A Mistake (Matsh and KKB) Episode 16

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Coming to Story,

Precap: Abhi comes back to his senses and thinks y I behaved like that? It’s true that I love her and now I don’t want divorce from her but, if she thinks that because of her pregnancy I am accepting her then she will never stay with me and goes away from me forever. So, First I have to propose her and realize her about my love then automatically she will confess about her pregnancy in front of me. so first I have to give build faith on my love in her and I have to give strength to her to confess the truth so he thinks to propose her tomorrow.

The Episode starts with Abhi go to drink water in the fridge in his room but, as there is no water in that fridge he goes to kitchen to bring water. In the meantime Pragya comes out of wardrobe and goes to sleep and she sleeps and Abhi enters the room and notices that came out of wardrobe and slept before he came and thinks may be she is avoiding me after what I did with her. So, tomorrow to propose her I have to make a plan and he thinks how to bring her to that place? He sits and thinks about it but suddenly he remembers about reports given by doctor so he wants to see them (GUYS AS REPORTS ALSO CONTAIN SONOGRAPHY REPORT). He checks whether she slept r not and he confirmed that she slept so he goes in to wardrobe to see reports he sees all reports and all have positive response and coming to sonography reports he can’t understand and thinks to ask doctor/pragya after she will reveal the secret that she is pregnant. So he keep it secretly from where he has taken. And he comes back to room and goes to sleep.

The scene shifts to purab’s home, Purab comes back to home and he opens the door and he shocked to see the hall as it is decorated with candles and as soon as he goes to dining hall to have dinner and thrilled to see the dining table decorated with candles and Rose petals with his favorite food. A voice comes from back that Surprise is still there my love. He suddenly turns after listening the voice and he replies somebody here are becoming so romantic today. Bulbul says so u don’t need this k. I will go from here and she tries to leave from there but just then he holds her from back and drags her to his side and keeps his hand on her shoulder and tells her that thank u very much for giving me the person who loves me a lot as my wife. They continue their Dinner by serving each other and after completing Dinner purab wants to go to his room but bulbul blindfolds his eyes and takes him to the room and opens it and he is surprised to see the room with candles decorated with the flowers. They consummate their marriage.


The Scene shifts to Abhi’s room, Abhi wakes up and sees pragya is still sleeping so he goes to fresh up because he has lots of work today as he have to prepare something to her surprise. After a while he comes and sees pragya is still sleeping so he goes to her and sits beside her and cares her hair and thinks that fuggy today u will never forget it will be ur beautiful memory and moment in ur life. And he goes from there as soon as he leaves pragya wakes up and notices abhi is absent in the room so she goes to wardrobe to search may be he went to fresh up but, she finds that he is no there in the room and goes to fresh up. After Fresh up she left the room in the search of abhi. But, she did not find him so she thinks that he may go out for some work. So she waits for him as she has to leave tomorrow as she promised him.

The scene shifts to Abhi is in a place where he is arranging some surprise for her and talking on phone with some that work should be completed till this evening (GUYS THE PLACE WON’T DISCLOSE FOR US NOW).

The scene shifts to RV home, In RV’s home all re preparing for haldi ceremony of RV and Ishani (GUYS AS ISHANI WISHES THAT EVEN THOUGH HE IS IN HOSPITAL THE FUNCTIONS SHOULD GO ON AS HE IS GOING TO BE DISCHARGE SO) RV calls Ishani tells her that he want to see her in haldi but Ishani says no it’s not possible. RV asks please for one minute but Ishani says no if anybody knows about it then they will finally kill me so. RV keeps silent on other side of phone. Ishani says k RV comes but carefully if anybody see u then where u have been seen from there u have to go back. If u r ok for this condition then come. RV says k my love anything for u. Ishani blushes and RV says stop blushing and Ishani asks how u came to know then she checks her surroundings. RV says don’t check Ur surroundings I am not there but u r in my heart then how will I don’t know about u? I am going to be better half so i have to know more about u than anybody only then our love will flourish throughout our life.

The scene shifts to pragya in mm, pragya receives call from rachana that she wants to meet her so pragya informs dadi she has some work outside dadi I will come back soon and goes to meet rachana. In some place they both meet then rachana informs her that di I want to take a test of akash to know whether he changed really r not? Pragya says k. Rachana explains her some plan which is muted. Pragya says k done I will help in it. Rachana says thanks di and both leaves from there.

The Scene shifts to MM, pragya is waiting for abhi from morning now it’s almost evening then she thinks ask Dadi but she stops thinking if he didn’t informed her they I will make her tensed. So, first let me call him and know if he will not pick my call then I will inform dadi about abhi. She calls Abhi but he sees it and ignores the call. She does this for several times but it repeats (means no one will pick the call) so she decides to inform dadi and just to leave to dadi’s room she get a call from unknown number. So, she picks it.

Unknown: Hello madam here ur husband is in some danger so please come to versova beach (GUYS THIS BEACH NAME I HAVE IMAGINED TO BE THE PLACE WHERE ABHI

Pragya: what I a coming who r u and how u get my number?

Unknown: He simply cuts the call.

Pragya rushes to that place without informing to anybody. As soon as she has reached the place she searched for him here and there then suddenly someone comes and blindfolds her eyes and takes her to a place and in this meantime she is shouting on the person who has blindfolded her. After reaching that place someone removes the blind folds and she is shocked to see a white tent which I arranged in such a way that if they don’t know that it is made of tent then they think that it may be room where angels stay because it is fully of white colored with white tulips and roses and white candles with a table covered with table cloth in between which has 2 chairs covered with white cushions and the tent as a cloth at entrance as someone who is made for it wants to enter in to it then automatically white cloth with white cotton shaped flowers are there to welcome them. From one place in that we can see the moon clearly and the ocean water will touch ur feet when u r seeing the moon.But, after a moment she searches for abhi but she didn’t see anybody there so she was about to leave then a voice comes over that

O My Dear, this place is waiting for their angel’s entry.

O My Dear, this moon is waiting for competition as he didn’t believe that there is another moon in my life.

O My Dear, this ocean waves are waiting for touching ur soft feet.

O My Dear, this cold breeze is waiting for sensing u.

O My Dear, This evening is waiting for u from a decade.

O My Dear, A person is waiting for u throughout his life to share his life with u.

O My Dear, Please promise him that u will never go away from him as he can’t imagine life without u.

(GUYS WHEN THIS OVER ALL TALKS ARE LISTENING BY PRAGYA SHE IS SHOCKED, SURPRISED )and abhi hugs her from back and says I LOVE U FUGGY. Please don’t leave me as I came to know that my love and my life is u not that tanu she is just a passing cloud. Please accept my love and please forgive my mistakes. I want to be with u forever please.

On listening this tears rolled from her eyes and she breaks the hug and turns towards him and says is this ur new game I have already signed the divorce papers so please don’t worry I will not come in between u and tanu. I will leave from here forever and ev then abhi pats her nose to pause and tells her stop saying bl….y words please trust me once I will never and ever break ur trust and r u talking about these divorce papers if yes then see what will happens to this papers who are making my fuggy to be sad and cry and shows her the papers to make her realize that they r the real papers and he takes the papers from her and tears Divorce papers in front of her. She is stunned to see it and asks him what u has done? Abhi says just I have rectified my mistake which leads to ur separation from me which is like separation soul from body. He kneels down in front of her and tells her to be with him and to be his soul and his love by forwarding his hand towards her by bending his head before her. Then she realizes that his love is visible in his words and eyes so he is really in love with her and she also kneels down in front of him and hugs him tightly saying suniye I LOVE U.(TUMHI HO plays in BG) After some time they both comes back to their senses and pragya breaks the hug but abhi holds her tightly that she can’t get free so she tells to him that suniye I am hungry shall we have dinner. Abhi ok come and he spreads the white carpet which is decorated with white cotton balls. She enters in to it and asks him y u decorated it with white cotton balls? Y not with flowers? Abhi replies to her that there might some horns to it which might harm my fuggy so. Pragya blushes after hearing the answer of abhi. Abhi goes first and offers her a seat to sit and both sit in their respective places and completes their dinner and overall this dinner abhi staring at pragya that when will she give me the good news I am eagerly waiting to listen it from her if not I will make her to confess as I can’t wait for a long so. Pragya observes him asks suniye what r u thinking about? Just then Abhi comes back to his senses and tells her nothing like that and smiles at her. After completing dinner they went to see moon from a place from that tent where ocean waves are touching their feet. There he arranged a couch and both sat on it and abhi started taking about their meetings from first but pragya is seeing at him and thinks If I will inform him about my pregnancy then what will be his reaction? Suddenly Abhi notices the Pragya’s tensed face and asks her hoping she will reveal the truth but she says nothing. Abhi thinks I have to make her realize that now I came to know about holi night. The screen freezes on Abhi’s thinking face.

Precap: Abhi and Pragya comes back to their room……………………………Abhi hold pragya from back and kisses her on her cheek and tells her that I know everything about holi night…………………………Pragya is shocked and stunned.

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