A Mistake (Matsh and KKB) Episode 17


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Coming to Story,

Precap: Pragya observes him asks suniye what r u thinking about? Just then Abhi comes back to his senses and tells her nothing like that and smiles at her. After completing dinner they went to see moon from a place from that tent where ocean waves are touching their feet. There he arranged a couch and both sat on it and abhi started taking about their meetings from first but pragya is seeing at him and thinks If I will inform him about my pregnancy then what will be his reaction? Suddenly Abhi notices the Pragya’s tensed face and asks her hoping she will reveal the truth but she says nothing. Abhi thinks I have to make her realize that now I came to know about holi night.

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking how and pragya is in tension and Abhi offers her kulfi as it is her favorite. Pragya also thinks to eat some sweet as soon as Abhi offers her kulfi she eats it as a small child. Abhi stares at her with a smiling face (SANAM RE SANAM RE PLAYS IN BG) after completing kulfi she noticed that Abhi is staring her so pragya says that Y r u staring at me if u want u can also have it. Abhi is irked and says that u r eating that kulfi as if u have eaten after so many years so I am looking at u. Pragya is irked and keeps her face in anger then Abhi says now u are looking as if balloon and u r fulfilling ur name. Pragya is irked and says if we continue our nok jokh it will never completes so shall we go to home please as I am feeling tried. Abhi thinks and says k y not lets go to home. (GUYS AS TANU WENT TO AUSTRALIA FOR MODEL ASSIGNMENT AFTER THAT ACCIDENT SO SHE THOUGHT TO MEET ABHI LATER AS SHE IS MONEY MINDED SO SHE WENT THERE SO FOR SOME DAYS SHE WILL NOT BE IN THE STORY). Abhi and pragya comes to mm. As soon as she has reached mm she goes to dadi’s room to see whether she has taken her medicines r not. So, she enters in to the room and sees dadi is still awake and praying god so she goes to her and tasks her whether she has taken her medicines r not? Dadi replies yes beta I have taken. Pragya asks if u have taken then Y u r still awake it is not good for ur health dadi please go and sleep. So, Dadi tells her k beta u also go and sleep as u r looking that u r also tried. Pragya replies k dadi and comes out of her room and thinks how o go to room and she feels shy to go as now he proposed her. So, she thinks how to face him and she goes to near her room in thinking and stops near her room to avoid to go in to her room but just then dadi came out of her room to take water and notices pragya outside the room and asks her y u r not going in to the room and what r u doing here Pragya? Pragya replies nothing dadi I am just entering in to the room and asks where r u going dadi? Does u need anything I will bring for u but dadi replies no I will call robin and he will bring for me u go and take rest and so pragya holds the door handle to open the door and opens the door and dadi replies k beta and goes from there. As soon as pragya enters in to the room she searches for abhi in the room but just then Abhi comes from wardrobe and asks here some one r searching for me ha. Pragya is stunned to hear his voice and replies nothing like that I am searching for something. Abhi asks for what for ur mind? Pragya is irked and says that what does u mean? Abhi tells her that he is just joking don’t get anger on me because if u get anger then u will turn in to fuggy and smiles at her. Then Pragya now really get irked more so she goes to bed silently and picks a pillow and starts throwing on him. Now they start their pillow fight for some time and at last they are left with his favorite pillow. Both pragya and Abhi are looking to that pillow (GUYS AS F IN MUSICAL CHAIRS GAME WHEN TWO PLAYERS ARE LEFT AND ONE CHAIR IS LEFT HOW THE TWO PLAYERS WILL LOOK AT THAT CHAIR LIKE THAT) But Pragya keeps hold on that pillow and she picks it and moves from away from him but he goes to her and he get her and holds from back and kisses her on her cheek and tells her that I know everything about holi night. Pragya is shocked and stunned. Pragya asks what u means about it. Pragya says that means u proposed me because u has no other way after what u have done that night? Pragya tries to leaves from there but abhi holds her arm and takes her to a corner. Then he informs her that her Today morning I got to know about holi but I am trying to propose u from previous two days. Do u remember that I came to talk with in the kitchen but then dasi came and u left like that whenever I will try u will go from there with some cause so I decided to propose u outside the home so I planned it today. But when I went to dadi to talk something as I want some courage to propose u she started talking about me from my childhood till now and my holi celebrations like that she informed that Alia went to their friends home that night. Alia and u and I didn’t attend the dinner so she felt bad. After I met with RV and Ishani and Ishani informed me that u and me r in the same room from holi evening to next day morning. So, After that I came to my room and thought to see cctv footage (GUYS AS IT ISROCKSTAR ABHI’S HOME HE HAS CAMERAS IN EVERY ROOM AND THERE IS A SECRET SWITCH TO TURN OFF THE CAMERA ALSO AND ABOUT SWITCH ONLY FAMILY MEMBERS KNOW THAT WHERE IT IS AND PRAGYA DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT) and saw that we consummated our marriage after seeing it I am on cloud nine that in that stage also I am with my love. Pragya after listening to him feels glad and some shy so she about to leave but Abhi stops her and tells her don’t be shy as I am hubby cum lover na informs her that I have deleted that video so don’t feel shy k. After seeing pragya shyness, Abhi tells that I have a request for u from now onwards u will sleep on bed and I will on couch but pragya no I will on couch and they both starts arguing. Then pragya says k let’s stop this nokjhok and we will sleep on the same bed by keeping pillows between us as a border. Abhi feels somewhat irked but says k and says goodnight fuggy and pragya replies k and goes to wardrobe to change her dress and to have medicines and after sometime she comes back and sleeps.


The scene shifts to RV’s home, RV getting ready for his haldi then his sister comes and starts pulling his leg (means teasing). RV calls his mom to handle her and Haldi starts here all apply haldi on RV and RV is asked to go and take bath by his mom. So, RV thinks this is the best chance to go to her and meet her and informs his mom after bath he will go out for some office work and he will be there till afternoon. Hs mom k beta. RV baths and leaves to Ishani’s home.

The scene shifts to Ishani’s home, All are waiting for haldi to come from groom’s room as soon as it is arrived they started the haldi and Diya (Ishani’s sister) and Ishani’s friends are teasing her and all are dancing and singing. After a while RV reaches her home but he thinks to go from backside as all are in the function to Ishani’s room because any one sees me then my promise will break as I accepted her condition so and by hiding from everyone he at last reaches to Ishani’s room and hides behind a curtain. After a while the haldi ceremony is completed and Ishani comes to her room to fresh up and as soon as she entered the room and closed the door he goes behind Ishani and closes her mouth because if she will shout booth will be caught so but Ishani is stunned and surprised to see him and both apply haldi on eachother and he want to share a hug but Ishani tells him that she is not so clean to hug so tells him to leave and he leaves from there.

The scene shifts to purab’s room where bulbul is trying to wake him up by giving coffee but still he is waking so she puts his finger in that hot coffee as soon as she put finger in coffee purab jumps from the bed and wakes up and asks her is it the way to wake her husband? Bulbul tells him that it is the way to wake kumbakaran from sleep that I know and she tries to move away but just then he holds her and tells her that so I am kumbakaran na so I am having that much of hungry also so please complete my hungry with ur bed kiss and he comes closer to her but she pushes him and runs away and tells him that if he has any work go and complete it and come fast to home as we have to go na today evening. Purab k meri ma and leaves to fresh up. After finishing Fresh up he comes to Dining hall to have food there he saw bulbul standing there and preparing his breakfast on a plate so that he can have it. After seeing her he thinks something and starts aching in pain. After listening his voice in pain she runs to him and asks him what happened then he told by mistake he kept his hand hot water in washroom so he can’t eat today. Then bulbul tells him that she will feed him and asks him to sit. He comes and sit there and she began to feed him and at last piece he bites her finger unknowingly and when she starts aching in pan he forgotten about his lie and helped her but she came to know about it and about to beat him but he runs away from there to work. Bulbul sees it and feels shy and pats her head.

The scene shifts to Abhi’s room, Pragya wakes up and sees abhi and thinks he is so cute while sleeping and cares his hair and about to kiss on him on his fore head but he wakes up. She notices it so she above to run away but abhi holds her and asks her that how many times u will run from me like this? Pragya asks what u means. Abhi tells her that first u come closer to me when I am sleeping and when I will wake up and see u coming closer to me u will run from me and second u will not complete the work for what u came to near me. Pragya is stunned and asks that means u know all things and with shy she is about to run away from him but abhi hold her wrist. The Screen freezes on Abhi and pragya happy faces.

Precap: Abhi gets Award for his music……………………………………………………Rachana plan fails and akash proves his love to her……………………………………………………………………..pragya decides to inform abhi about her pregnancy………………………………………….

Credit to: lekhika

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