A MISTAKE (Matsh and KKB) Episode 5

thanks guys for feedbacks hhaa there are lot of rv scenes don’t get tension……

Abhi was sitting in the back seat of his car with a red file in his hand and was lost in his thoughts while his driver was driving the car.He didn’t know how he was going to ask Fuggy to sign these papers and going to convince her not to tell daadi about anything.He hoped that Fuggy will not think bad aout him when he will reveal her how he betrayed her in the lori day.Abhididn’t even know why he was feeling like he was going to loose something important to him thinking about pragya leaving him in few days.He know what he is going to do is going to upset everyone,but he know he can’t break the promise and commitment he made withTanu and moreover he loves her and she loves him too.so this will be the only solution for all their problem and even better for them too.But what confused him the most was the sudden change in his Fuggy behavior after holi.After holi pragya started to behave really weird with him and always made sure there are not in the same room apart from sleeping or have to take necessary things.She made sure they didn’t have even a bit of phyiscal closness and started to sleep on the couch instead on her side of bed with him.She avoided talking to him as much as possible andtalked only when daadi is around or its very imortant.Though Abhi didn’t want to admit he was missing his Fuggy who will give non stop lectures and her glares.He hoped atleast they will part with good terms so that atleast they can reamin friends.”Sir we reached home”said the driver which bought Abhi from his thoughts.Abhi nodded and got out of the car and walked inside the house which was glowing likea new bride for Rabul’s wedding.He walked towards hisroom remembering his own wedding ,as he opened his room’s door and entered the room he searched for his wife but she was nowhere to be found.Just then he saw pragya entering the room from the balcony with anotepad and pen in her hand.”Fuggy”called Abhi and pragya looked him keeping the notepad on the bookself .”Fuggy i want to talk with you about something”said Abhi and pragya just looked at him for few seconds blankly.”Boliye”said pragya in a monotone voice.Then Abhi walked towards her and held her wrist and bring her to the couch and made he sit on it.”Woh Fuggy actually i…i want sign in these papers”said Abhi and handed her the file.Pragya opened the file with confusion only to see divorce papers in it.Though she expected it she was still shocked that he will ask divorce just like that and looked at with hurt eyes.Abhi can’t even face her seeing the hurt in her eyes and turned her back towards her and ran his hand through his hair .”Pragya i know this will be shock for you.But you knowwell that i love Tanu and i want to spend my life with her.I know this will be shock to everyone but i will take care of every…”started Abhi to but pragya’s voice stopped him.”Here.Take it.”said Pragya and Abhi turned to see pragya standing with the file in her hand.”I have signed it.Do whatever you want with it”said pragya in an emotionless voice and Abhi was really stunned to see her agreeing just like that without making any fuss.”Pragya you are okay with this?”asked Abhi with shock.”Yes”said pragya with the same voice but Abhi could see the pain and betrayal in her eyes which she was trying hard to hide.”But i thouht…”’started Abhi but pragya spoke before he could finish.”You thought what?That i will beg you not to do this or cry to take me as your wife.I am sorry to disappoint you Abhishekh but i am not going to do thatanymore.Its was true that for sometime i thought may be this marriage can have a second chance,but when i came to know how a cute fool i was on the lori day and i came back to the reality.so you don’t have toworry about anything coz i am not going to cause any problem in yours and Tanu’s love life.I will leave this house and your life once for all after Bulbul and purab’s wedding.So you go and plan for yours and Tanu’s marriage”said pragya with anger.”Pragya how did you know about lori day?”asked Abhi.”Well even i have some people who really care about me and my feelings.So i must thank them for telling the truth and prevented my heart from getting hurt further”said Pragya with a bitter smile .”Pragya i am really so…”started Abhi to apologize butpragya just shook her head negatively.”Don’t say sorry when you didn’t mean it Abhishekh.Because if you are really sorry you would have never kept this from me this long .So keep this sorry with your self and get ready for tonight’s wedding.Once this wedding is over i will talk with everyone and will leave your life for good as you wanted”said pragya and left to the washroom to get ready for the wedding without gvining Abhi a chance to replay.Abhi stood there no knowing what to do and he felt like someone stabbed his heart hearing she will be leaving him for good.”But this is what you wanted from the day you married her Abhi.Then why are you feeling this pain”said a voice from a corner of his heart. Abhi shook his head as he himself didn’t know the answer.He know what he did what wrong and he shouldapologize to her,but he know its not the correct time and have to wait till tomorrow and will talk and explain to her after Rabul’s reception.Then she placedthe file in his cupboard and went to get ready for Rabul’s wedding.

Pragya was talking with all the guest and making sure if they are comforable with a smile.Abhi who was talking with Akash saw her and his heart pained to seethe pain in her eyes which she was trying to hide with a smile .He couldn’t understand how she could be smiling while he know how much pain she is going through.seeing the pain in her eyes Abhi wanted her to hug her and tell he will take away all the pain,but he know he has no right as they are going to get divorce soon.Just then daadi’s voice bought him back from his thoughts.”Abhi if you want go and be with her,why are you secretly looking your own wife like she your secret lover”said daadi with a smile.”Daadi app bhi na.Nothing like that”said Abhi forcing asmile while daadi and daasi’s giggle.”Haan haan we know everything.Now go and help our babhu instead of standing here and admiring her like abolloywood hero.Go”said daasi with a smile.”Okay.okay”said Abhi and walked towards pragya who was now talking in her mobile.

As Abhi came near pragya who was standing in a corner he saw her talking with someone in the mobile.”Hey you guys wait there i will come and pick you guys”said pragya.”Oh please shut up rv i will come and pick you both.Now shut up and wait there”said pragya with a smile .”Okay bye”said pragya and turned with a slight smile shaking her head.But once she saw Abhi standing there her smile faded and she tried to go from there but Abhi stopped her holding her wrist.Pragya turned and glared at him looking at her wrist and Abhi immediately left her wrist.”Where are you going pragya?”asked Abhi.”That’s none of your business Abhishekh”said pragya and Abhi literally flinched by the coldness in her voice.”Pragya please tell me where are you going?I know you are angry and upset with me and you have every right to.But please pragya its not safe to go out alone at this hours ,so please let me help you.I will come with and pick your friend”said Abhi and pragya taught for few moments.Though she wanted to protest she know he will not leave this matter without a fight and even she didn’t have the engry to fight after today’s drama.”Okay.I want to pick ranveer and ishani..Their car broke and there are waiting on the way.”said pragya and Abhi nodded.”Lets go and pick up them”said Abhi and left with pragya after infroming daadi.

Abhi was driving the car while pragya sat silently closing her eyes on the passenger seat.Abhi wanted totalk a lot with pragya but he didn’t know where to start.He know he was hurting her more than anyone by breaking their marriage,but he know this is the best for everyone coz there is no love in between them…..
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  1. u should stop this ff .because u only give importance to abhigya but don’t give any importance to IshVeer. without IshVeer it’s totally boaring

  2. Divya chandru

    Omg … such a painful episode to pragya .. waiting for next one yaar, plz upload as quickly as possible

  3. Hi!!! U are doing an we some job!!!! I love it, please make abhi find out about pregnancy and please do add few more ishveer scenes. From my point of view, I like the ff, but I think some other people want more ishveer scenes. U should definitely not stop, U should keep going on!!!!

  4. It’s really awesome yr…..just luv….plzzz update next epi soon…..

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice yaar………….

  6. Where is my ishveer scenes?

  7. Superb yaar… BT sookkk sad episode BT really get job yaar comon keep on writing n ur ff s really interesting than the real kkb… plzzz upload next part soon thn when abhi vl find pragya s pregnant

  8. yrrrr it was really awesome please let Abhi know that his wife is pregnant please

  9. Really awesome yaar loved the episode I am both kkb and matsh fan so I don’t see different in them waiting fr next one where abhi knows the pregnancy truth

  10. Awesome episodes nikita..please upload d next part soonn.eagerly waiting…..

  11. Its very painful episode… In serial itself they separated,in ff also uhhh… Pls change the story line cant see her pain… She is pregnant now so she must share this to abhi, if She dont then Abhi ll doubt her pregnancy, that ll be too worse… So pls let them unite n happy because of her pregnancy… Dont drag like actual serial

  12. superbbbb. make that 1 scene abhigya 2 scene ishveer

  13. Wow its amazing yaar…. Ofcrse unite them soon… Then there is no words to explain how much amazing ur ff is

  14. A very painful episode .. I can’t c pragya lyk diz .. Make abhi realise his love n let pragya spill the beans abt her pregnancy.. Let them b happy .. Nowadays startd waitn fa u ff .. Loving it .. Go this way its awwwwesome

  15. Awesome awesome awesome bt its really paining a lot yaar……plz bring a happy life 2 pragya….plzzzzz soon yaar…..

  16. Hey…suprbb ..yeah..but its very sad to read..gud..keep goingg..

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