A Mistake (Matsh and KKB) Episode 12


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Coming to Story,

Precap: Abhi in his room and he place the medicines in that place where pragya has kept it and thinks to know the actual truth that how fuggy became pregnant and when? As she is not characterless the child may not belongs to any another man. So, I have to get to know truth from her mouth itself. But, How?

The Episode starts with Pragya come back to home and she wants to go directly to her room. But, Suddenly Dadi calls her and asks her to bring her coffee as she wants to drink coffee made by her hands. Pragya says k and goes to kitchen to prepare coffee but while preparing coffee she feels vomiting and goes to washroom in the hall for vomiting and comes back to kitchen then she suddenly notices that coffee has came out of the vessel as she forgotten to switch off the gas .So, she again started to prepare Coffee and she thought to prepare one for abhi also and she prepared and comes out of kitchen to go to dadi’s room to give it.

The scene shifts to Abhi in his room thinking about doctor’s words and thinks y I felt happy when she congratulated me as I am not loving pragya na and y I felt jealous when Pragya is talking to RV as I know he is her childhood friend? After knowing that also I felt jealous what happened to me and I will miss her if she is not near me? He thinks to know what is happening to him. So He decides

-> Primarily He should know what is happening to him?

->Secondly He should know what happened on Holi day?

->Thirdly He should do something which makes Pragya to confess the truth by herself?

And he thinks to help of purab but they will go to honeymoon within 2 days so I have to take help of purab only for first and second work and I will also take help of pragya’s childhood friend RV for second work and third work as he also came on Holi day to our home (ABHI THINKS ASKING HIS HELP WITHOUT INFORMING ABOUT THE TRUTH OF HER PREGNANCY)so and he comes out of his room to see whether pragya came back to home r not? At the same time Pragya is running in to washroom in the hall (GUYS THIS IS THE SCENE WHERE PRAGYA RUNS FROM KITCHEN TO WASHROOM SHE DIDN’T NOTICED ANYTHING NEAR HER) Abhi is observing this all from upstairs and he thinks she might feeling vomiting and remembers doctor’s words to take care her as she is weak so he runs towards pragya at the same time Pragya is coming to dadi’s room to give her the coffee then abhi goes to her and asks her r u fine? She noticed some tension on his face and thinks suddenly what happened to him? And she says I am fine y r u asking like that? Abhi thinks I can’t let her know r get doubt that I know she is pregnant and he says since 2 days u r ignoring me so I am asking u because nobody can’t avoid rock star in his naughty way. She thinks how he can behave in normal way as nothing happened between us and says ok now can I go to dadi’s room to give her coffee and by the way this is for u and she give him his coffee and moves to dadi’s room.(GUYS THIS SCENE IS RUNNING ON THE STAIRCASE)

Just then Abhi thinks how she caring about me and smiles seeing her and suddenly thinks y I am taking care of her? She loves me so she taking care of me but, y I am doing the same? with a stunned expression.

The scene shifts to Tanu’s home , Tanu is thinking y abhi is not at all talking to her like before .So, she thinks to meet him today and calls him but he ignores call and sends message that I am in meeting .So, she gets angry on him and thinks y he changed a lot and thinks to know about it.

The scene shifts to Dadi’s room pragya gives her coffee and goes to her room to take her medicines and again goes to kitchen to prepare dinner then abhi comes to room and checks medicines and he notices that she has taken one tablet in each one and suddenly dadi calls him for Dinner so he goes to dining table and all sits on their respective places and pragya is still standing to serve then Abhi asks her to have her seat and to have dinner with them all notices abhi and dasi teases abhi that he is taking care of her wife and pragya also thinks y is he behaving in weird manner? And Dadi tells her to sit as abhi is right and makes her sit.

Now, Pragya also having Dinner but Abhi is continuously staring pragya when she notices abhi turns away and Abhi thinks Y can’t I remove my eyes from Pragya?

The Scene shifts to Ishveer they are coming back to their respective homes in the car. In the car Ishani is continuously watching outside of the window and thinking about her beautiful and romantic date with RV.RV interrupts her and asks her what r u thinking? Ishani replies nothing but, RV says u thinking about me na. Whether I am correct r not? After Listening to RV’s words Ishani blushes. At the same time they reached to Ishani’s house. He stops the car and gets down from the car and opens door to Ishani to get down and she does so and she says bye to RV as its already late and she about to go but RV holds Ishani drags to near him and hugs her and tells her that this is the way to say bye to fiancée. Ishani blushes and goes to her home. RV comes back to his seat and starts driving to his home and thinks to go to sarla ma’s home to invite them to his wedding (GUYS HE DON’T KNOW ABOUT BULBUL THAT SHE IS MARRIED AS THEY FORGOT TO INVITE HIM ACTUALLY INVITING PEOPLE FOR WEDDING IS THE DUTY OF PRAGYA SHE IS NOT IN STATE SO SHE FORGOT TO INVITE HIM) RV reaches his home and directly goes to his to room to sleep and texts to Ishani goodnight sweet heart and get replies goodnight my love.

The scene shifts to Dining table in mm there all completed their dinner and goes to their respective rooms to sleep pragya and abhi also go to their room and pragya goes to sleep on couch but abhi tells her to sleep on bed and he goes to sleep on couch .But, she asks Y? I will sleep there is no problem for me but, he says (in a anger tone) Pragya he tells her that I am telling to sleep on bed so go and sleep don’t argue with me .They sleeps on their respective places mentioned by abhi. But, Abhi thought to call purab tomorrow itself and take his help. Abhi not even able to sleep .So, he gets up to drink some water he notices pragya sleeping a child as she is tired enough today from morning so. And he goes to near her and cares her hair for a moment (IN BG ALLAH WARRIAH PLAYS) but, he comes back to his senses and thinks Y I am behaving like this now a day’s attracting towards her and goes to couch to sleep.


The scene shifts to Abhi’s room, Pragya wakes up and goes to fresh up and comes out of the wardrobe. She notices that Abhi is still sleeping so she goes to bring coffee for him and as soon as she comes out of the room abhi slips from couch and wakes up and he searches for pragya and comes to know that she is not there so he called purab asks him that can he come to meet him in xyz place and tells him not to inform to bulbul .But, Bulbul is beside him so he says k sir I will come to the meeting and cuts the call.

The scene shifts to purab’s house, purab informs bulbul that he has meeting he will come within 2 hrs. Bulbul (in angry tone) after marriage u doesn’t have time for me and about to leave. But, Purab holds her hand and drags her towards him and hugs her tightly but, Bulbul is trying to break the hug but, she couldn’t because he is hugging so tightly that she can’t escape from him and he tells her that after 2 days my full time is for u na then I see how u escape from me then Bulbul blushes and she notices that purab removed his one of the hands to care her hair so she escaped from him and turn back and smiles at him. Just then he remembers he have to go to meet Abhi so he leaves.

The scene shifts to Abhi’s room, Abhi thinks y is he calling me as sir I think Bulbul is near him and goes to get ready as soon as possible and he goes to washroom and comes after fresh up. Just then Pragya comes in the room with his coffee and she gives it to him asks him when u wake up and get ready so fast? Where r u going Is there any important work to u? He drinks coffee and informs her that he has a meeting with a producer so he will not eat breakfast today at home. I will have my breakfast with producer and he leaves.

Precap: Purab explains him about love in detail and abhi thinks about pragya and suddenly he thinks why he is thinking about pragya? I have to think about Tanu na she is my gf na. Purab tells him that close Ur eyes and think about Ur love and Abhi closes his eyes and he sees Pragya’s face and he suddenly opens his eyes with a stunned expression…….

Credit to: lekhika

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