Hi friends  it’s a real life story. Yes it was the story of my best friend. So this story was very closed to my heart. Guys i want to tell you that please guys you can imagine your favourite pair as couple. But I’m requesting you to read it irrespective of pairs please.

So here is it

Hi im a girl of 18 years (swara/ragini)at that time. Yes now i’m became a big girl of 18 years. I completed my xiith class from a resedential school . finally today was the day of declaration of my xiith class result. Finally results were out. I had got 85% in xiith class. My family members were happy. As they were happy im also happy. Till now i had no boy friends. I have a friend circle of four other girls and except  them i never talked with any other boys. Now as other’s parents my parents were also in tension that what should their daughter do so that she’ll be happy in her life. Frankly guys i had no aim sometime i want became a doctor, sometime an IAS officer. So finally my family decide that i should do B.AC (+3 ) I hope you understand. Then my family get a good collage for me. Now I’m here in this good collage hostel. I was staying in a two seated room. My roommate was pari the writer. First i was in a dilemma that if she had boy friend then what I’ll do? But fortunately she doesn’t have. We became friends and then best friend.

I had clearly remember the date that was 24th November. That day i was in a hurry . That day i became late so i was running to my class. When i reached infront of my class i realised that it was still 10min remaining for class. Yes it’s all pari’s work. Now she is not leaving with me. She had left our collage but she never leave me nor our friendship. She only did it. I scold her in my mind and when i opened the door i feels like my head collide with someone. I raised my head and saw him. Yes, for the first time i had seen him and our meeting was like this. I saw him he was handsome as girls said but i ignored it. I heared that students had already stared laughing. So there was no time to say sorry or other thing. He was laksh/ sanskar (you can think ypur fav)He went outside and i entered in the class. As usual classes started but i was not in the class. I was remembering that incident again and again. Why and what is happening to me. That boys face was coming again and again infront of me. In the break i gathered some courage and asked one of my friend about that boy. First she tease me but then told me his name. He was in other section. Then classes are over. I told my bestie about the incident. She also teased me. Next day i was on my way to class. I heared someone is calling my name. I turned and saw that same boy yes he knows my name. I don’t know why i was happy that day. He came near me and said me sorry for yesterday incident. I also said the same to him. Then he introduced himself by forwarding his hand and i also did the same. Then we talks the whole way. Inside me someone is saying me that kaas the road shouldn’t end .

Then he went to his class and I went to mine. While returning again i saw him. But now i can see his another side his helping nature that i loved the most. Yes he was helping a man whom people’s are saying mad. That person has an accident with a bike but no one helped him. So he helps him to went to the medical. And at that place i got his id card. And i kept that with much care. That day night i slept holding that only. As i was alone in room i told everything to my bestie. She told me that it may be my crush. I thought may be. Then after two days i returned his id card to him. He was happy. And then he give me the treat. Then as days passed we became close. Then my bestie has realised me of my love. That day when i entered the class i was shocked because he had changed the section now he’ll sit in our section. I was in cloud nine. In all these days i became changed. Now I had a fb account and it was only for him . for the first time i gave my number to him to a boy oh god can you all believe it. So everyone were doubting us. I was aware of that but i didn’t care because I’m in love with him. It’s my bday today. And i got a card it’s not a bday card. It’s a simply card made by hand. It was from him. He has written on it

I became so much happy that I thought it was my best bday till now. I kept that and he got his answer. Then we became everyone’s point of topic. And everyone were talking about us. We were love to spent to time with each other. Then after two months i got a bad news that my grand father is no more. So i went to my home town . I stayed there for 20days. But in these days i never forget him at least not for a second also. When i returned i we nt to meet him. That was my worst day. He was with an another girl .When i asked him he simply told me that he never loved me. It’s all due to a dare he got. Yes the day when i collide with him that day his friends gave him a dare to fall me love with him. And he won that also. Yes he ditched me. I couldn’t believe that so much care and all that were not true. They were planned. I was completely broken.

Next every day when ever i used to see him he was with a new girl. How could he did that. He just played with me. No may be. My bench mate was cursing him because he played with my emotion. She told me that he was a flirter. And the girls with whom he used to go they were also same. I did a mistake by trusting him. That day i was in a beach with my family .i saw a little boy was trying to made a house but he was continuously failed to make a complete one. Finally he got succeed. I thought why I’m wasting time. Nowadays my studies are not going well. Then i saw towards my family. They had so many hopes from me. Then i again started studying. It’s not like that i didn’t remember him but what could i do except crying. It’s not like that i wasn’t seeing him. But he didn’t even know me now. Yes he forget me completely. I never loved anyone except him.

It’s already one year of that matter. Everyone forget that matter. But it was not easy for me why i don’t know. I was worried as last some days he again gives a smile whenever he saw me on the road or class. That day evening i open my fb account and i saw his friend request. When he break up with me he had blocked me. But today he had sent a friend request. My bestie told me not to accept his request. But i accept that one. I thought he realised his mistake and may be he started loving me. It’s possible right. But after some days again i didn’t found him on my friend list. Again he cheated me.

It was my story. My incomplete story. It’s already five years of that matter. But till now i couldn’t move on. Now also i used to search his profile in fb and i was happy to see his new photos. Yes he has a girlfriend now and i had heared that he was marrying her in near future. What is my mistake that i love him. It’s true that i love him but punishment were getting my family only. They want that i should marry. But how can i tell them that i was loving such a boy who never loved me. It’s not like i never tried to forget him i tried hard but whenever i open fb i don’t my hands were automatically typed one word his name. And it was same as before. Now I’m a teacher in profession. I don’t what is my future but i always prayed to god that just once I want to see him and i want to ask him that WHAT WAS MY MISTAKE????

Guys it was my best friend’s story.i shared with you by your fav characters swara,ragini,laksh and sanskar.She never moved on. I tried hard but she never forget that boy. May be that was her true love. Her love was so deep and so beautiful. As her bestie i want a happy life for her. And guys i don’t know how you will react after finishing it. I know it’s not like that much good. And if you were bored then I’m sorry guys i just want her story with all of you. Hope you all not throw eggs  on me. Okay thanks for reading this. Bye and take care.

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  1. Rabia

    awesome 🙂

    1. Pari123

      Thanks dear

  2. If tat guy cum before me I’ll surely kill tat guy

    1. Pari123

      Same here i’m also waiting for that day when he’ll come infront us

  3. Superb yaar….its like my story …I did the same thing… Searched fb like that…haha….after 2 year I realised ..that love not designated for me….but still can’t forget….it easy to say forget everything… May be we cant do that easily….But we should move on……

    1. Pari123

      Thanks dear it was same in every girl’s life yaar searching in fb and I’ll advice you that just try dear because if you will take more time then it will be more difficult for you

  4. Ragz_teju

    it’s awesome

    1. Pari123

      Thanks dear

  5. It is really not fair of that boy to do that to that girl but we say Na unconditional love that’s all that girl or your friend did sis.one of my friend love a boy since three years but unable to say to that boy

    1. Pari123

      Yes neha ab kya kare meri dost ne toh galti kar di hai are tum apne dost ko bolo ki woh us boy ko apne feeling bata de

  6. Richa19

    It’s just toooooo good true and awesome….

    Actually the os I hv written is similar to this.. Its just this happened with my friend in school….

    I wish your friend get all the happiness of this world and a true life partner…… Bless you and your friend…..

    1. Pari123

      Thanks richa. And today i had read that os. That was also heart touching and again thanks alot for your love

      1. Richa19

        Thank you pari dear!!!

      2. Pari123

        Hey dear i want to ask you something. What are you reading now?

      3. Pari123

        And if you had writing any other ff then can you please give me the links

    2. Pari123

      You are very much welcome dear

  7. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Di you know, I am crying after reading it.It was heart touching.I thought it as swalak . seriously, your frnd beared so much but still she love him.That’s called true love. That’s why, I don’t believe boys.I hate them from the core of my heart.

    1. Pari123

      Yes Uma same here but not now now i have a lovable husband na don’t worry when you will get your life partner you will not hate the boys

  8. Mica

    it’s easy to talk but almost impossible to do…..
    just move on, he didn’t deserve to get your friend love..
    thanks God they didn’t married yet..
    wish he get karma….

    1. Pari123

      Yes you are right i just wish my bestie should forget that selfish person

  9. Saaaaara

    First time i type.a comment in any ff .. just let ur frnd kick him out of her life … let her go out with her frnds , watch movies shopping , and let her life her live as she can because she is still young … make her enjoy with her life … .. i wish to her to get what makes her the happiest girl in this world .. and update any happy news about her as the second part of this ff ok 🙂 wish to u both all the best …

    1. Pari123

      Thanks alot dear I’m happy that you comented. Dear whatever you said i had tried those already actually my bestie doesn’t show what she feels infront of everyone and due to my job always I can’t stay with her and except me she never told anyone about this. And you don’t worry if any happy news will be there I’ll surely inform you all

  10. Sindhura

    One day when sge find mr right sge will move on

    1. Pari123

      Yes dear I’m also hope so

  11. Sanji

    that duffer wont be happy in life………hope ur frd can have pure true love for her

    1. Pari123

      Same here sanji till now except cursing him i didn’t pray for his happiness and because of this my bestie always angry upon me

  12. Rlly awesome…heart touching..lobed it dear

    1. Pari123

      Thank you dear

  13. Anisha

    Awesome! ??
    I felt bad for your bestie!!..
    How’s she now?
    Is she fine? You should ask her to move on! How could she still remember that person? He’s living a wonderful life no?…
    Make her realise yaar!

    1. Pari123

      Anisha thanks for comenting. She is fine but she is trying hard yaar don’t know what’s on her fate. But I’m sure I’ll be successful in the mission this year because of me she has to forget him.

  14. Awsome… Yaar…its happens many of the girls….hmmm….plz try to convince your friend yaar….

    1. Pari123

      Thanks dear and I’m trying yaar what to do now she has to do na but I’m hoping that she should get a good partner in her life because she deserves yaar

  15. Nice one dear… Loved it…

    1. Pari123

      Thanks vidhi

  16. AMkideewani

    Awesome dear if you read the first paragraph of my story A day to remember chapter 16, you will see what I’m feeling since few months.

    1. Pari123

      Dear i read that part i know if I’ll tell then that will not help you. I’m telling you to forget him directly just try dear and i know it will be most difficult because my bestie was trying from last five years so just take care of yourself and if he is not in your life now then just take care of that if he again try to enter in your life take decision after thinking only

      1. AMkideewani

        Thanks a lot dear, I’m gonna do what you said?

      2. Pari123

        I told you because my bestie didn’t listen to me. I warned her not to accept his request because that time she was successful somewhat to forget him. When she again accept his request her hopes again started. She dreamt those again. That’s why now she was suffering .so you are not going to do anything like that. Just do after thinking only not in emotions

  17. nice..u r friend deserves some one better..tc..

    1. Pari123

      Thanks dear and I also hope so

  18. so sad for ur friend that boy is so unlucky to not accept ur bestie’s true love

    1. Pari123

      No dear he was fool and stupid and idiot and he’ll never get a good life ahead seriously yaar and thanks for comenting

  19. Hey Pari di!
    U might not know me
    Dii…m just 13 yrs old…and I dnt kno much abt love
    I’ve had 2-3 infatuations, though
    When I realise that he is cheating on me, I know how it feels
    Plz do tell her that she has to move on
    It’s such a shame that people like this exist
    I am feeling very bad for ur best friend
    If I catch hold of that boy, I would nkt beat him or anything, but would explain him what actually love is
    Hope ur best friend is fine now.
    And thanku for choosing Swaragini leads.

    1. Pari123

      Hi laddoo. Thank god you never let him enter in your life again. I hope you forget him totally right. And if it’s about my bestie then she is fine now she was waiting for that day when she’ll come face to face of that boy she will not beat him . she’ll ask him only one question that what’s her mistake. And she never want that boy should come infront of me because after that what will happen i also don’t know. And I’ll never leave him. I’m not doing anything because of my bestie promise.

  20. Scooby

    Many are like this..we shud be careful.. and never let u frnd alone.. always entertain her nd make her hapiee. May b switching place help her.. advice cnt change her.. se shud take initiative step to change her life..

    1. Pari123

      Navi I’ll try to do that. Actually she never show any people about her feelings except me but i’ll surely try your advice

  21. You knw wat Pari….sometimes boys act soo dumb…..who the hell gave them(boys) right to play with others feeling……..there was also one boy in my life …..i dunno wat was his problem….he used to come in my life whenever he wants and do break up as per his wish….but m also soo dumb na….i used let him in my life and used to forget his alll mistakes….silly me….but i knw….he is nt the right one for me…so i promised myself not to let him in my life again…..
    But seriously it hurts when some boys take their gf as for granted ……..

    Ur story is superb….i liked it….sooo muchhh…….Pari….deae keep rocking …lots of love dear?

    1. Pari123

      Thank god you again never let him enter your life. I’ll just say one thing that try to forget him i know it is difficult but it is possible yaar. And thanks for your love

  22. its really touching….realistic…first love is hard to forget…i hope ur friend gets a good life partner who will love her so much…

    1. Pari123

      Thanks sherin i also pray for her dear

  23. It’s really amazing….
    Feeling bad for your friend….
    I wish that she could live a happy life

    1. Pari123

      Thanks abi thanks alot for your wish. I just hope she’ll get someone better

  24. Samaira

    Agar us dufar ko mili na i will definitly kill him. Hope ur friend get a true love. Love didnt hapend easily and cant forgoten easily. Boys are checter cock. Thats why i hate boys marrige love and like this. It always happend with girls. Life is not movie that we can get back all. I have many profs whom girls fell in love later they have to pay. Same has happend with a girl who live in our buiding. Hope ur friend get a good life partner and can forgot that duffer idot. Knw its not easy.

    1. Pari123

      Thanks samaira. I used to told my bestie the same thing that she’ll definitely get her true love but madam never listened to me. And boys may be get happiness by playing with girls life. And don’t worry I’ll never let my bestie to stay like this and i know it’s not easy but not that much difficult also.

  25. Dear try to help your friend to forget that boy. And I’ll pray for her definitely and I’m sure she’ll get her true love in her life

    1. Pari123

      Thanks dear yah I’ll try more

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