A Mistake (Matsh and KKB) Episode 8


Hi guys as this is already started fan fiction by nitika but due to some reasons of her she has stopped updating the ff so i am willing to continue that ff from where she has stopped. I hope u guys like this ff and please ignore if there is any mistakes as i am a silent reader and first time i am writing a ff.I hope u all will encourage me.

Precap: abhi decides to talk with pragya after reception of rabul

The episode starts with pragya thanking guests for attending reception of her sister and slowly all the guests went off then pragya completes the some work left behind and pragya thinks to go to dadi’s room to check whether she has taken medicines r not and she wants to spend some time with her as she has only few days and she has to leave the mm.so she goes to dadi and asks whether she can sleep with you. But, dadi asks what happened why u want to be here? the scene shifts abhi room there in room abhi is waiting to talk with pragya and thinking why she is not coming to room till now as all the guests are went off. Again scene shifts to Dadi’s room dadi asks pragya give me answer why r u standing like that? Is there any problem between u and abhi? Pragya replies that no nothing like that i just want to spend some time with u as i am not feeling well (When she is speaking to dadi her face is so sad) Dadi after listening to her and seeing her she says k come beta. Pragya goes and sits behind dadi and asks dadi

“can i sleep in ur lap for sometime dadi?” dadi says k come beta and pragya sleeps on dadi lap and dadi cares her hair. Pragya thinks sorry dadi i have taken decision of leaving abhi and mm without asking u .If you can please forgive me and pragya decides to leave the house without informing anyone and decides to not to go to sarla ma’s home because if they know the truth of my pregnancy and abhi’s betrayal they will hate him so she takes this decision. But before going she want to meet bulbul and thinks to convince her to not to inform anybody about Lori day. After some time she feel sleepy and goes to other side of bed to sleep from dadi’s lap. The scene shifts to Abhi’s room where abhi is waiting for pragya sitting on couch and he sleeps in that position only.

Pragya wakes up and sees dadi she is still sleeping so she goes to abhi’s room to fresh up and she sees abhi still sleeping in sitting position on couch and she wonders why he is sleeping like that? and without disturbing him she goes to washroom to fresh up after getting ready she come out of that wardrobe and she sees abhi is still sleeping so she goes to kitchen to prepare for breakfast and ask robin to give coffee to abhi. Robin goes to abhi’s room to give coffee just before that abhi falls down from couch and wakes up and starts searching pragya in the room just then robin comes and gives coffee to him then he asks about pragya he tells “Sir, madam is in kitchen preparing for breakfast.” Abhi thinks that means she didn’t come to room last night and decides to talk to her today at any cost. The screen freezes on abhi.
Precap : At Dining table dadi offers a desert to pragya of her favorite as she is sad yesterday to make her happy but she rejects it and all are stunned to see her weird behavior ……..Abhi sees pragya coming out of a hospital.

Credit to: lekhika

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  1. Divya chandru

    Lovely and awesome yaar… , eagerly waiting for next episode yaar and reaction of abhi after knowing pragya pregnancy

  2. Pls continue it upload next part also

  3. awesome yr…. lekhika please update it regularly and please please we are eagerly waiting to know what will happen next the episode was rocking but little bit short 😀

  4. Nce pls upload ur nxt epi soon

  5. Tripthi Arora

    wow !!!!!!!!!awesome !!!!
    u r truly a good writer

  6. Nice yaar… Long waited for this FF… Because Nikita started well but dont know what happened to her… U continue but one dont make Abhi to doubt on Pragya’s Pregnancy n let him know what happened on holi, n one more thing dont make Pragya to leave all without letting others to know about her pregnancy then it ll take some leap abhi ll his baby like that dont want,already many ff r there, so just make abhi to know the truth…

  7. Nice… Pls continue.,..

  8. Wow………Its Really tooooo good yaar…………plzzzzzzz continue…… & update it regularly……………

  9. First of all thanq lekhika….. Am waiting for this ff..
    And episode was very nice…
    Eagerly waiting for next part

  10. thanks for continue this ff.i love it.pls update regulary…and pls let abhi know about pragya’s pregnancy.it will be nice if he remember that night with pragya.

  11. Lovely….. I was waiting for it

  12. Lekhika today’s episode was awesome… I am waiting for this ff till 1 month because it’s one of my favorite but nikita stop… it’s k please continue without fail yar…

  13. Very nice start…and upload the next update soon yaar…. I am eagerly waiting and do post it regularly…

  14. Thanks for updating the ff.
    It’s good.

  15. nice yaar…..

  16. Lekhika ru Nikita’s frnd ? .. I missed this ff so so bad .. In jus 5-6 episodes she impressed me so much .. Pls do reply

    1. Do u personally knoe her ?

  17. Lekhika its amazing pls continue and what happened to nikita ?

  18. Make Abhi know about lori night plzz

    Love the ff. I am glad u continued it. Been waiting for this for a vet long time so thank you for countinuing it. ????????????????????

  19. Very nice nekhika. Pls continue.

  20. so nice lekhika ….. it is awesome keep going…

  21. ya…superb yaar….really i agree with ashu…pls dont do like that….

  22. Wow awesome please update regularly

  23. plz update it regularly i am a die hard fan of this ff thanx lekhika forupdating and plz update it a little bit longer and episode was good

  24. Very long waited 4 tis epi……thank u soooo much 2 u…….very nice….i m waiting 4 d nxt plzzzz upload it soon nd regularly yaar…

  25. Superb yaar . 1st of all loads n loads of thanks to u tat u started tat ff n even today also I just thought tat @least by today tat I get tz ff BT when I’m soooooooo happy n cloud nine @least tat some1 continue it n soooooooo thanks a lottttt yaar.. Thn plzzzzz upload regularly yaar…today episode s nice BT one thg plzzzzzzzzzz don’t seperate abhigya during pregnancy of pragya… In some of ff after getting pregnant thn thy get seperated thn thy vl take some leap bt need lk tat in it ff i mean abhi shd b with pragya during pregnancy period thn it’s my wish yaar n my request..

    1. Gud thot dear 🙂 ya even I wanted abhigya happy during pragyas pregnancy

    2. Even I too want abhigya together

  26. I am glad that after a vry long tym dis ff is updated….:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  27. IshuRV(Pranjali die heartedly loves Ishveer)

    sorry but its my opinion…without ishveer… boring epi…

  28. Very nice to hear pregnancy of pragya. But dont, separate them this time.they need each other every time.abhigya is best forever not abhi and pragya.give some hint about past story.

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