them but you! I just love you so much. Please accept me as your boyfriend.” Continued Dev.

Sona was extremely happy, she even had tears in her eyes. She nodded in a yes, Dev stood up and wiped her tears and they hugged each other tightly. Everyone in the college were happy except one. Natasha! She loved Dev and could not digest the fact that he loved Sona. She decided to separate them anyhow but she was never successful in doing that. Days and months passed by and Devakshi’s bond had grown stronger over time. They both knew that Natasha wanted to separate them, but they didn’t let her affect their relationship. Finally they completed their college, Dev started helping his family business firm. Soon they both informed their parents about their relation, their parents didn’t hesitate for their relation and quickly agreed for marriage. Everything was going good until their marriage day. Everything was perfect but this day brought unhappiness in their life instead of happiness.

Sona was in her room with bridal attire sitting alone as others had gone to welcome the groom’s family. She was very excited for her wedding, and she heard a beep, she picked up her phone to check the message and she was shocked! She saw some pictures of Dev getting intimate with Natasha. She was shattered, tears started flowing out from her eyes. Natasha had sent her those pictures with a message “Dev can never be yours!” she cried a lot and thought about Dev.

He had always been a boy who used to date many girls and maybe this time he was bored with her and gone to Natasha. She thought to go down and refuse to marry him but thinking about her parents she stopped. “They will be hurt a lot. No I cant stop myself from marrying him, I will have to marry him! In this way I can also take revenge from him, he likes to date many girls right? But now because he will be married he will not be able to do all this! I cant hurt my parents also. I will marry him” is what she felt right at that moment. She wiped her tears and sometime later she was called down for marriage. And finally both of them got married.

But nothing was good after the marriage. Sona started treating Dev badly, she showed him the pictures and Dev tried to defend himself but she was not ready to listen anything. It has been two months now but their relation is still bitter. They showed everyone that everything was fine between them but it was actually not.

Sona was walking along the street carrying some vegges going back home when she noticed Natasha. She followed her and saw her talking with a man, “I have given you so much money still you want more! This is the last time.” Said Natasha. “Ok fine let me tell Dev and Sona that those pictures were fake and made by me. And Dev never had any affair with you.” Said the man. “Shut up just shut up!” said Natasha. Sona was again shattered and felt ashamed of her acts. She started crying, and ran back to her house. She realised how much wrong she was! She realised how much wrong she did to Dev when he was not even at fault. She thought to rectify her mistake. And so she asked the servants to decorate her room. She along with them decorated the room with roses and candle lights. She was eagerly waiting for Dev to come back. And finally during night he did come back.

As he entered the room there was darkness all around. “Sona” he called out. Suddenly some lights were switched on and Sona appeared in front of him wearing a peach saree and was looking absolutely gorgeous in it. Dev was mesmerised seeing her and also seeing all the decorations. He just couldn’t control himself and hugged Sona tightly. Sona reciprocated the hug leaving Dev shocked! He was about to break the hug when Sona pulled him tightly in her embrace. Dev couldn’t understand anything. Some time later they broke their hug. “Dev I’m so sorry, I misunderstood you. Please forgive me Dev, I realised it today that you were never wrong. I was wrong, I didn’t trust you, please Dev forgive me! Those pictures were indeed fake. I’m so sorry Dev… She was stopped by rough lips on her soft ones. She also reciprocated the kiss. After about 5 minutes when they were breathless they pulled back. Dev wiped her tears and kissed her face. They pulled over blanket on themselves and consummated their marriage.

Sona woke up to find herself in Dev’s embrace and blushed remembering their last night. She slowly kissed Dev’s forehead, Dev also woke up because of the kiss and smiled at her. “Dev I’m really so..” Dev kept his finger on Sona’s lips. “I don’t want to hear that again! By the way I was thinking whether I should go to party tonight with Natasha” said Dev jokingly. Sona hit Dev’s chest saying “Don’t take her name again else I’ll kill you.” Dev smiled at her making Sona also smile. They hugged each other again.

The End!

So how was it? I’m eager to know your views. I had actually decided not to post any story on Devakshi because of the response I got on the last episode of “Her dance made me fall for her” but it was Malehaa because of whom I’m here. So Maleeha, here was the story for you. How was it? Did you like it? Tell me through your comments.

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  1. eagerly waiting for the next

    1. Angel20

      This is only one shot dear

  2. Anjali333

    Wow!! It’s amazing
    What a story
    I loved it soooooo much
    & please don’t stop posting Devakshi stories
    Do post more
    I’m eagerly waiting

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Anjali! Glad that you liked it. I’m not sure whether I’ll continue writing.

      With Love?

  3. Like karne ki toh baat hi nhi thi….. Dear, I loved it……????????????…… Superb…..marvelous……..???? loved it to the core….everything was really amazing and awesome❤… And thank u for writing and posting it….. Thank u so much…..???????…… I’m so glad u posted it….. Actually, I didn’t know u will be posting today…..and when I checked the site….I got surprised…..?? and of course it was a pleasant and superb surprise…..????…. Thank u once again…..???

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Maleeha!! I’m o glad that you loved it. Yeah it was indeed a surprise for you. I hope now you have forgiven me? Welcome by the way! And thank you also.

      With Love?

  4. Manya

    Thanks a lot Di for posting this and @maleeha Di too for encouraging u!!
    I love to u read ur OSs,ff said Nd Fs
    Plzzzzzzzzzz keep posting??
    Love love❤️❤️❤️
    Hope u will come back with a great one
    Don’t forget to check my wall ?

    1. Angel20

      Welcome dear and thank you so much! I’m not sure whether I’ll continue writing but if I do I’ll definitely post for Devakshi! I’ll try to be back soon. And yes you are also a Ranbir Kapoor fan like me so hi Fi✋

      With Love?

      1. Manya

        Hi fi❤️❤️

  5. Erina

    Hey my lovely swtheart im happy to c u again nd thanks for keeping our promise .. For keeping our promise its from my side ?❤???????????????
    Nd coming to epi it was hilarious, commendable, lovely , sweet nd awesome.. For epi ??????????????????well i never given this but for u first tym im using this ??
    Be happy nd one more thing dont stop doing something just bcse u haven’t received what u deserved to get just go for that nd then definitely a day will come when u just get reward for our work …..
    Chalo after reading my comment i want a bada vala smile from my swtheart so just remember that and im missing ur ff , os, nd ss… Plzz come soon again with another one nd thanks for this os ……
    With love ?????????????u know whose here ???????

    1. Angel20

      Hey Darling??
      Thank you so very much for appreciating me and also encouraging me. I’ll always remember it. Well even I have never used this I guess so this is for you ?? love you so much!

      Yes your comment indeed brought a big smile on my face☺ thank you so much for your sweet comment??

      Loads of love from your sweetheart?

  6. Awesome

    1. Angel20

      Thank you Princess☺

  7. Varsha94

    I loved it?… But it would hav been more fun ..if its still more longer.. But a nice one.. A good OS in a long time for me..?

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much. And sorry for not making it longer?

      With Love?

  8. Niki645

    I LOVED IT sooooooo much!!!!
    It was too good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Niki! Glad that you loved it!

      With Love?

  9. Wonderful! Really! It was simply amazing! Splendid!
    Do come up with something new soon!
    Love you!?????

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Anshi!! I’m so glad that you liked it! I’ll try to be back soon!!

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  10. It was really very very very awesome os!!!???

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Ridhs!!

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