A Mistake (Matsh and KKB) Episode 15


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Coming to Story,

Precap: Doctors cabin and thinks to call abhi and informs him. So, she calls him. He is on the way but after seeing Doctor’s number, he picks the call and narrates all the conversation between her and his wife. He gets happy that his fuggy and his baby r fine and he thank her for telling him this good news now abhi is on cloud nine. The scene splits on his happy face and pragya’s happy face leaving from hospital.

The Episode starts with Pragya leaving the Hospital and calling bulbul. The scene shifts to purab home, bulbul picks the call and speaks hello di. How r u di? On the other side pragya replies I am fine can I come now to meet u? Bulbul replies k di and turns around and suddenly purab comes there to hug her from backside to surprise her but at the meantime she turns around so she shouts in a shock on the other side of phone pragya asks what happened bulbul? Why are u shouting? Then purab closes her mouth with one hand and phone with other hand asks her to calm down and don’t tell this to pragya di please. Then bulbul replies k in a sign. So, purab removes his hands goes aside and then bulbul replies nothing di some angry cat (akhudu billi) came in the house and just now I have sent it to out. Pragya replies then k I will be there within an hour. Bulbul replies k di and cuts the call. Bulbul stares at purab with a smile and purab comes closer to her by saying kya mein akhudu billi huin? And chases her as she started moving away from him.

At last he catches her and cares her hair and about to kiss but she pushed him again and tried to leave but he stopped by holding her wrist and suddenly they will lose their balance and they fill fall on bed and again purab tries to come closer and they spend some quality time with each other and Suddenly purab remembers that he bought some gifts to her and tells her about it and asks to give them to her. He goes and brings them to her. She opens the gifts one by one. The first gift is movie tickets for them of her favorite movie and the second gift is a saree which is red color with silver border and third gift is some western dresses and fourth gift is Red roses bouquet and fifth gift is a box of chocolates which she likes the most and she asks Y this much of gifts today and y r u showering this much of love on me today? Purab tells her that firstly only today I am not loving u , I will love u until my last breath then she suddenly closes his mouth with her hand and tells him that don’t tell like that I can’t live without u. Then purab kisses her hand and tells this gifts for ur happiness and dresses for our honeymoon. Bulbul feels shy and pushes him and goes from there and purab comes chasing her. Just then bell rings and bulbul goes to open the door. It is pragya. Pragya comes in.

The scene shifts to abhi reached the place and waiting for RV. Just then RV and Ishani enter the café. Abhi sees them and sign them to come and he thinks y Ishani came? RV and Ishani comes there and sits before abhi and RV asks Abhi what happened u sounded very tensed in the phone but, now u r looking very happy and cool? Abhi tells him that if I will not behave like that u will not come na so. Abhi tells them to leave it now please tell me what happened on holi day in detail? RV asks him that y r u asking u r also there in that celebration then? Abhi tells him that nothing I didn’t remember completely and I have to know about it please tell me about that day what u have seen and experienced in detail without missing anything and don’t ask me any queries about y. It’s all about ur friend’s goodness. Abhi thinks in his mind because I can’t see the guilty feeling in her face if I ask about that day to her as I didn’t remember anything so. RV tells ok and starts telling him all the things he remembered and he stressed ha ha and tells him that I saw pragya in dizziness so she is not walking properly and about to fall then I went and saved her and seated her on a bench went to bring some lemon water after knowing that she unknowingly drunk bhang so. After I came with a glass of lemon water but I saw that she is no where there and I have searched her each and each every place in outside and I thought she might went in. RV tells him that’s all after that we left from as soon as Ishani came.

Ishani shouts in excitement that she remembers something of that day. Abhi asks what do u remembers Ishani. Ishani tells him that I went inside ur house to charge my mobile with purab. Then FB starts Purab showed me a room to keep my mobile charge and he came out as he received a call just then I came out to see ur house then I have unknowingly listened that purab talking with bulbul that we have done mistake by giving bhang to abhi and pragya di. I am feeling that something wrong to be happened if abhi will come to know he will definitely kill me. And he cuts the call with irked face as bulbul replies let’s see what happens and only good will happen. And I entered back in to the room and after some time I came out just then I saw u r taking pragya di in ur arms to ur room and both of u r in bhang and as soon as u entered the room u have closed the room. After seeing this u came out to go home and I thought its private scene so I didn’t tell about this to RV till now. Already I have seen it unknowingly and she tells Abhi that sorry jiji I didn’t see it intentionally I did it unknowingly with holding her ears. Abhi is stunned to listen as pragya informed that she slept in aliya’s room so he is thinking to ask dadi whether any of them have seen by her before next morning of holi. Suddenly RV shook’s abhi asks him what r u thinking? Just then abhi comes back to his senses and tells them that not to tell this to pragya please. RV and Ishani tell abhi in a single tone that they won’t after seeing his happiness on his face. Abhi tells them ok I am going now I have some work I will catch u later. K bye guys.

The scene shifts to Hospital where Ishani’s father is admitted. As soon as they reached and they went to parekh’s room where all family members are waiting for them. Then they will come and narrates the entire story in café and tells them not to inform pragya. They all say k. Then Parekh makes a request to all family members that to start the preparations of RV and Ishani’s marriage. RV holds Ishani’s hand secretly so Ishani blushes. Rv’s sister Parul notices it and goes to them asks RV that Brother please leave Ishani bhabhi atleast up to marriage then they both comes back to senses and all the family members laughs on them.

The scene shifts to pragya in purab’s home where pragya is asking what about ur honeymoon planning purab and bulbul? Purab going on di by staring Bulbul and bulbul blushes and replies ha di and asks what do u want to say to me di? Pragya stammers as purab is there so purab observes it and tells them that I have some work and leave s from there. Then pragya asks bulbul to not to tell about lohri day please for my sake. Bulbul replies di this is not fair jiju is doing bad with u and u r thinking about his good (IN ANGRY TONE). Then pragya replies to her this is what love means my dear bulbul if ur loved one is in trouble then u won’t think that person is troubling u. u just want person to be happy so. Please don’t tell this to purab also please for ur di sake if u love ur di then promise on me that u will not tell this to anybody. Bulbul half-heartedly says k di promise. Then pragya says k come I will help in ur packing. But, Bulbul replies that all packing is completed di as we have to leave tomorrow evening itself. Pragya says k bulbul I will leave now. But, bulbul asks her that to stay with her for some time please let’s talks something. Pragya after seeing her sad face she says k meri ma k. They start their talking both continuously talk with each other but at certain moment pragya stopped talking and keep staring bulbul as she will miss after few days she going to leave everyone na so.

The scene shifts to Abhi going to mm thinking about RV and Ishani talks and thinks that he have to ask dadi in that way that she should not get doubt on him and as soon as he have reached mm and he quickly ran to dadi’s room and slowly opened her room door and in the room dadi asks what beta what do u need? Then Abhi tells her that he wants to talk with her for some time. Dadi says k beta come and sit with me. Abhi goes and sit beside her and talks about his childhood and his youth and marriage and finally in between talks Abhi asks her about holi celebration from childhood to till recent holi and he asks please tell me about our recent holi as I don’t remember about recent holi any thing kyu ee nahi patha? Then Dadi tells him that because u drank bhag so. Dadi starts narrating whole holi celebrations and tells him in sad voice u didn’t came for dinner also on that day. Then Abhi asks Dadi Is anybody who hasn’t came for dinner on that day? Dadi replies yes Raj, Pragya also didn’t come on that day for Dinner and ha I forgotten Alia also didn’t come because she went to her friend’s home for celebrating holi and informed me that it became so late to come to home so she stayed that night there. Abhi Shocked to know that Pragya is in that room only with him the whole night then Y pragya told me lie? Then Dadi asks Abhi what are u thinking? Is there any problem tell me beta? Abhi no dadi I am just sleepy so can I go and sleep dadi. Dadi thinks Yes Abhi go and take rest.

The scene shifts to Purab’s home, Bulbul stops talking as she observes that her pragya di is not talking with her just staring at her so. She shook’s Pragya and asks y is she not talking with her and just staring at me? Then Pragya tells her that just remembering our childhood and suddenly she sees the time and tells bulbul that it’s so late now I have to go home and about to leave from there. Just then Purab comes and tells her that he will drop her home as its too late night.

The scene shifts to Abhi’s room, Abhi goes to his room and thinks about RV and Ishani talks and dadi talks and Pragya talks and he joins all the talks and thinks that ….means……. Pragya is lying to me since first day from holi. This …….means ……..that…….she……is carrying ……..my baby…………… (IN EXCITED MANNER AND JUMPS HERE AND THERE)And After sometime he came back to his senses and thinks How can she inform me as I didn’t remember anything of that night and I asked her for divorce after she came to know about her pregnancy then How she will tell me? So she decided to go away from me and family with my child. No, I can’t allow this to happen. After knowing that I am in love with her and she is carrying my child I can’t lose her and I can’t live with her.

The scene shifts to Purab dropping pragya in mm and purab takes leave from there. Pragya enters into mm and goes to Dadi’s room to check her once and goes into dadi’s room and sees that she has slept already so she leaves from there and goes to her room.

The scene shifts to Abhi’s room, Abhi thinks to propose her and just then Pragya enters the room. As soon as Pragya enters into abhi’s room. He drags her to a corner and come close to her and try to kiss her but, Pragya pushes him aside and goes from there to wardrobe and Pragya is stunned and confused Y Is he behaving in weird manner I have given him divorce then what he want know and thinks about his behavior. Abhi comes back to his senses and thinks y I behaved like that? It’s true that I love her and now I don’t want divorce from her but, if she thinks that because of her pregnancy I am accepting her then she will never stay with me and goes away from me forever. So, First I have to propose her and realize her about my love then automatically she will confess about her pregnancy in front of me. so first I have to give build faith on my love in her and I have to give strength to her to confess the truth .so he thinks to propose her tomorrow. The screen splits on Abhi’s happy face and Pragya’s confused face.

Precap: Abhi proposes Pragya ……………………………………………………………tears Divorce papers in front of her……………………………………………

Credit to: lekhika

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