A MISTAKE (Matsh and KKB) Episode 2

thanks guys for much support. .. and kkb fans you pple didnt like it.. if so tell me.. I will stop… nd plse all feedbacks are welcomed. … do comment wat u think abt this story….and tisha,naveena,sowmiya,surbhi …. great yaar amazing…..

Haan so finally my best friend applied me colors ,so ofcourse have return the favor but in a great manner right”said rv and before pragya could react he took her in his arms while pragya started to shout in protest.”ranveer don’t even think of it leave me now”said pragya hitting his shoulder but rv just walked near the container which contained color water and dropped pragya in it but the next moment he too fell inside the water form his back.After few moments both of them looked at ishani who was standing with a smile and pragya smiled seeing the girl she started to love in the last few months after rv introduced her as his girlfriend.”ishanii ”said pragya with a smile and came out of the water and hugged Roshini.”Hi pragya di”said ishani with a smile hugging her back.Though pragya and rv are same age ishani still consider pragya as a elder sister she never had though she is just 2 years elder than her.”What are you doing here?”asked pragya witha smile .”Well rv informed me this morning that he was coming here to give you suprise visit.so i too came here to give you one.”said ishani with a smile and now everyone joined them.”ishani this is unfair yaar.

I mean you must be in your boyfriend team not in your di’s.sometimes i really doubt whom you love more”said rv who was now standing behind pragya drying the water from his hair.”Oh come on rv ofcourse you know whom i love more.How could you even ask something like that?”said ishani and rv smiled as he put his arms around pragya’s shoulder with a smile .”Ofcourse i love di more”said ishani with a smile and everyone started to laugh seeing rv’s pout.”See i am the most loved here rv ”said pragya looking rv with a smile and rv too smiled back and kissed her cheek.”I know afterall who can’t love my sweetheart once they came to know about her”said rv with a flirting smile and pragya slapped his shoulder playfully.”rv stop with this flirting with me and do it with ishani i will go and bring drink for everyone”said pragya and left the place with a smile.”So ishani can i follow my friends advice?”asked ranveerand ishanii glared at at him.”ranveer vagela , don’t you dare ”said ishani pointing her finger to him.”Future Mrs.vagela i will dare ”said ranveer and started to chase ishani with a smile who started running.”A unique pair.But i can’t believe bhabhi is so comforable with ranveer ,i mean i never seen her this close with any men.Even with bhai in public.”said Akash with a smile.”Woh toh hai Akash .rv bhai is her childhood friend and they did thier schooling and college together .They are always used to spend time together and our parents though of getting them married ,but then they said no to the wedding as there are only best friends.”said Bulbul with a smile and everyone smiled hearing this except Abhi.Abhi on the other hand didn’t know why he was feeling like beating this infamous rv for touching pragya when he himself was about getting married to Tanu.From what Bulbul said he was sure that they are nothing but good friends and he will never do the mistake of doubting her after what happened with suresh.But even they are more than friends he can’t do or have rights to say anything right though Abhi to himself and even this thought bought an unknown pain to his heart.

.bulbul was standing behind a tree hiding from everyone and was mixing something in two glasses of milk when Purab came.”Bulbul what are you doing here ?And what are you mixing in the milk?”asked Purab and Bulbul smiled .”Well purab did you see how jealous Jiju was seeing rv bhai and di?”asked Bulbul and purab nodded.”Haan Bulbul but what you mixing something with this milk is going to do with Abhi’s jealously”asked purab with confusion.”Oh purab this is bang i am mixing with this milk and once di and jiju drinks this they will tell whatever in their heart to each other”said Bulbul with a naughty smile .”Bulbul what if something gets wrong?”asked purab with concern.”Don’t worry purab nothing will happen.Here take this and make sure di drinks coz she will get suspicious if i give her this and i will make sure Jiju drink his ”said Bulbul and purab nodded taking the drink to pragya while Bulbul went to Abhi.

Abhi was standing with one of the guest when Bulbul came with the drink in her hand .”Jiju”called Bulbul and Abhi smiled seeing her.”Haan Bulbul”said Abhi”Jiju i bought you a drink specially made for rock star have this”said Bulbul with a smile and Abhi took the drink.”Thanks Bulbul ”said Abhi with a smile and Bulbul gave him on of her bubbly smile.”You are welcome Jiju”said Bulbul and left the place with a smile.Here Purab approached pragya who was taking with ishani and called her.”Haan Purab”asked pragya with a smile .”Di milk for you”said Puraba with a smile hoping pragya will not getting suspicious.”Thanks purab”said Pragya with a smile and started to drink the milk while purab let out a breath of relief .”Di my battery dies.Can you show me a guest room so i can charge my mobile?”asked ishani…”Sure ishani come on i will take you”said pragya and purab became worried coz he didn’t want their plan to get failed.”Di you stay here and take care of the guest i will take ishani di to the guest room”said purab with a smile.”But purab…”started pragya to protest but ishani stopped her.”Di i think purab is right .You must be here i will go with him”said ishani with a smile .”ok then”said Pragya and Purab left with ishani to the guest room.

hope u all love it….

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  1. I really loved it….

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  3. Very nice Nikita. I love kkb.

  4. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Its marvelous just like an amazing super hit dream…..I just love ishveer scene but Nikta could tell how ishveer become gf and bf In next update…… pls pls its a kind request yaar….

  5. very nice Nikita loved my ishveer

  6. Nice nikitha.love ishveer parts and I agree with dhruva.pls tell about their first meeting, how they become gf and bf.it will be interesting.

  7. Superb I love it a lottttttttt… Plzzz update next episode soon…

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  12. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superb yaar………..Abhi is soooooo cute when he gets Jealous………. & Not know what will gng to Happen ???….

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