A MISTAKE (Matsh and KKB) Episode 7

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Are you alright Fuggy?”asked Abhi and pragya nodded.”I am fine”said pragya in a plain voice and got up fromthe bed to chance her clothes. Abhi really had enough of this behavior of hers and he wanted have to real talk with her so Abhi caught her wrist and turned her towards her and hold her shoulder.”Pragya please stop this indifference and let your anger out.If you want even hit me ,slap me and call me by names coz i deserve all this,but please don’t act like nothing happened pragya.I know what i am doing is injustice to you,but it better for both of us pragya.There is no love in this marriage and you knowwell a loveless marriage will never work”said Abhi and pragya looked at her with a bitter.”Who said there is no love in this marriage?”asked pragya and Abhi looked at her in shock.”What?”asked Abhi in a low voice.”I asked who said there is no love in this marriage Abhishekh.I know you are sure that you didn’t love me but how could you decided that i didn’t love you before even asking me once.”said pragya in a calm voice.”Because i know you didn’t love me pragya”said Abhi .”WELL YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT MR.ABHISHEKH MEHRA COZ I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU FOR A LONG TIME LIKE A FOOL THINKING THAT EVEN YOU MAY FEEL THE SAME FOR ME.BUT OFCOURSE I AM A CUTE FOOL LIKE YOU SAID COZ I AM NOT A SUPERMODEL LIKE YOUR TANU TO RETURN MY FEELINGS RIGHT”shouted pragya and Abhi felt likes someone poured freezing water on him not able to belive what he was hearing .”What..?

How?”asked Abhi with a shock.”Well even i didn’t know the answer Abhishekh.I really didn’t know the reason why i fell in love with you coz its not love when they is a reason in it.I was trying to confess this to you for a long time but i didn’t know allthis time you are planning for your wedding with Tanu.But why i am shocked by this coz she is the one whom you love and want to spend your life with her and i am just a girl to get revenge.Its true i am hurt Abhishekh but not coz you didn’t return my feelings coz love can’t be force and i know you will never love agirl like me.But i am hurt that you didn’t even respect me to tell me the truth before taking a big decision of my life.But all this didn’t matter anymore ,its just that i want you to know my feelings so that i can leave you and your life without any regret.So now please leave me ”said pragya and before Abhi could replay she went to chance leaving a stunned Abhi behind.

Its was Rabul’s reception next morning and the whole Mehra house was in a buzz with guest.Everyone was smiling seeing the beautiful couple sitting together on the stage and prayed to keep them happy like this always.But amist all this happiness and smile the rockstar of this house couldn’t even fake a smile after the talk with his last night.After the last night talk pragya slept on the couch while Abhi didn’t even get a blink of sleep.The next morning when pragya woke up she didn’t even look at once and started to take care of the reception preparation.Abhi really wanted to talk with pragya but he didn’t know what to talk after knowing her feelings for him.He was wondering how a girl who he insulted,tortured and married for the soul purpose of getting revenge could fall in love him.

He know he is the only reason for her life getting destroyed and he can never forgive himself for it.He wish he could reverse the time and undo what he did with his wife a long back.After just laying there 30 minutes he decided to get ready for the reception and now he was sitting on the chair with a glass of orange juice looking at his smiling wife who was standing with ishani and Aaliya.He couldn’t believe how Aaliya changed soon and became a good friend with pragya in these short time.But how could she not,afterall pragya is the kind and selfless woman he know after his maa and daadi.Then he looked at sarla , rockstar dadi who was talking with daadi and puravi who was now teasing Bulbul and Purab standing inbetween them.Seeing their smile Abhi didn’t know how is going to face them once the truth about their marriage will be out.He really got a second mother and daadi in sarla and RSD and two more sisters in Bulbul and purvi and he didn’t want to loose them or see the hate for him in their eyes.He really wanted to talk to pragya about last night and he was determined to talk with her tonight after the reception.
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