A Mistake (Matsh and KKB) Episode 9


Hi guys Thanks for supporting me. I felt very happy after reading the comments.
Razia & Hani: I am not a friend of nitika and even I don’t know her .As I am waiting for this ff almost for 1 month and I thought instead of waiting I will restart this ff according to me. So, I have started this ff.

Nitika: I am really sorry if u felt bad that I have restarted Ur ff.
Durga& Krishti&Ashu: There will be no separation of abhigya.
Thanks to all who gave me comments for this ff.
As I don’t know this ff will be accepted by people r not so, I wrote little bit.
As Tomorrow I can’t upload the ff as I will be out of station so I am updating today itself. I think u guys will enjoy it.
Precap: Abhi decides to talk with pragya.
The episode starts with Abhi goes to washroom and gets fresh up and goes down in search of pragya. He finds pragya near Dining table and he calls Pragya but she ignores him. Please Listen to me I want to talk with you. She tries to go from there but Abhi hold her wrist. Just then all family members are arrived to dining table for breakfast so he leaves pragya wrist. All took their respective places for taking breakfast but Pragya stands still to serve the breakfast. Abhi notices that all the breakfast made by her is his favorites. So, Abhi looks on pragya but pragya is continuously ignoring him as she wants to hide her sadness from him. Then Dadi insists pragya to take breakfast with them as there are many servants to serve food. Firstly Pragya tries to avoid it but she can’t say no to dadi so he sits to have breakfast. All started their Breakfast after sometime dadi notices pragya and thinks she is still sad so to make her happy she tells her that she has prepared her favorite dessert and she offers it to her .But after seeing it pragya starts weird that she likes it before marriage but know she dislikes it so, I don’t want it dadi please dadi. But, dadi insists that she has prepared by her hands at least taste it for once. (GUYS THAT DESSERT IS MADE FROM PAPAYA)Pragya suddenly stands up and says she don’t want it and rushes from there. All are stunned to see her weird behavior.

As all are on Dining Table Pragya goes to abhi’s room for taking her purse and mobile to go to hospital. The scene shifts to dining table all are thinking what happened to pragya? Dadi thinks what happened to her from yesterday she is somewhat tensed and sad. Abhi thinks suddenly what happened to her she is ignoring only me na then why she is behaving in weird manner with other members in family and thinks he have to know what’s the reason behind it there may be some reason which she is hiding.
The scene shifts to pragya in abhi’s room and she comes out from abhi’s room. and she sees that all are there on Dining table and she comes down very slowly and hiding herself and goes out and takes a taxi to go to hospital.

The scene shifts to Dining Table all completed their Breakfast .Abhi tells Dadi that he has planned to send Purab and Bulbul for Honeymoon to Darzling. Dadi says ok go and give them surprise. So, Abhi leaves for purab‘s home. The scene shifts to Pragya in hospital waiting for doctor and doctor comes and nurse calls Mrs. Pragya Mehra then she goes to Doctors cabin. Doctor checks her and tells her that Congratulations u are going to become mother but, let’s wait for reports to check ur and ur baby’s health condition and doctor gave her a list of tests which she has to undergo and gives some medicines to her.

The scene shifts to Purab home Abhi gives them Honeymoon Tickets and he informs them that flight is only after 3 days. So start Ur packing and planning .Abhi says Go happily and enjoy urselves and in this overall conversation bulbul looking angrily to abhi and abhi notices it and feels bad and Abhi leaves from there in car.
Abhi was on the way going back to mm. Just then Pragya comes out from Hospital and abhi sees pragya coming out from hospital and thinks why she went to hospital and thinks to ask her about it and he stops the car and goes to her but till then pragya left from there in a taxi. So, he comes back to his car and thinks to ask her in home.
Abhi and pragya reaches mm before and after one another. Pragya comes first so she goes to abhi’s room and hides the medicines and list of tests prescription. When she is hiding just abhi comes to room and sees she is hiding something and thinks to be unaware of it and after her completion of hiding he goes behind pragya and calls Pragya “Where u went from Dining table?” Pragya informed him that she went to her house to see sarla ma and spend some time. Abhi thinks y she is lying to him? The screen freezes on Abhi’s face.

Precap: Abhi sees the prescription and medicines which are hidden by pragya and thinks to know about it……..

Credit to: lekhika

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