A MISTAKE (Matsh and KKB) Episode 4

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PRESENT:Pragya just sobbed hard thinking how Abhi didn’t even remember anything and how she started to keep distance from him after that.she hoped someway he will remember their night but nothing like that happened.pragya for the last weak started to feel tired,dizzy but she ignored it thinkingit was coz of stress from Bulbul’s wedding preparation.But yesterday she remembered that she missed her cycle this months and bought some preganacy test without anyone knowing.She was glad that Abhi was out of town for the last couple days for an important meeting and will be coming home tonight for Rabul’s wedding.After testing with 10 kit 8 out of 10 showed the plus signs conforming she was indeed pregnant. pragya felt like history repeating itself with her as her mothers.She didn’t know how to tell Abhi about this and what to do if she didn’t accept this baby.The worst fear is what she will do if he asked any proof for that night like he asked her in the MMS problem without trusting her.Though pragya forgave him for that she can’t help but feel the pain in her heart whenever she thought about it.Pragyaknow she can’t keep this from him as he too has equal rights on this baby and she can never separate a child from his father.she know how much it will be painful to grow up without a father and the trobles the child has to face in the society and she didn’t wanther son or daughter to go through the same.

Pragya finally wiped her tears and stood up from the toilet putting all the pregnancy test in a cover and throwing it in the dustbin and left the bathroom washing her hands and face.Once she entered the room she stood infront of the mirror and looked at her stomach placing a hand on it.Even amist all this problem she couldn’t help but smile a little with happiness realizing she is going to be a mother in few months.pragya know she will face may up anddown in her life once everyone comes to know about the truth,but to keep this child safe and happy pragya is ready to face even the whole world if she has to.But first she wanted to talk with Abhi about this and decided to tell everyone after knowing what his answer will be.Just then her phone rang and pragya took the mobile from the bed and smiled seeing it was none other than Bulbul who was calling her.Pragya attend the call and before she could say anything Bulbul said something which made pragya world crumble .”DI HOW COULD YOU AGREE TO JIJU AND TANU’S MARRAIGE ”shouted Bulbul from the other end of the phone.

Pragya just stood there numb after what Bulbul said or rather shouted at the end of the phone.she felt like her whole was crumbling and prayed this will be nightmare.But for the last few months everything happening in her life is not as she was praying or wishing so ofcourse this is also a cruel reality which she has to face now.
”Di .Di are you there?”asked Bulbul which bought pragya from her thougts.
”Haan Bulbul”said pragya controlling her voice from shaking.
”What ‘haan Bulbul’ di.How could you agree to Tanu’s parents when you are in love with Jiju?”asked Bulbul and pragya didn’t even have a clue what her little was talking about.
”Bulbul i really don’t know what you are talking about.I have never seen Tanu’s parents in the first place then how could i agree to Tanu and Abhishekh’s marriage?”asked Pragya with confusion.
”But di i heard with my own ears Tanu talking about this to her friend today when i went to shopping with purvi and Rachana.She was telling her friend that Jiju will soon divorce you and will marry her and even you agreed for thier marriage to her parents on the lori day.Di what is actually all this means?”asked Bulbul with anger but pragya could see the concern in it.
”Bulbul what are you talking about.I didn’t mean anyone on the lori day then how i ca…”started pragya but then she remembered how Abhi wanted her to meet his business partners and how tensed he was still they left.Pragya sat on the couch with disbelief how Abhishekh betrayed her and she believed him like a fool.She felt like heart was torn out realizing that Abhi didn’t even respected to tell her the truth when she fell in love with him.
”Di can you here me?di?”shouted Bulbul in concern.

”Bulbul i really don’t want to talk about it now.Tonight is your wedding and you have to just think about it.”said pragya in a stern voice.
”No di i am not going to leave this.I mean how can i get married and start a life when your life is spoiling infront of me.If you didn’t tell me what happened i am not going to get married tonight”said Bulbul with anger.
”Stop it.Bulbul you are not going to do anything like that.If you really love me and respect me you are going to get married tonight and leave this topic its a promise on my life Bulbul and you have to do this for me.”said pragya firmly.
”But di you can’t do this.Please di tell me what happened?”asked Bulbul pleadingly.
”Bulbul just know that your Jiju and di is not meant to be together.Its true that i love Abhishekh Bulbul,but sometimes just love is not enough and its just a one sided love.I want you to be happy and get married to the you love.so please if you want to do anything to your di do this.Do nottalk about this to anyone and just forget about it and focus on your wedding Bulbul”said pragya.She know she was manupulative in a way this time.But if this makes her sisters life good she don’t give a damn about it.
”But di…”stared Bulbul to protest but pragya spoke again.
”No Bulbul no buts and ifs.If you love me you have to do this”said pragya and after few seconds she heard her sister’s replay.

”Okay di.But how can you explain all this to maa and everyone di.Andmore over what about you and your feelings di?”asked Bulbul as her voice shook and pragya could understnd she was crying.
”Bulbul i will take care of everything you don’t worry.And about my feelings ,its not the first time my heart is being broken and played so don’t worry.your di is strong to be broken completely Bulbul ,so don’t worry.Now go and get ready for your marriage and when you arrive here i want by sister to be beautiful bride i have ever seen ok.?”asked pragya with a little smile.
”Okay di.I love you”said Bulbul inbetween her sobs.
”I love you too Bulbul.Now stop crying and get ready go”said pragya with a smile.
”Okay di see you there.”said Bulbul.

”Bye Bulbul”said pragya and disconnected the call.Once she kept the mobile on the couch pragya let the tears she that she was holding back.But like before she didn’t sob or scream,but just sat there and taking the information she heard from Bulbul.she didn’t know whether to laugh or get anger at her destiny for playing this non stop game with her.Even for a second she though she could just quiting as she was really getting tired of even living her life.But she know if she.But pragya know suicide is not a solution for any problem and she was not a coward to do that too.And she was not a heartless women to destroy the innocent life growing inside of her for her selfishness.After few minutes of thinking pragya decided what to do.What she is going to do may be wrong for others,but she is not going to think of others anymore and for once in her life she wanted to be slefish if its not for her atleast for her child.she wiped her tears and got up from the couch knowing there is no use in sheding tears anymore and started to make some necessary calls to get help for what she is going to do.

Abhi was sitting in the back seat of his car with a red file in his hand and was lost in his thoughts while his driver was driving the car.He didn’t know how he was going to ask Fuggy to sign these papers and going to convince her not to tell daadi about anything.He hoped that Fuggy will not think bad aout him when he will reveal her how he betrayed her in the lori day.Abhi didn’t even know why he was feeling like he was going to loose something important to him thinking about pragya leaving him in few days…….due to words limit I could not upload..

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