Misunderstanding between lovers (Episode 1)


HI guys its Divya here . I was too a silent reader but after reading so many one shots thought to write one.so here you go…

The story starts with a girl walking on a street with a boy named Rohan.(The girl is our Swara)
Flashback starts..

They where talking on some random topics and suddenly the boy kept handkerchief of chloroform on Swara’s mouth and soon she became unconscious.
Rohan: Today no one can save you from me Swara Gadodia. Today I’ll break your ego.
A person who was hiding behind the tree was watching them and as rohan was taking swara with him the person was following them . rohan took swara to a lodge fully decorated like honeymoon sweet
He went to the reception and asked for a lady who could change swara’s clothes. Swara was wearing a blue top and black jeans . The lady made her wear a s*xy night gown. Later Rohan enterd the room drunk and went near the bed and started caressing swara’s forhead and he was about to kiss her but a guy came inside the room and hit the rod on rohan’s head as he was drunk so he got unconscious . The person took swara to a good hotel and made her sleep on the bed and himself slept on the couch.

Swara gaine some consciousness and and felt extreme pain in her head . She got up and look at her surrounding . She was shocked to see herself in a hotel and a person sleeping on the couch. She looked at her dress and again got shocked to see herself in a night gown. She started crying and slowly went to the washroom. She took a hot water bath and decided some thing and came out.The boy has waken up and asked
Boy: How are you feeling now?
Swara(first got angry the spoke to him calmly):Fine.I want to ask you some thing ?
Boy: yes I know what you want to ask that how you got here actuallu
Swara: (inturupting)Will you marry me?

Boy(hell shocked):Why are you asking this?
Swara(convincingly): You know all this society that they can’t accept a girl who has spent a whole night with an unknown boy and also I am an orphan .
Boy(After thinking for sometime ):Ok I will marry you but will you be able to spend ypur whole life with an unknown person cause you don’t even knoe my name I guess.
Swara(thinking):Without knowing my name you did this with me and now cant marry an unknow girl.
To the boy:Yes I will be able to live my life with you.By the way what is your name?
Boy: Sanskar Maheshwar .

Swara: Ok sanskar lets marry today only if you don’t mind?
Sanskar:Ok .
[Sanskar Maheshwari: A rich business man and an orphan] Sankar’s pov while driving; I didn’t understand how to react but then I thought of swara the she was also right that how will she manage to live between this cruel society.
Swara’s pov : you must be thinking sanskar that because of society I am getting married to you but actually after becoming your wife I will tell you that how a girl feels whe she is R*ped.
Flashback ends
After 6 months

Swara and sanskar are married legally but now both hate each other .
Sanskar hates swara as whenever he comes home starts irritating him or intentionally hurting him.He has many times asked the reason but she always used to tell that she is recovering from the incident.
Swara hates sanskar that you all know.
After one month the things are same .One day sanskar was now habitual and has stopped responding to any of swara’s doing. Swara noticed this and got more irritated. So now she started to attract sanskar toward her wearing short dresses ad in the night wear s*xy night gowns.
One night sanskar was working on the laptop and swara came out from the washroom wearing a lingerie and started dancing on the song Tu isaq mera.
Sanskar was getting irritated as swara was coming on him dancing and doing all sort of things.
Sanskar: Swara stop all this I am doing my work can’t you see.

Swara: oh common sanskar I just trying to move on in our life. It has ben 7 months since we have got married and we haven’t took our marriage to next level.
Sanskar went up from her place stopped the music held swara tightly and pinned her to the wall.
Sanskar(angrily):Swara we have not got married to do this and do ypu really want to take our marriage to next level.
Swara(teary eyed and now lost her temper): Then Why did You R*ped me that night. I haven’t done anything and didn’t even know you but you did all this to me and started crying and slowly slowly leaned on sanskar’s chest.
Sanskar was hell shocked to know that this was the reason she married him.
Swara then wiped her tears and started to leave but was pulled back by sanskar.
Swara (angrily): Leave me sanskar I don’t
Sanskar( interrupting and shouting): I was not the one who raped you . you were not even touched by anyone.

Swara was shocked.
Swara:what ??
Sanskar :yes
He moved apart from her sat on the couch and narrated the whole story.
Swara broke down after listening the story and became teary eyed.
Sanskar :This is what happened that night but its ok you misunderstood now go and sleep.
He stood up and was about to move when swara ran towards him and hugged him tightly and said
Swara: I am sory sanskar pls mujhe maaf kar do . I was unconscious so I thought that it was you who misbehaved with me I am sory and she tightened her grip.
Sanskar also hugged her and said : I am also sorry I should have told you every thing.
After a while they both got apart and sanskar said :Its ok tomorrow I’ll talk to the lawyer and will file a divorce case then you can live happily.

He was about to move when swara stopped him and said: I will not leave you sanskar what do you think that I will leave you easily. First make me love you and then make me to leave you.
Sanskar cant understand anything.

Swara: You dumb abhitak nahi samjhe. I LOVE YOU , I want to live with you.
And she hugged him tightly.

Sanskar came to his senses and he hugged her back and said: I LOVE YOU TOO..
The whole night they slept in eachother’s embrace and realized their love.

So here it was my one shot hope you like it didis as iknow that you all will be elder to me as I am going to eighth class on 4th april and sorry for spelling mistakes or English construction .D

Credit to: Divya

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    1. Thanxs di

  1. Suprb story…one shot right?

    1. Ya it was one short as it was my first time so episode one got written and thanxs

  2. it was short and sweet

    1. Thanxs di

    1. Thanxs di

  3. I liked it a lot Divya…. For a just turned 8th grader, This was superb….

    1. di I am an 8 grader you don’t know I am a very spoiled girl and thanxs for your comments

  4. Acha hai didi I am a year younger to you but also cery spoilt can tou tell me what a challenge question means I jave been trying to post but always get that challenge question is missing

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