A MISTAKE (Matsh and KKB) Episode 6

guys i am to say tat I am inspired by a story. .. so I hope ishveer scenes will come at last but we hav to see a point as rasha told …how rv is gng to support pragya. … so special thanks to rasha who answered all queries in my absence, thanks buddy…..

Abhi was driving the car while pragya sat silently closing her eyes on the passenger seat.Abhi wanted totalk a lot with pragya but he didn’t know where to start.He know he was hurting her more than anyone by breaking their marriage,but he know this is the best for everyone coz there is no love in between them.Just then pragya opened her and looked at Abhi who looking the road and driving the car.”Stop here they are waiting in the tea stall ”said pragya and Abhi stopped the car with a nod.As soon asAbhi stopped the car pragya removed the seat belt and left the car.Abhi let out a breath and followed pragya to the tea stall which was on the opposite side of the road.As pragya came near the tea stall she saw ishveer sitting on a bench and sipping tea.Once rv saw Pragya he smiled and rushed towards her giving his tea to ishanii and took Pragya in a bonecrushing hug.”I missed you buddy”said rv with a smile while pragya hugged her back.”I missed you rv ”said pragya with a smile and rv broke the hug.Then ishu came and hugged pragya with a smile.”Hi di.How are you?”said ishani as she broke the hug.”I am fine ishani..How are you?”asked pragya with a smile.”I am fine di.

Though i was regretting saying yes to rv’s propsal now,i should really consider your advice before saying yes ”said with a fake sad voice and pragya tried to control her smile.”I know ishani , don’t worry honey i will be there for you and i will find another guy for you.Though i am rv’s friend i can’t destroy a girl life right?”asked pragya cupping ishani’s face.”Ok girl now enough of teasing me can we go home now?”asked rv with a big smile.Then he turned towards Abhi and gave him a hug.”Hi Abhi.How are you?”asked rv with a smile.”I am fine rv..How are you?”asked Abhi with a smile.After talking with rv few times after the holi Abhi really started to like this guy who cares and loves his wife a lot.sometimes he was even jealous of his and pragya’s friendship as he longed for this kind friendship a lot.”Ofcouse i am fine.”said rv with a smile .”Okay let go home.The wedding will start soon”said pragya and they all nodded and left in Abhigya’s car to the wedding.

Pragya was standing inbetween rv and Abhi with ishani beside rv with a smile seeing his sister and purab who became her little brother taking pehra.she can see the content smile on Bulbul and Purab’s face and thier love for each other in their eyes.Pragya prayed that they will both stay like this forever .Then Rabul sat infront of the fire again oncethey finished taking the pehra.Abhi on the other hand was lost remembering how he took pehra with his fuggy like this and a small smiled formed on his lips.”Who is doing kanyadhan for the bride?”asked priest and Bulbul looked at pragya with a smile.”I want my di to do kanyadhan.She was always a mother and father to me and always protected me from all kind of pain and trouble.so i want my di to do kanyadhan”said Bulbul with a teary smile .Hearing this pragya too got tears in her eyes and rv gave him a side hug seeing her getting emotional.”

Arrey meri dost please control this serial heroine emotions and do my sisters kanyadhan then you can shed these happy tears as much as you want ”said rv with a smile and pragya smiled at this and everyone present there laughed at this.”Shut up and stop teasing my di ,rv…Di you don’t listen to this fool and go”said ishani with a smile.Then pragya went to Rabul and did their kanyadhan and placed a kiss on Bulbul’s forehead.Then the marriage took place happily.Bulbul was now hugging sarla and both of them are crying with happiness and a little sadmess.Then sarala broke the hug and cupped Bulbul’s face and wiped her tears.”Shhh stop crying beta.From now you must only smile with happiness ok”asked sarala and Bulbul nodded with a smile.Then she looked at pragya who opened her arms and Bulbul rushed into her arms and hugged her tightly.”I love you di.Thanks a lot for everything”said Bulbul with a sob.”Shhh Bulbul like maa said you must not cry anymore”said Pragyaa nd broke the hug.”I love you too Bulbul and i must only see you smiling from now ok”asked pragya and Bulbul nodded.Then pragya looked at Purab who was standing beside Bulbul with a smile.”Purab i know you love my sister a lot but still please keep her happy.Its my only request”said pragya but purab..

.pragya with a smile.”I promise you di.I will keep her happy and will never hurt her”said purab with a smile and broke the hug.”Thanks purab.I know you will keep your promise”said pragya with a smile cupping his face.”Okay now you both go and enjoy your night”said Pragya and Rabul left to the resort that Abhi booked for them in the car,while everyone gave them a heary farewell.

Pragya was standing with Robin and was helping to arrange the gifts while Abhi,Aaliya,Daadi,Purvi,rv ,ishani are sitting on the sofa talking with other.Just then pragya started to feel slightly dizzy she caught the table for support and shook her head.After few seconds the dizziness vanished and pragya smiled softly placing a hand on her stomch.Then she started to walk towards the sofa to join others when the world around her started to spin and she lost the balance.But before she could hit the floor,rv who saw this rushed towards her and caught her in his arms.”Pragya what’s wrong?”asked rv cupping her face and pragya shook her head lightly.”I am fine.Just need some water”said pragya and rv nodded and helped her to the sofa and made her sit inbetween Abhi and daadi.”I will be back with the water”said rv and left tothe kitchen.As rv left everyone started to ask pragya how she was as everyone started to get worried about her.”Daadi i am really fine.Just dehydrated as i didn’t eat well today.Nothing else and i am really fine”said pragya with a smile.”But beta still we must check with the doctor right.I will call the doctor ad we will make sure once”said daadi and pragya started to panic hearing this.”No daadi.Its really fine.I don’t want to trouble doctor at this hour”said pragya with a pleading voice.”Ok.But by morning if you didn’t get well i will call the doctor immediately”said daadi and pragya nodded with a smile.Just then rv came back with a glass of apple juice and handed it to pragya with a glare.

‘Now drink this and have some rest.I don’t want to see my frind fainting again”said rv with a stern voice and pragya nodded drinking the juice.Once she finished the jucie pragya gave the empty glass back to rv .”Abhi now take bahu to your room and make sure she gets rest okay”asked daadi looking Abhi and her nodded with a smile.”Daadi its okay. I am fine and i can go to our room”said pragya getting up.But daadi shook her head negatively.”No beta i want to make sure you are fine now Abhi take her”said daadi and Abhi gave her nod and lifted pragya in his arms and she circled her hands around his neck as she didn’t want to create a scene by protesting.Abhi on the other hand felt a kind of peace and comfort embracing him on feeling her touch aftermany days and he started walk to their room without talking his eyes from her beautiful face and he was hoping that she will atleast look him once she was looking everywhere except him from the moment he took her in his arms.Pragya on the other hand is aware of his gaze on her face and she controlled herself from looking into his eyes and getting lost it in.She didn’t know why he was making this more difficult by coming closer to her when she was trying to get as far as possible from him.Once they reached the room Abhi made her sit on the bed and looked at her.”Are you alright Fuggy?”asked Abhi and pragya nodded.”I am fine”said pragya in a plain voice..

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