A MISTAKE (Matsh and KKB) Episode 1

Guys I am inspired by a story. … and it is…. I combined matsh and kkb. … I hope you al will love….
it is after the kidnapping case ,aliya had changed ….

the episode starts with pragya getting teary eyes…..
before 2 months….

it was a fine holi evening and everyone in the Mehra house hold was getting ready happily to celebrate the colourful festival.Pragya came out of the washroom in a white salwar suit with black flowers printed on it drying her wet hair.After 20 minutes she got ready putting her hair in a french braid and applying some light make up to her face.Just then she saw Abhi entering the room in a white kurtha busy in his phone.A smile formed on her lips automatically seeing her husband and felt a familiar warmth whenever he was never her.Pragya was determined to let him know about her feelings today eventhough he will not return it coz he was in love with Tanu.Even the thought of Abhi and Tanu together made her heart ache ,but she know Abhi’s happiness is with Tanu and pragya was ok with it.For her Abhi’s happiness is more important than her own happiness,but she atleast wanted Abhi to know about her feeling so that she can leave him without anyregret in future.”Oyi fuggy did you see my charger?”asked Abhi who was searching his charger with irritation and pragya shook her head as she walked into their wardobe and took his charger from his cupboard and placed in on his hand.”Thanks Fuggy.I really want to leave the black magic from you”said Abhi with a smile”You can’t even find your things in your won copboard Abhishekh.I don’t know what you will do once i leave you”said pragya with a smile and left the room.But Abhi just stood there not knowing why he felt like someone stabbed him in his heart when h heard about her leaving him.Abhi just shook his head and left to charge his phone.****************

Pragya entered the garden where they are celebrating holi and looked at his daadi who was sitting on a stool and preparing bang.sherushed to her daadi and gave her a glare.”Daadi what are you doing ?”asked pragya smiled at her.”Arrey beta i am preparing bang can’t you see?”asked dadi with s smile.”But daadi…”started pragya to protest .”No buts and ifs pragya today is holi and holi means bang.Now go and enough go”said daadi and pragya left with a smile knowing she can’t win the argument aganist her daadi.After few seconds of searching she found Bulbul and purab playing around with colors and smiled seeing the happiness on hersister’s face.”I may not have the chance to live my life with my love,but atleast Bulbulis having that happiness.Please god keep this both happy like this always”said pragya to herself.Just then someone came and hugged pragya from her back and started to spin her by her waist while pragya squeaked.Just then the person left pragya and made her stand on her legs and pragya turned to teach the person a lesson.”What the hell…?”started pragya but a bright smile formed on her lips seeing the person standing infront of her with a bright smile on his face.”ranveer” ‘shouted pragya in happiness.”The one and only my sweetheart”said ranveer and pragya shook her head pulling him in a tight hug and rv too hugged her.”I missed you rv” said pragya with a smile and ranveer smiled hearing this.”Awww i missed you too pragya”said rv and they broke the hug.’

‘You didn’t even tell me you are coming here”said pragya with a smile.And before rv could answer her sister’s voice comefrom her behind.”Well its mine to suprise you di”said Bulbul and pragya turned and looked at Bulbul.”So did you like my suprise?”asked Bulbul with her bubbly smile with purab behind her.”I love it.Thanks a lot Bulbul”said pragya and hugged Bulbul with a smile.”rv this is purab Bulbul’s fiance and purab this is ranveer my best friend”said pragya.Then purab and rv greeted each others.”Come on i will introduce you to others.”said pragya and rv nodded and walked with pragya talking her hand in his followed by Rabul.********************

Abhi was standing with his daadi,Aaliya,Akash and talking casually when he saw pragya coming towards them.But instead of smiling like he would always do when he saw chasmish,he frowned seeing theguy walking beside her holding HIS chasmish’shand and they both are laughing which made ABhi’s blood boil in jealously.”Guys this is ranveer vagela , my best friendand rv this is daadi”said pragya and rv bend down and took her blessing.”Khush raho beta.”said daadi with a smile.”This is Aaliya and Akash”said pragya and rv shook their hands with a smile.”And this is Abhishekh”said pragya with a smile.”Haan the famous rockstar who married my best friend.Its a pleasure to see you in person finally Abhishekh”said rv with a smile and forwarded his hand to Abhi for a shake.Abhi on the other hand wanted to break the bone of ranveer but controlled himself and gave him a fake smile and shook his hand.”The pleasure is all mine”said Abhi.”So pragya what are doing clean without any colours afterall its holi and you know i don’t like when my friends roam around without colours”said rv with a naughty smile and took something from his pocket.Pragya who know what he exactly going to do started to take a step back shaking her head.”ranveer don’t even think of that”said pragya with a glare but rv smiled and held the color in his hand and started to take a step towards her .Pragya started to run seeing this and rv started to chase with a smile while everyone laughed at their antics.”I am sure if someone that can apply colors to me di without getting murdered it will be rv bhai”said Bulbul between her laughs.”Arrey beta how can you say that when Abhi is here.Abhi go and color our bahu go.Actually you are her husband and you must the first person to color her go”said daadi with a smile and Abhi this time took some colors in his hand and went after rv and pragya without protest coz he himself want to apply colors for her first.This made everyone laugh again seeing Abhi so eager for coloring his wife.Pragya and rv finally stopped after few minutes of running and started to catch their breath.’rv leave it you can color me this year”said pragya between her deep breaths.But rv saw Abhi who was coming towards pragya from her behind with colors in her hand and smiled naughtly.”Ok i will leave you”said rv with a smile and pragya looked at him with suprise.’

‘Just like that?”asked Pragya with suprise.”Haan just like that”said rv with a smile and pragya gave him a glare.”Oh please rv i know you are planning something,but whatever it is tell me now otherwise i will…”’started pragya but she was cutt off as someone applied colors to her face from her back and pragya just stood there in shock while rv started to laugh and Abhi too controlled his laugh.”Oh teri…come on pragya do whatever you want with your husband now…but i never though someone got to stop your angry rambling like it…Now i am sure you both are made for each other”’said ranveer between her laughts.Hearing this bought a smile to pragya’s lips knowing its was Abhi who actually apply colors on her first on thier first holi after thier marriage.She then turned towards Abhi and gave him a glare.”Abhishekh how could you do this to me?”asked pragya with a glare.”Arrey chasmish i just helped the poor guy.I don’t want my guest to get headache coz of your lecture you know ”sid Abhi with his famous smile .’

But still you must have supported me as i am your wife”said pragya with a pout and left the place with a huff and Abhi smiled at her antics.”Really yaar you are the one you escaped from her anger after applying color like this”said ranveer as he came near Abhi.”Arrey ofcourse i will afterall i am the rocksta…”started Abhi but was cutt off as someone applied colors on both Abhi and ranveer face and they heard a familiar laugh from their back.”This is what you get when you mess up with me ”said pragya with laugh while ranveer turned and gave her goofy smile.”Haan so finally my best friend applied me colors “…….

I hope u guys liked it and soon ishani will come…….

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  1. it was nice epi but please make ishani’s entry soon . and if possible add my ishveer photo in ur profile pic

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  14. Superb yaar n really a cute n colourful start… Keep going thn 1st episode itself u made my expectations more so I’m expecting soooooo cute romance n cute fight in their love…I’m eagerly waiting for next episode…

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