A MISTAKE (Matsh and KKB) Episode 3

thanks guys for ur support… thanks to naveena, ya she told to stop her ff as no one is responding. . to say frankly .. I love her ff… so plse don’t stop di. ..

Pragya who was searching for daadi started to feel little bit dizzy and was about to loose her balance when rv who was hiding from ishani caught her.”Pragya are you alright ?”asked rv with concern.”Ofcourse i am alright.Mujse kya hoga?”asked pragya with giggle as the bang started to take effect.”Pragya what happened to you yaar?”asked rv holding her shoulder.”Arrey i am alright rv , but if ishani sees you will not be alright ”said Pragya giggling more and then rv understood what happened.”Pragya you drank bang right?”asked rv and pragya started to think.”Hmmm.i don’t know yaar”said pragya with a pout and rv shook his head.”Ok come on sit here we will found out who didthis”said rv and made pragya sit on a a nearby bench.Then rv called a servent.”Can you please bring a glass of lemon juice with salt ?”asked rv to the servent.”Sure sir”said the servent and went to bring lemon juice.”ranveer mujse kyun sab kuch round round dika deraha hai?”asked pragya and rv shook his head and sat beside her holding her shoulder.”Don’t worry after 10 minutes it will not”said rv with a smile.”Okay”said pragya and rested her head on his shoulder.Just then rv mobile rang and he took the mobile and closed his eyes in irritation.”Come on yaar why he has to call now out .I can’t even this pagal in this state”said rv and thought for few seconds.”

Pragya”called rv and pragya looked him from his shoulder.”What?”asked pragya with a smile.”I have to attend an important call and will return in few minutes.But promise me you will not move from here till i come”said rvand pragya nodded.”Okay.promise”said pragya with a cute smile.”Good.I will be back soon”said ranveer and left the place.Abhi who was seeing all this got angry and walked towards pragya.”Oyi Fuggy come with me”said Abhi in the same tone as pragya as he was too started to get affect by the bang.”No i will not.I promised ranveer i will not move from here ”said pragya .”No Fuggy you are coming with me that’s final ”said Abhi and pulled pragya from the bench to his chest.”No i will not come you go”said pragya with a pout and trying to get out of his hold.”Ok don’t come i will carry you”said Abhi and took her in his arms and carried her towards the house while pragya continued her protest.Once Abhi reached the room he placed pragya on the bed and was to move away when his feet slipped and he too fell on the top of pragya .Abhi slowly removed her hair from her face and stared into her eyes while pragya was too lost in his eyes .Abhi then softly caressed her face and placed a kiss on her forehead.”You are so beautiful chasmish”said Abhi in a husky tone and pragya just stared him in suprise. Abhi then looked at her cherry lips which he wanted to taste for a long time.

Then he leaned and captured her lips out of blue and pragya froze for few moments in shock and suprise but after few moment feeling his love and care in the kiss pragya too responded back expressing all her love for him which she can’t express in words.After few minutes Abhi continued to kiss her neck and threw her dupata which was disturabing and then followed her cloths and then his and Abhi covered them with a blanket as he continued to explore her body with love and care.That night they beacme one in all sense and there is no though of Tanu or anyone in their world.That night in their only existed their love for each other and nothing else.The next morning pragya was the first to wake up and closed her immediately coz of the headache.As pragya tried to move strongarms around her waist stopped her .Pragya turned and confusion only to see Abhi who was sleeping like a chid holding her closer to him.Just then pragya realized that she was laying on the bed with Abhi with nothing but ablanket covering her while Abhi was sleeping just in his shorts.Pragya started to panic not knowing how this happened and try to remember it.After few moment she remembered all the memories of the last night and tears started to roll from her eyesthinking what will she do after this.She then immediately moved out of his arms without waking him and rushed to the washroom wearing her clothes.Once pragya entered the washroom she locked the door and crumbled down on the floor pulling her legs toher chest and let the sob escape her lips.she can’t believe she let this happend with a man who didn’t even like her and was in love with another woman and who didn’t look at her on their wedding night.Though she didn’t regretlast night she know she can’t happy too aboutthis.She remembered all his soft kisses,caresses,his looks that contained nothing but love for her which she though she imagined.

Pragya for the first time in herlife felt totally defeated and didn’t even want to fight back.Thinking of her future after last night made pragya to sob loudly as she didn’t know what Abhi will do after this when he wakes up.She then slowly stood up and walked towards the shower and stood under it as the water flowed making her wet from head to toe.Then she sat on the floor and started to scream with tears running down her cheeks.Pragya covered her face and sobbed more in pain,shock,fear and confusion and felt like her heart will explode from the feeling she was going through.She just sat there sobbing for a long time hopingthis will be a bad dream and she will soon wake in the couch or on her side of Abhi’s bed.But she know its the reality and she can’t do nothing about it .After few minutes pragya started to feel cold and wiped her face and started to remove her clothes.Then she took a bath and brushed her teeth determined to talk with Abhi about last night.She know he will not taking in lightly but she can’t forget how much he made feel loved last night and she was sure it wouldn’t happened if he didn’thave any feelings for her.With this thought she left to Abhi’s room after getting dressed.

as pragya entered the room she saw Abhi sitting on the bed keeping his head on his hand with closed eyes.Her heart started to beat fastly in panic ,but after few seconds she calmed down knowing getting panic now is not going to help.Just then Abhi opened hiseyes and looked at pragya.”Thank god Fuggy you came.I don’t know why my head is hurting like this and i can’t even remember anything from last night”said Abhiand pragya felt like someone pulled her life out of her.”You didn’t remember anything from last night?”asked pragya in a soft voice and Abhi in his headache didn’t noticed when her voice cracked in the end.”Arrey haan Fuggy can’t you hear me properly .I was thinking about it for the last 10 minutes but i can’t remeber anything.Did you know what happened last night?”asked Abhi.”No.I didn’t know anything .I slept with ishani in the guest room last night”said pragya in a monotone voice.”You bhi na fuggy.Leave it i will first have a bath and will drink some coffee”said Abhi and left to the bathroom while pragya just sat on the couch numb realizing the cruel game destiny had played with her.

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