A Mistake (Matsh and KKB) Episode 13


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Coming to Story,

Precap: The scene shifts to Abhi’s room, Abhi thinks y is he calling me as sir I think Bulbul is near him and goes to get ready as soon as possible and he goes to washroom and comes after fresh up. Just then Pragya comes in the room with his coffee and she gives it to him asks him when u wake up and get ready so fast? Where r u going Is there any important work to u? He drinks coffee and informs her that he has a meeting with a producer so he will not eat breakfast today at home. I will have my breakfast with producer and he leaves.

The episode starts with Abhi leaving to meet Purab and Pragya thinks to go to hospital to take those tests and wants to meet bulbul .The scene shifts to Dadi’s room, Pragya goes to dadi’s room and informs her that she is going to meet bulbul and she will come after some time. Dadi says k beta go carefully and come early. Pragya says k dadi and leaves from house and goes to hospital. As soon as she goes to hospital she sees Ishani there and tries to hide herself because if she sees her and thinks what to answer her that y she is there? But, she gets doubt why she is there she asks a nurse who is crossing her .Then that nurse informs her that her dad got a mild heart attack last night so, she is there. So, Pragya keeps hiding from Ishani and goes to Doctor for tests and all tests are completed and doctor informed her that her reports will come by tomorrow evening. Pragya says K Doctor I will come to pick my reports don’t send them to my home. Doctor says k and asks” Is there any Problem as she is looking tensed and tells Pragya that u should not be stressed and tensed in these days.” Pragya says k Doctor and there is nothing like that. After she leaves Doctor’s cabin Doctor calls Abhi and informs him that All tests are done Reports will come by tomorrow .A FB shown After getting into Car Abhi calls Doctor and requests her to inform him if pragya comes there for tests and when their reports will come and not to say this top pragya .But, Doctor asks Y ? Abhi replies her that I think she wants to give me surprise and if she knows that I already know that means she feels Bad na so. Doctor says K and says U r very Nice and loving Husband she is lucky to have u.

The Scene shifts to Abhi in the car and thinking Y I am feeling good and extreme happy when Doctor praised me as a good husband as this is a marriage without love na. Then Y and thinks to go to purab as soon as possible I can’t be in this dilemma any more.

The scene shifts to Pragya in Hospital and Pragya comes out of hospital while hiding from Ishani successfully. Pragya calls Bulbul and asks her where is she? As I want to meet u. Bulbul informs her that she is in her home and asks pragya di what’s the matter? But, Pragya I will come there and I will tell u don’t go anywhere k. Bulbul says k di

The scene shifts to Purab waiting for Abhi in a cafe. Just then Abhi enters into café and searches for purab and then purab signs to Abhi. Abhi notices that and goes to purab. Purab asks Y u called me here what’s the urgent matter? Abhi tells him that first we order some coffee with some food as I haven’t my breakfast today. Purab calls waiter and both of them orders some food and then Abhi starts saying that as u know u r the best Romeo in the world so only u can solve my problem? Then Purab tells r u praising me r teasing me (in an irked way)? Abhi tells no purab I am just praising u and asking u to help me to solve my dilemma. Purab what dilemma? (In a stunned manner)Abhi tells that can u please tell me how u realized Ur love for bulbul? Purab asks y u want to know about love now as u r already loved tanu na?

Abhi asks Just tell me I want some information for my concert about love so. Then purab asks what concert and when? Abhi tells if u r helping r not otherwise I will go from here stop questioning me like in kbc (in angry tone). In mean time they received their food and started having their food and just then purab starts telling about love as—

1. When once u fall in love with some one U will miss her continuously and u can’t stay without seeing her for a moment.

2. U will feel jealous when she will talk closely with some other guy.

3. U will feel desperate if that person is not talking with u.

4. U will feel sad when that person is sad.

5. U will feel like someone has stabbed u when u feel like that u will lose that person.

In the meantime Abhi‘s mind is moving around thoughts of pragya and suddenly he comes back to his senses and thinks why he is thinking about pragya? I have to think about Tanu na she is my gf na and notices that purab has stopped telling about love. Abhi shook’s purab as purab is thinking about bulbul when he is telling about love (TUM HI HO SONG PLAYS IN BG) and when Abhi shook’s him. Abhi asks him about how u came to know that ur love is bulbul? Purab tells him that he feels comfortable with her and I feel insecurity and jealous when she is close to some guy and when she is not near to me then I will think only about her and when she is near to me then I will only see towards her. Then I realized that she is the one who destined for me and I want her throughout my life. Then he notices that Abhi lost somewhere. Then purab asks Abhi where have u lost? Then Abhi asks Purab Is there any other way to know that who is ur destiny then he tells Abhi that close Ur eyes and think about Ur love and Abhi closes his eyes and he sees Pragya’s face and he suddenly opens his eyes with a stunned expression…….

The Scene shifts to RV going to sarla’s home and he reaches to the sarla’s home and goes to the door and he rings the bell.(GUYS HE DON’T KNOW ABOUT ISHANI’S FATHER AS ISHANI DIDN’T INFORM HIM ABOUT HER FATHER IN HER MENTAL CONDITION I.E SAD)Sarla opens the door and surprised to see RV and welcomes him inside the house after entering he takes sarla’s blessings . Sarla in a stunned way asked him what the good news is. Is Ur parents and ishani’s parent’s fixed Ur marriage date? RV says Yes ma u r right u r really awesome. I am here to inform u about it and also u all have to attend my marriage and suddenly he received call from Ishani and he is shocked to listen the news and runs from there telling sarla that I will come later ma as there is an emergency and leaves .All are shocked to see his behavior .RV rushes to Hospital and sees parekh and consoles Ishani and tells her that nothing will happen to parekh uncle. Please don’t cry I can’t see u crying. Nothing will happen to uncle. Suddenly he receives sarla ma’s call and she asks him what happened is anything serious u gone from here like that we are all tensed. RV replies to her that ma Ishani father got a mild heart attack and I came running from there like that. On other side sarla ma tells him tell Ishani to keep faith in god nothing will happen to her father and tell her to be strong. RV says k ma. I will be here na ma I will take care of her and I will console her and k ma I will call u later once all the situation get better. On the other side sarla says k beta take care of ur self and her and cuts the call.

The Scene shifts to Abhi in café, Purab who have seen abhi tells him that I have to leave and leaves from there. Then he suddenly bumps in to tanu. Tanu asks abhi y r u here? Abhi tells her she came to meet a producer regarding concert. She says k. Abhi asks can I drop u tanu? Tanu says k. At the same time Pragya is on the way to bulbul’s house. But, suddenly sees kulfi and wants to have it so she asks taxi driver to stop the taxi and wait for some time. But to have kulfi she has to cross the road and taxi is stopped near the café where abhi came. Just then Abhi came out of café and he saw that Pragya is getting down from taxi and he stopped there itself and tanu without noticing him that he is coming with her r not she is crossing the road (Guys Abhi parked his car opposite side and somewhere far from café so that his fans can’t notice him while he is going in to café)Both Tanu and Pragya are crossing the road at the same time without noticing anything Pragya has her concentration only on kulfi and Tanu’s has her concentration only on her talks. Suddenly Abhi notices that a car is coming towards pragya (GUYS ACTUALLY THAT CAR IS COMING TOWARDS PRAGYA AND TANU)But, Abhi saves Pragya from the accident and at the same time Tanu gets injured but a little like on her arms and on her leg. Tanu suddenly notices that abhi saved pragya not her and she gets irked and gets anger on abhi and goes to him. In the mean time Abhi saved pragya and starts shouting on her that u can’t take care of ur self? Can’t u see that car is coming towards u? U have this much of big glasses r u blind? If anything happens to u then what about me? And suddenly pragya speaks suniye I am alright then Abhi comes back to his senses and asks pragya come with me to home. Now U r not going anywhere come with me and takes her towards car but , her leg has some sprain so she can’t walk so he took her in his arms and walks towards car without noticing Tanu and makes her sit in the car and he started driving towards mm.

The scene shifts to Tanu seeing this from a distance and gets angry on Abhi and thinks how he can do like this? And moves to Abhi to ask him but to then the car left from there. Tanu sees the car angrily and thinks to meet him tomorrow and know about it from him directly by asking him and she leaves to nearby Hospital.

The scene shifts to Abhi and pragya in the moving towards mm and just then pragya messages Bulbul that now she can’t come and I will call u later and stares Abhi who is still angry on her with a smiling face in thinking that how he care about me.(ALLAH WARIAH PLAYS IN BG) The screen freezes on Pragya’s smiling face.

Precap: Abhi realizes that his love is pragya and not tanu she is just a passing cloud as I am just infatuated towards her beauty.

Credit to: lekhika

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