It Was A Mistake (Part 1)


Two Shot Story
Note:This Is Real Life Story Even Though I Wrote Every Word And Every Scene Is Exactly Happened

Heroin’s family
Parents, 4 sisters except her and 1 brother
The girl is really attach with 2nd number sister as its like 2 sister then brother and then 2 sisters she was the last one

The story is of the girl her 2nd number sister and their cousin
Note:names r changed

Heroin name:Dua
Her sister:Fiza

So let’s start

A girl around 15 years old was playing game on her brother’s fb I’d (She’s Dua) as she was not allowed to use fb so her family allow her to play on her brother’s I’d only she loved to play games she didn’t go to school because of some family problems and she didn’t have any frds also she used to study at home even when she was interested but she was really good in study so her family make her study at home her fav sister used to teach her (fiza) days passes like that and today it was her test in home only and she passed it so her elder sister said as she passed the test make fb I’d for her also so that she can play on her own I’d and family agreed and her 2nd number sister made it for her and she start playing on that after some days her cousin dany got to know about it and he ask her to add him but fiza refused as it was not allowed to dua she can’t add anyone except her family members then like that some months passes and their some relatives came to stay with them from pak dua was happy and was really having fun with them and then they left after 15 days she add her 2 cousin sisters whom she met with the permission of fiza and fiza also ask her to add dany as he asked before and dua did the day she add dany he accepted and dua was checking his profile she liked one status and she kept it as her fb status when dany saw he msg dua

Dany:copy cat
Dua: I liked it so that’s why
Dany:its ok well how r u ?

Dany:how come u add me
Dua:fiza appa said because I add aisha and saliha baji also (dua’s cousin whom she met)
Dany:so u have to add me because of them u don’t want to add me otherwise
Dua:no nothing like that
Dany:don’t worry just joking

Dua:hmm so what’s going on
Like that both start talking daily for hours dany always used to ask dua if anyone have any problem because they talk almost everyday that too for 3 to 4 hours but dua said no one have any problem because her family never said anything like that then one day both were talking and dany ask dua to come online at Skype so that they can do video chatting but dua said
Dua:I’m not allowed and i don’t have skype I’d also
Dany:come online from fiza’s Skype I’d
Dua:but she is sleeping right now and I don’t know her password so we’ll talk later when she’ll be awake I’ll ask her to open it then we’ll talk ok
Dany:no now
Dua:but I can’t

Dany:ok wait I’ll make skype I’d for u then we’ll talk
Dua:no I’m not allowed
Dany:its ok I’ll make na wait
After sometime dany give dua Skype username and password and they start video chatting after 2 hours they end it and fiza ask dua and she told her everything about I’d and all fiza talked with dany and told him that it was not allowed after that dany msg dua and said
Dany:why didn’t u told me that u r not allowed
Dua:I told u
Dany:no but u shouldn’t have talk
Dua:but I told u but u said its ok
Dany:well let it be
Dua:i have some work I’m going

Dua logout and then didn’t talked with dany because she felt like he’s trying to create misunderstanding between her and fiza

Next day
Dany saw dua online but dua didn’t msg as whenever they saw each other online they msg but as dua didn’t so he did and said
Dany:then why didn’t u msg
Dua:just like that
Then both talk for sometime and then dua left saying she have some work then after 2 or 3 days they were talking and dany said
Dany:how’s ur foot now fiza told me u slip at seaside
Actually dua slip when she went seaside that’s why her leg was paining
Dua:fine now

Dany:did u had medicine or something
Dua:yeah I applied pain relief cream
Dany:have turmeric milk it’ll reduce ur pain
Dua:no way I don’t like it please
Dany:it’s ok have it na you’ll feel better
Dua:ok fine
Dany:good now have to go bye

Days passes like that and dany show way to much care for dua one day they were talking and just like that dua said she is hungry as fiza was also online because dany and fiza was also frds like really good frds so they also were talking so dany told fiza to give food to dua as she is hungry fiza told dua about it jut like that when they were talking dua like it she like dany’s too much care and somewhere in her heart she start liking him then after some months it was in the middle of Ramadan in night everyone was out except dua and her parents dua was playing game on fb and suddenly dany msg

Dany:hey sweety
Dua felt weird as he never said like that and said
Dany:hey don’t say bhai and all
Dua:what’s wrong with u
Dua:then why r u talking like this
Dany:what wrong I said
Dua:look I need to go bhai I have some work bye
Dany:look first don’t call me bhai n all second talk with me don’t go sweety
Dua:why not u r elder then me in fact u r double my age and if not bhai then what
Dany:so what’s wrong in that and call me dany only

Dua:I’m going
Dany:no don’t go talk to me sweetheart please I want to talk to u babe
Dua:stop it please I’m not u sweetheart or babe
Dany:but why
Dua:please I have some work
Dany:why u always have work when i want to talk to u

Dua:because I have sorry I’m going bye saying this dua deleted the Convo as she don’t want anyone to know about this because she know if anyone know about it then they’ll not let her use her fb anymore so she didn’t said anything and logout after some days dany told fiza that dua is not talking to him and fiza ask dua and dua said just like that and nothing is wrong but then fiza read dua’s diary which she wrote she got to know everything about how dany talked and she talked with dany about it but dany said he didn’t said anything and it was not him and then fiza make dua understand and clear the misunderstanding and then dua and dany again start talking dany talked sweetly with dua and she likes it and thought maybe it was really not him

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  1. This type of writing without aby full stop I have read somewhere. But cant reaply guess. Anyways, eager to see the last part.

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  5. Awesome, this is the real nature of connections and boy/girl attraction, many of us have this type of experiences, though we didn’t wanted to get such experience.
    Anyway waiting for next part. You make me remind of some bitter past from this ff.
    Don’t know the end, but I hope you will give a great lesson for a girls life through this story.
    Great job, keep it up and best of luck!
    Thanks a lot.

    1. thanks a lot dear
      Yeah u r right no one would like to have such a experience trust me the one who experience know what it feels like its a terrible feeling

      I hope I didn’t hurt u
      Sure the girl learnt her lesson for life time ?

      1. Nope, it didn’t hurt me, I became stronger than before after that incident. And my mom was the savior as we have a strong bond as mom daughter and like best friends, I didn’t hide anything from her.
        You are really doing a great job to let other girls know about boys tricks while making others fools.
        Thank you
        Dear readers please show this to your loving sisters,friends

      2. glad it made u stronger and its really nice that u and ur mom share such a good bonding ?

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    Waiting…. For the next part

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