A Mistake (Matsh and KKB) Episode 11


Prince & IshuRV: I know that it is both KKB and MATSH yesterday itself I have mentioned about RV and due to lack of time and I didn’t continue so see today episode I hope u will like it. If I said anything wrong then please ignore it and keep commenting both positive and negative only then I can improve more na .Thanks for ur comments.

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Precap: someone close pragya’s eyes from back side and say Guess Who? Pragya thinks for some time and recognizes that the voice is of RV.She tells RV please remove. It’s Ranveer.

The episode starts with Ranveer asking pragya where she has gone from the day of Holi because after that u not even contacted me. What happened is something happened wrong? Pragya replies nothing like that and introduces Rachana to them as she is the one we play at childhood. Ranveer and Rachana then recognizes each other and he notices that Rachana is pregnant so he asks about her husband and when did she married? Rachana looks confused and tensed. So, Pragya replies that her husband is none other than my dewar Akash and y u came here and with whom then he tells pragya that she came with ishani for a date and he introduces ishani to rachana as his fiancée. Ranveer informs pragya that they are going marry soon as their parents searching for a good muhurath .so, We both will soon come to ur home to invite u and abhi for our marriage. You have to attend my marriage otherwise we will not marry and ishani also tells yes di if u won’t come we will not marry. Pragya ok I will come and u go and enjoy ur romantic date and pragya teases them. Ishani says di please stop teasing me. On the same time RV comes and keeps his hand on her shoulder.Ishani moves from there and says stop romancing in public RV. RV and ishani goes from there.

The scene shifts to Doctor’s cabin Doctor asks Abhi to take his seat and asks Is there any problem for ur wife/sister (GUYS SHE ASKS DIRECTLY ABOUT HIS WIFE BECAUSE SHE IS GYNACOLOGIST).Abhi replies that no nothing like that mam but I am here to know about this medicines and the list of tests mentioned in this prescription and gives that medicines and prescription to doctor then doctor what do u want to know about this? These medicines and tests in prescription is for what purpose can I know about it? Then Doctor informs that this list of tests r for pregnancy and medicines r also for pregnant ladies. Abhi is shocked to know the truth and Doctor congratulates him and asks what the relation of u and that patient pragya? Abhi tells her that he is husband of her and requests her not to inform her about his arrival. Doctor says k but take care of her don’t give stress to her. Abhi leaves from Doctor Cabin and comes out from hospital and Abhi returns to mm.

The scene shifts to Ishveer romantic date. There Ranveer tells her that there is surprise for u. Ishani asks what it is. RV tells her first give me a hug then I will tell u.Then Ishani tells him that then I don’t want any surprise and looks angrily on Ranveer.RV says Don’t get angry I am just joking .Just then a waiter gets some order and places on the table .Ishani surprised to see the items as all of them are her favorites. Ishani asks him do u know about my favorites dishes. RV tells her that I love u from childhood then y don’t I know about my Love’s favorite dishes? Then Ishani blushes at RV words and they complete their dinner with listening light music which is arranged by RV especially for Ishani. After that Ishani asks him about the surprise then RV takes Ishani in car but before she is about to sit in the car he blindfolds her eyes and takes her to the car and makes her sit in the car and he sits in the car and drives the car to the place where he arranged a surprise for Ishani.
The scene shifts to Pragya in Restaurant with Rachana. Rachana already came to know why pragya called there urgently to talk about akash because she introduced her as akash’s wife to RV. So, Rachana is about to leave but she stops her and tries to convince her that now he changed a lot and helping Abhi in this business. He wants you and ur baby in his life. He loves u a lot and he don’t want to lose u .In that time he came in words of his mother now he realized his mistake if u forgive him and give him a chance then only u can know him more na. Just test him for 3 days and decide as he don’t know that u r testing him so he behaves as usual and his true color comes before u only then u realize that he has changed a lot. After 3 days I will call u then tell me ur decision. K na now I am leaving I have some work and thinks it’s time for her medicines so I have to reach as soon as possible to home.

The scene shifts to RV and Ishani in car. He suddenly stops the car then Ishani asks” have we reached the place?” RV replies yes my dear and gets down from the car and goes to Ishani to make her to get down from the car .And he takes her to the place and opens the blindfold and then Ishani opens her eyes by rubbing them and surprise to see the cruise which is decorated with red and white roses and he prepared path with red roses into the cruise.(GUYS,THE CRUISE IS AT CENTER OF THE OCEAN , IT IS LOOKING LIKE WHITE AND BLUE CRUISE SURROUNDING WITH BLUE AND DECORATED FULLY WITH RED AND WHITE ROSES) At the center of the cruise there is a table on which there is a cake on which it is written to my love and a flowerpot with tulip flowers which she likes most. She is so much happy that she can’t stop and hugged RV .They both cut the cake and make each other to eat it at the same time. Suddenly music plays and they both dance romantically on the song –

Dhire dhire se meri jindagi me aana
Dhire dhire se mere dil ko churana
Tum se pyar hame kitna hai jan-e-jana
Tumse milkar tumko hai batana

Dhire dhire se meri jindagi me aana
Dhire dhire se mere dil ko churana
Tum se pyar hame kitna hai jan-e-jana
Tumse milkar tumko hai batana

Jabse tujhko dekha dil ko koyi aaram nahi
Mere hotho pe ek tere siwa koyi nam nahi
Apna bhi hal tumhare jaisa hai sajan
Bas yad tujhe karti hu, aur koyi kam nahi
Ban gaya hu main tera deewana
Dhire dhire se dil ko churaana

Dhire dhire se meri jindagi me aana
Dhire dhire se mere dil ko churana

Tune bhi aksar mujhko jagaya rato me
Aur nind churayi mithi mithi bato me
Tune bhi beshak mujhe kitna tadpaya
Phir bhi teri har ek ada par pyar aaya
Aaja aaja abb kaisa sharmana
Dhire dhire se dil ko churana

Dhire dhire se meri jindagi me aana
Dhire dhire se mere dil ko churana
Tum se pyar hame kitna hai jan-e-jana
Tumse milkar tumko hai batana

After completing dance, Ishani says Thanks RV for making me to feel this much special and coming in to my life and after that they spend some quality time with each other.
The scene shifts to Abhi in his room and he place the medicines in that place where pragya has kept it and thinks to know the actual truth that how fuggy became pregnant and when? As she is not characterless the child may not belongs to any another man. So, I have to get to know truth from her mouth itself. But How?

Precap: Pragya comes back to mm and goes to her room to take medicines……………………..Abhi remembers that Morning after Holi I didn’t remember anything and thinks of pragya’s weird behavior…….

Credit to: lekhika

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