A Mistake (Matsh and KKB) Episode 10


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Devi: What past history please let me know clearly I didn’t understand so asking please don’t mind.

Precap: Abhi thinks y she is lying to me?

The episode starts with Abhi thinking just then pragya calls him tells him that she needs 1 week time after that I will leave this house and I will go from Ur life. Abhi thinks in his mind in that time he can know the secret which she is hiding from him. Just then pragya shouts suniye then abhi comes back to his senses abhi says kk. And Pragya leaves from thinking this time is enough for her to reunite akash and rachana. Just then Abhi gets Tanu’s call and he receives it and says “hello tanu whats up” Tanu says “nothing I just made a call for u to know whether the divorce papers are signed r not by pragya?” Abhi says” the sign on divorce papers is done but I need some work I will call u later “and cuts the call but on another side tanu is about to say something. So, tanu gets irked by abhi’s behavior and thinks to meet once.

The scene shifts to Abhi’s room and thinks what to do now to know that secret which she is hiding from me and suddenly he gets a thought about pragya hiding something on the time of his arrival in the room. So, he thinks to search there so he goes to wardrobe to check where she has hidden the things which she wants to hide from me. He checks here and there in wardrobe (GUYS U REMEMBER THAT THERE WARDROBE IS LIKE A BIG ROOM) then suddenly he try to check behind the sarees of her and in dressing table suddenly some slips of medicines and a prescription and he opens the prescription and shocked to see the list of tests and thinks to know about it as soon as possible.

The scene shifts to pragya wants to meet rachana so she calls her and asks her to come to some abc restaurant now itself with in a hour as I want to talk with you .It’s so urgent .R u coming not tell me rachana . On the other side rachana tells pragya that she will come. So, Pragya goes to dadi to check whether she has taken medicines r not and to inform her that she is going out for some work.
The Scene shifts to Abhi’s room , in the room abhi takes his mobile and car keys comes down to go out but at the same time he thinks to inform dadi so , he want to go to dadi.

The scene shifts to Dadi’s room, Pragya comes in dadi’s room and asks dadi whether she has taken medicines r not? Dadi informs her that she has taken the medicines. Pragya informs dadi that she has some work she is going out and before 8 p.m she will be there. Dadi tells k beta but u can ask abhi to drop u na y u r going alone? Then Dadi about to go out of room to call Abhi but pragya interrupts her and tells her that he has some important work with purab. So I am going alone. Dadi tells her take care and come soon beta. Pragya is about to leave and opens door to go just then abhi comes in front of her. She is stunned to see him there suddenly and moves from there .Abhi sees pragya leaving and thinks where is she going? Just then dadi calls abhi y r u here is there any work with me r do u want to talk with me for some time (AS USUALLY ABHI DOES)abhi says nothing like that I just came here to inform u that I have some work so I am going out. Just then dadi says I know beta k go n come early. Abhi is shocked by her answer and asks how did u know? Then Dadi narrates all the conversation between her and pragya. Then Abhi thinks why she lied again? I will find out and goes in his car to the hospital mentioned in that prescription to know the truth. He goes into Hospital asks about the doctor Kajal sinha (GUYS SUNITHA JUST A IMAGINATION NAME OF THAT DOCTOR WHO HAS CHECKED PRAGYA) in the reception. The receptionist informs to wait as she is on rounds she will be there in few minutes. Abhi says k thanks and goes to wait for her. Just after few minutes Doctor comes and goes to cabin and receptionist calls doctor and inform her that a man is waiting to meet u mam.Then Doctor tells send him in. Then receptionist calls Abhi and tells him to go to doctor’s cabin. Abhi enters in to Doctors Cabin.

The scene shifts to Restaurant where pragya is waiting for Rachana. Just then Rachana arrives and they about to talk with each other someone close pragya’s eyes from back side and say Guess Who? Pragya thinks for some time and recognizes that the voice is of RV.She tells RV please remove. It’s Ranveer. The screen freezes on pragya’s face.

Precap: Doctor informs that this list of tests r for pregnancy and medicines r also for pregnant ladies. Abhi is shocked…………..

Credit to: lekhika

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